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NW Epic Center: Chrono Trigger: FINAL WEEK
* * * * * Chrono Trigger - Week 5 * * * * *

(Plain English: Scroll down to the bottom of the "OP" if you're lagging behind for previous weeks)


i Okami Club
ii Fire Emblem Club

Epic Center:
01 Ogre Battle
24 Secret of Mana
39 Phantasy Star IV (cont'd)
67 Earthbound (cont'd)
99 Breath of Fire II (cont'd)
110 Paper Mario (cont'd)
123 Golden Sun (cont'd)
136 Chrono Trigger


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hello, true believers! Welcome to Negative World's newest RPG-centric Club Hub, springing off the heels of the Fire Emblem Club. Way back when, Nintendo Power introduced a monthly walkthrough / in depth Role Play Game section (right around the beefiest SNES RPG era), but since they aren't around anymore to use it, Negative World will bring it out of the ashes, dust it off, and roll with it (two things of note: #1, this is not in reaction to Nintendo Force Magazine at all -- I know that because I thought of it in the shower this morning, so THERE; and #2, I just looked up "Epic Center RPG" on Yahoo, and there is apparently another RPG-based site that has that, ugh. I guess we're looking at a "Ghostbusters" / "Real Ghostbusters" thing now... Whatever..).

For anyone who grew playing SNES RPGs, and were a fan of them, they surely resonated to the point where they still hold office as some of your favorite games of your entire videogame life, systems, generations, and decades later. The NW Epic Center (run primarily by myself, with the aid of some special friends occasionally) will help to expose some of those games that didn't quite get the recognition they deserved, and also to relive some of the greatest games EVER as we play through them again -- together -- and open up a whole new dialogue on these lost treasures.

Next up..

Chrono Trigger is held by many (myself included) as The Greatest RPG of All Time, pun not intended. It is a benchmark title in the genre, and even after 20 years the game is discussed daily and held in high regard, even in the face of juiced-up, HD "masterpieces." Is simpler sometimes better? Sure, but we're not talking "Dragon Warrior" simple here; we're talking 16-bit perfection at its finest. I'm personally a bit worried about pursuing this game once more; it's been a long time since my last jog through it, and I'm afraid I might have the rosiest pair of glasses that any shot of nostalgia could ever produce. We find out later this month, for better or for worse. (C'mon, it's gonna be fine -- we're talking Chrono Trigger here!! THE BEST, JERRY, THE BEST!!)

Sunday, August 30th marks the start of Week 1 (if you prefer to start your own quest AFTER Sunday, like Monday, or Tuesday, or Wednesday, thats fine!). Golden Sun ran 6 Weeks. GameDadGrant will be our DUNGEON MASTER for this one, and we figure the playthrough to run about the same length. Less than two months. I'm told the total quest should last you between 20 and 30 hours.

See ya soon!!


Dungeon Master: GameDadGrant

You Did It! Chrono Trigger Complete:
Mop it up

Week 4 Complete:

Week 3 Complete:
Mr_Mustache (and Mrs_Mustache!)

Week 2 Complete:
Dark weres

Week 1 Complete:


Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5


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Posted: 12/22/12, 00:24:09  - Edited by 
 on: 10/31/15, 03:51:49
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Mr_Mustache said:
I'm not being mean, but..do you guys read anything that the City people tell you?

I don't read.

I am read to.
Posted: 01/19/13, 19:11:07
Wait, Grant was trying to beat the entire game with one unit? That's hilarious.
Posted: 01/19/13, 19:22:08
Eep, have 6 of us even started the Week 2 stuff yet? I can promise you, your journey will not be a fun one if you're playing catch-up the whole time. Believe me, there is great fun to be had. I know Renjaku is away for the weekend, so he's "done," but of Koovaps and chrisbg99? Where are Dark Weres and HammerLord?! --Zero, send another newsletter out!

Now, another Queen song..

Week 3 up in 8 hours. Good luck.
Posted: 01/19/13, 23:09:49

Yeah, but it would have been EPIC if I was able to pull that off!
Posted: 01/19/13, 23:23:56

So whats the good word, Grant? Are you achieving bonzo success with the help of your other Units?

Tell me somethin' good..
Posted: 01/20/13, 00:05:04
@Mr_Mustache Yeah but let's be honest, many of these people won't be playing catch-up the whole time, they will be playing give up once.
Posted: 01/20/13, 00:18:46

Oh, I know it. Shameful (and sad).

I don't know what makes this game so different; usually with failure/trouble, other games are met with "try and try again" or "I'll figure it out!" Over here, it seems to be "well this is broken" or "I've had my fill in three stages (without even really seeing the game, any of the story, or powering up my guys beyond Fighters who often miss, which is not at all indicative of the totality of battle -- as it is, or as it can be)."
Posted: 01/20/13, 00:31:14

Well, if I can be quite honest, the stages are kind of long and... not enough interesting happens to sustain that length. Advance Wars / Fire Emblem / etc. at least tend to break things up a bit with some mid-stage shenanigans, like some new CO arriving on the scene, or the enemy trying some new strategy, or this or that. In Ogre Battle TMOTBQ you get like 10 minutes into a stage and you already have kind of seen it all, even if it takes another hour or two to clean up.

I dunno man, I can totally see why people are going to fight to stay interested in this game. I'm... sort of... enjoying it... kind of... so I'll probably keep slugging at it. But I can tell you right now that it hasn't really changed my mind much since my experience with the 64 game, and it's definitely not going to be up there with my favorite strategy games.
Posted: 01/20/13, 00:44:10

Did you do Scene 7 yet? Your wish will be granted, and you may wish you didn't wish for it.
Posted: 01/20/13, 00:50:06

I should have some news tonight. LATE tonight...
Posted: 01/20/13, 02:20:21

You're a ways out, friend. Good luck..
Posted: 01/20/13, 02:32:12
I'm still here! I most certainly haven't given up yet. As I've mentioned before (I think), I don't play console stuff too much during the week. That said, I have the next 2 days off with not too much to do. And I will play some tonight. Don't know if I'll get through both 6 and 7 tonight, but I fully expect to have at least started 7, so I'll only be a little behind.
Posted: 01/20/13, 04:54:00

Alright, keep me updated! Good news and stories of success do more than you'd imagine.

Thanks, and good luck.
Posted: 01/20/13, 05:10:24
Finished up 2.5. I dunno I just didn't feel like playing it all week. Weird how that is.
Posted: 01/20/13, 07:40:02

-Scene 8: The Black Knight: Island Avalon - Hidden Cities / Temples: 1 - Hidden Treasure: 3
-Scene 9: Legend: Kastolation Sea - Hidden Cities / Temples: 10 - Treasure: 0
-Scene 10: Crimes: Diaspola - Hidden Cities / Temples: 3 - Treasure: 2

General Tips and things to remember:
-Sometimes a good idea to set your guys back to Fighters and see what path they can take. If your upgraded guy has veered a little (like a Knight that has gone bad, or a Wizard who is far too nice), he'll never see his next form. Get him in some clothes that he (or she) fits better!
-Your Reputation mark comes to a head this week in Scene 9. Where you choose to go from here is up to you (the "bad" ending actually requires that you have a high Rep by here, too..or high enough to come back later...more on that below...the good part, not the bard part..)

Spoilers / handholding, of course..
Scene 8 Tips: Island Avalon: a solid workload for Canopus, Gilbert, and the newly acquired Lyon! Did you change his Dragons to Red Dragons as soon as you got him? You're able to! High Sky and other Mountain Units will do well here, too. Pick up Aisha in the hidden Temple in the middle of the map, and unleash her on Gares. (If you have a Crown, walkthrough folks feel like she is a good candidate for Princess. Hmm!) This will be a tough fight, feel free to lean on those Tarot Cards; World will protect you against his devastating magic, and Judgement/Justice should deal some solid damage. Buried Treasure is West of Rajin at the top, on the big island to the deep southeast, and the first piece of mainland you'll hit on the way back northwest to Taljin. Neutral Angels in the Ocean, Mermaids in the Shallows!
Scene 9 Tips: Kastolatian Sea: When you get to Ma'Aksaz, it is suggested (though I never did it) that you buy a bunch of 7 League Boots. This'll bring a unit RIGHT TO YOU instead of having them go across the water forever. Wow! Hidden cities..everywhere. Temple SW of your base above the tiny island, City to the E of the weird island NE of your base, another W of Malden, and N of there on the island above. Another City far to the E on the island all alone, and another hidden city right in the middle of the map, more on the NEmost part of this main landmass, and to the island next to it. Temple and City on the NWmost islands, very important as this is where you'll find the legendary BRUNHILD sword!! This unlocks THE GAME for you. If you miss this, you'll be on a COMPLETELY different path, and if your Reputation is in the dumper, you might not even find this. Ever. GOOD LUCK (if you miss it though, you CAN come back for it later!). Neutral Imps (in case you missed them, too) and Fire Giants in the mountains.
Scene 10 Tips: Diaspola; if you forgave Deneb last week, buy the Golden Bough for her at Raloshel. Hold off on the Beehive for now as you can get a free one for Posha (who is in Somyul); she needs one, and you can return to buy one, or you can find one in the Hidden Temple NE of Pelegue (where the road ends). Other hidden cities near the northmost road that ends and to the NE of the "checkmark" mountain right in the middle. Treasure directly east of the bottom of Raloshel's long island near the dark mountains, and around 5 o'clock on the ring of mountains higher up. Set Norn straight after the fight, and she should join you! You'll need a high Rep and ALI though.. (if you saw Posha, you should be good.) Afterwards, return to Anglem; this dude is NUTS about Sentoul DEMONs! You can trade them here for an Undead STAFF or a Stone of DRAGOS. WOW!! You can trade him EVERY time you find one. I think thats the tops! If you helped Posha (you wouldn't help a little girl!? Whats wrong with you?!), you can come back here in a while. More on that then, I guess..

Good Luck!
Posted: 01/20/13, 08:05:29

Did you mean Scene 5, 2.2?

Anyway, you said you didn't feel like playing this week..do you like the game?
Posted: 01/20/13, 08:13:16

Yeah that is what I meant.

And I am enjoying it, just didn't really get the motivation to play all week. Not even for a scenario a session.
Posted: 01/20/13, 11:55:54
Finished Stage 2 last night, will probably do Stage 3 tonight. Gonna be playing catch up this week. Also a note to Stache, I start school again in 2 weeks, so that may take some more time away from this. Sorry!
Posted: 01/20/13, 12:18:43

Sorry to hear that. Just ho-hummin' it? Anything I can do?


Pffft, school. Don't they know you're playing a 20 year-old game here?!
Posted: 01/20/13, 12:28:21
I would say pffft school if it was any other year level than Year 12. So don't fret Stache, after this year I will be free to play all the 20 year old games you want.
Posted: 01/20/13, 12:33:12
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