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Super Mario Bros. 2 (US) (Nintendo NES) discussion [game]
8.84/10 from 49 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Super Mario Bros. 2 (US) on the NES!

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Man, I love this game. I love it so much that I think about it all the time, and I get extra excited when I see people talking about it on Negative World..until I realize that they're talking about *NEW* Super Mario Bros. 2 on 3DS, and then I weep a little on the inside.

And a lot on the outside.

Anyway, I traced my childhood one day and I realized that this may be THE one game that got me so into Nintendo; Patient Zero perhaps? So, if this is my favorite Mario game, and TheOldManFromZelda's favorite Mario game, and Shiggy's favorite Mario game....when are we going to see some more Subcon? You're telling me Luigi is going back to another haunted mansion (or mansions), but Mario hasn't had a dream since the 80's?

Pidgit, please.

I miss the Shy Guys and the Birdos and Pokeys and Ninjis where they belong (and where is Beezo or Triclyde?! And freakin' MOUSER!? AND WART!!!), lets see another game, Nintendo?!
Now can you dig that, Snifitttttttttt!

Lifelong Nintendo flowchart:
-Play parents Atari, its pretty cool.
-Play Nintendo at Tim Thibault's house a bunch. Its pretty cool.
-Also play more Nintendo at parents' friend's house. Playing Mario alone while everyone else swims.
-I break my leg two weeks into Summer vacation while riding bike, coincidentally, on Tim Thibault's wet driveway
-Parents buy me an NES.
-Parents' son has Mario 2. I beg my dad to take me over there to borrow it.
-BONUS: He also gives me his NP's and some other games. TO KEEP. WHAT.
-I buy Super Mario Bros. 3 when it comes out, from Toys R Us, with my birthday money.
-I beat it in 4 days, and mark so in the Notes part of the instructions as intended.
-I buy Super Nintendo with my birthday money.
-Tecmo Super Bowl III is purchased on my birthday, by me, when it comes out.
-I get to dig into some RPGs here, a genre that turned me off on NES.
-Ogre Battle, Final Fantasy III, and Chrono Trigger -- all rentals -- blow my balls off.
-I get an N64 -- used -- from Mike Capuano at school, a while after it already came out. He owes me KI Gold.
-I start buying used cartridges, and begin building my NES collection. Classics come first.
-Mess up my elbow wrestling, GameCube launches in two days.
-First system bought at launch, arm in sling, with dad. I hear TIE Fighters all day, even when not playing.
-Wii comes out, reserve and buy w/ future wife Mrs_Mustache. One for each of us.
-I end up on IGN. Nobody pays attention to anything awesome I'm saying.
-I gain the "respect?" of a few; FabzBehindTheCamera adopts me.
-I get an avatar of Seinfeld with a Mustache. A vacation from ourselves.
-I get many more friends, and buddies.
-Get married to Mrs_Mustache
-My Beatles music chronological countdown incidentally has In My Life on our wedding day -- which was our song.
-IGN blows. What now?
-AnandXXX and Smerd tell me to come to this new place. Its called Negative World.
-New site is confusing and hard to understand.
-I start posting more, doing game Clubs, etc.
-Build the database.
-Make a Super Mario Bros. 2 discussion thread.
-Sit 3rd in Total NW Posts.


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Posted: 12/20/12, 02:25:06  - Edited by 
 on: 12/20/12, 02:52:45
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Wait...Tim Tebow?
Posted: 12/20/12, 02:48:20

Check the spelling! It just sounds that way
Posted: 12/20/12, 02:51:13

You totally changed that!
Posted: 12/20/12, 02:53:48

I was probably changing it while you were writing that. I was editing for a while.

--Don't you like Mario 2?! Throw Potion --> Go through Door --> Get Mushroom and Coins!
Posted: 12/20/12, 02:58:18
I love this game! It may not be Mario as we all know it but I think I'm sort of in the same boat as you. I wouldn't say this game is what got me into Nintendo but it's the one Mario game I found myself going back to so much. I never actually owned it but I kept renting it... there was just this charm to it that the original didn't quite have for me. And come on, that overworld music is just the best.

Posted: 12/20/12, 03:04:45
SMB2 is good, quality fun, and I'd love to see a beefed-up sequel. I mean, picture this.

Picture it, now!

Super Mario Bros. And then picture Super Mario World. Pretty different, huh?

Now picture Super Mario Bros 2...and its equivalent Super Mario World. DID I JUST BLOW YOUR MIND!?

It could work, and work beautifully, expanding and building upon all those Doki Doki concepts and the world. The atmosphere could be incredible if pushed far enough. And the music would be excellent!

In the meantime, I did like the numerous SMB2 references in Sticker Star. Nice to see Ninjis again!
Posted: 12/20/12, 03:07:30

Yeah, I don't even know how I glossed over the music. LOVE the music. All of it!


I just DID picture it, and it is GREAT. Couldn't it play a lot like New Super Mario Bros Wii / U but with Mario 2 mechanics? CRIPES, they already had 4 players to choose from! "We can't reach that, why didn't someone play as Luigi?!" And an actual huge Boss fight to close it out instead of just stomping on someone's head 3 times? AWESOME.

Sticker Star had some Mario 2 references? Pretty neat! As I put up there, some other guys made it into other games, too (Pokey, etc). There can't be THAT many more that haven't..right? Cobrat and the like..
Posted: 12/20/12, 03:10:55
I remember reading somewhere that this is Miyamato's favorite Mario game (well, behind the original) -- is that TRUUUEEEEEE????
Posted: 12/20/12, 03:54:04

Yep! It is true!
Posted: 12/20/12, 03:57:43
I remember hearing that it was Super Mario World? Maybe Shiggy changed his mind.
Posted: 12/20/12, 04:20:53
I'd actually love to see Super Mario Bros. 2 get a four player sequel. With its emphasis on throwing and picking up objects, I feel like that four player mayhem actually would work better in that kind of environment. At the very last, it was awesome in Rescue Rangers! (Then again, I actually think that the NSMB games' emphasis on 4p takes away some of what made Mario 3 and Mario World so great).
Posted: 12/20/12, 04:48:08
I agree 100%. I would love a full-fledged SMB2 sequel. Make it co-op like NSMB and just go nuts with the mechanics.

I too would love to see Fryguy, the Flurries, Ostro, Wart et al. again!
Posted: 12/20/12, 07:40:45
One of my favorite games ever.
Posted: 12/20/12, 08:01:41
I never beat this game on the NES, only on the GBA
Posted: 12/20/12, 08:15:05
Funny this was posted.

It is by far my favorite Mario game of all time.

I also (within the past day) have been teaching myself to play the soundtrack to this game on my guitar.

It sounds so awesome. Best soundtrack for a Mario game, ever.

I gave the game a 9.8 rating. -.2 for not enough Peach upskirt while she's floating.
Posted: 12/20/12, 13:35:47  - Edited by 
 on: 12/20/12, 13:46:33
SMB 2 is my favorite of the NES Mario games. I'd definitely like to see a game that went back to that world and that style.
Posted: 12/20/12, 15:12:17

Oh I never said I didn't like it. It's a classic, and I have fond memories of taking down Wart with every character when I was a kid.

It's just that I came in for Tim Tebow, I left disappointed.
Posted: 12/20/12, 16:10:39

Haha, solid. I gotta rework my scores on the first 4 Mario games. I'm gonna have a run through on their home systems in the near future and get 'em up a bit. I think Yoshi's Island got dogged a little bit, too..or did it?
Posted: 12/20/12, 22:32:05
I'm not on that list. What the hell?
Posted: 12/20/12, 23:05:46
I agree, this too is my favorite 2D Mario game. It has a certain charm not found in the other 2D Mario games...even if it is a re-skinned Doki Doki Panic. I think was a good direction for the series and would love to see some sort of sequel as well.
Posted: 12/20/12, 23:14:08
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