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Does the Wii U feel progressive to you? [roundtable]
Does the Wii U feel like the future of gaming? Or at least a step forward? GE's Youtube link got me ponderin'.

Although the graphics don't seem to have advanced very far beyond 360/PS3, I personally think that it does feel 'next-gen', due to Miiverse, the general Gamepad implementation, and fresh, novel games like Luigi's Ghost Mansion. I'm honestly not sure whether a Watch Dogs demo-level presentational enhancement alone would trigger that sensation for me.

I'll admit that it could be possible that I'm conflating novelty and progress here, but who cares, really? Even if the movement ends up somewhat lateral, like with motion control on the Wii, I NEED that movement to stay engaged with gaming. Shooting people in increasingly more realistic environments doesn't do it for me anymore. IMO

Hmm, now I wanna do a roundtable about which games of the last generation felt truly new and interesting...

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Posted: 11/28/12, 17:32:37  - Edited by 
 on: 11/28/12, 17:34:00
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Back to the OP, I feel great about U. :)

The games are great, but what's been progressive about it is the way I've interacted with the console and my roommates over the past few days. I have more friends in Miiverse that I genuinely know than ever had on PS3. I find myself toting the Gamepad around the house within its range and surfing, gaming, and posting all at once. Not only that but I used to fire up dinner and run downstairs to the main television to gem while my wife stayed upstairs sulking my lack of affection. The Gamepad easily reaches the kitchen counter,mso now I have it out while I cook dinner and then stay there to game while she does her thing! All of the interface and hardware package is full of so much win.

Simply, if I hadn't made the mistake of looking at the Internet, I wouldn't be aware of all the negativity. I would be kicking back with the same attitude I have every time I turn it on, "The Wii U is great."
Posted: 11/30/12, 18:40:03
Ever since I got the Wii U I have felt little need to even turn on my other 2 systems, though granted this might happen with any new console.

Still, Wii U is great so far and I really hope it takes off.
Posted: 11/30/12, 20:20:34
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