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NightSky (Nintendo 3DS eShop) discussion [game]
NightSky on the 3DS
8.04/10 from 7 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for NightSky on the 3DS!

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NightSky (Nintendo 3DS eShop) Review (8.5)  by  

I picked up this game earlier this week and I'm pretty pleased with my purchase. The mood, the sounds and music, are very relaxing. The platforming is somewhat physics-based, but not quite as infuriating as physics-based platformers can be.

So far the puzzles and the platforming are fairly light affairs, not overly challenging, but satisfying enough. One huge win is that they don't repeat too often. For a platformer in which you control a ball, your actions are surprisingly varied. You can move left, right... roll up ramps? Jump off them? But then you can accelerate or stop suddenly to transfer your momentum to the machinery you're standing on. Or occasionally, abilities will be taken away from you and you have to make do without the ability to even move of your own at all, relying on the environment instead. Occasionally, you'll play pinball, because pinball is awesome.

One thing though: I don't find the game very "portable". Oh, you can easily play it on the go, but if you don't have headphones, I wouldn't bother. The music and sounds are such a big part of what makes the game special, you really need to listen to it.

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Posted: 12/12/12, 17:18:09  - Edited by 
 on: 12/12/12, 17:24:17
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I played the first half or so on Steam. It's pretty relaxing and I like that it requires so little investment to play, you just select a level and play without having to deal with cutscenes, much in the way of menus, or, even though its puzzley, much critical thought. But it's not something I'm likely to go back to once I beat it and it's not somewhere where I would feel like I had missed out in a big way if I hadn't played it.

I'm not sure how much it costs on 3DS but I probably wouldn't recommend it for over $5, personally.

I'll probably beat it eventually but lately I've been too lazy to switch from the Wii U's HDMI cable to my laptop's on my TV.
Posted: 12/12/12, 18:48:51
What the... I could have sworn there was a big NightSky discussion thread already, but there is nothing of the sort. My memory must be leaving me.

I ended up liking this game by the end a lot more than I did at first. Yeah, the first half is kind of relaxing, which was almost a bit disappointing... and then the second half really tests you. And by the second half I mean the alternative mode. I forget how much it costed... $8? It was definitely worth it, took like 10-15 hours or so to finish everything.

I'd also say I found it super portable, in the sense that I could play it in quick 5-10 minute bursts and feel like I made progress. Yeah you miss out a bit on the mood created (which is pretty amazing) but that's sort of always a fact for me of playing on the go.

One thing that always amazed me is how well the physics / controls worked. This very same game with lesser programming behind it could have been a mess.
Posted: 12/12/12, 20:39:54
Played it on Steam almost exactly one year ago. It was quite good. Relaxing, calm, but engaging too.
Posted: 12/12/12, 22:09:11
I enjoyed it. A stress-free puzzler with awesome ambiance.

I still need to finish my review for it...
Posted: 12/12/12, 22:35:46
Stress-free? Some of the alternate stages get insane. I know what you mean though. The atmosphere is so chill.

And yes, you do have to finish your degree for it.
Posted: 12/13/12, 01:18:54  - Edited by 
 on: 12/13/12, 01:19:18
This game is still on my "to-buy" list. I need to get this, sooner rather than later.
Posted: 12/13/12, 14:35:25

This game was literally on my eShop wishlist before I bought it.
Posted: 12/13/12, 15:14:51

Mine too. I actually added a couple more titles to my wish list last night (both 3DS and Wii U).


Yeah, especially on the last couple of stages. It was frustrating, but it's not like it took a lot of work to get back to where I was if I screwed up.
Posted: 12/13/12, 16:09:12
True, it seemed you usually got a new checkpoint every 3 screens (sometimes 2.) Always gets you right back into the action when you "die".
Posted: 12/13/12, 17:16:35
I SHOULD love this game. Its ambience is perfectly pitched. However, to me, what's missing is that sense of achievement. After you've cleverly (or luckily) negotiated the third screen in each puzzle you simply roll on to the next one.
Now, I'm not asking for fireworks or a marching band (no, man, that would break the amazing mellow) maybe a washed-out crash symbol, or the sound of a golf ball dropping, just SOMETHING for me to make a soft fist and whisper, "Yessssssss" to myself.

Also - I'm totally stuck on the alternative mode.
Posted: 03/14/13, 17:17:56
Posted: 03/15/13, 02:03:46
Picking up this game again I have noticed that the game indicates when there is a secret star hidden in a level! Maaaan, I had started out checking every nook & cranny of every level and promptly abandonned the idea.

So I've restarted the whole game with this new info and it's really clicking with me. Perfect to play just before bedtime.
Posted: 09/03/13, 10:13:34  - Edited by 
 on: 09/03/13, 10:18:42

Someone didn't read my review and the little bit about the stars, huh?

I agree, it's great to relax with before going to sleep. Kind of a way to wind your brain down.
Posted: 09/03/13, 16:46:11
One of the best things about this game is Chris Schlarb's soundtrack.

Sounds like a calm summers night in the forest. Ooooo.
Posted: 09/03/13, 16:59:10
Welp... soz. I just sort of dived right into this game. Lesson learned.

Agreed. I could just drift away on it.
Posted: 09/03/13, 17:50:56
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