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Batman: Arkham City: Armored Edition (Wii U) discussion [game]
9.29/10 from 10 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Batman: Arkham City: Armored Edition on the Wii U!

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Batman: Arkham City: Armored Edition (Nintendo Wii U) Review (9.6)  by  

Fired this bad boy up last night, and it is a lot more button mashy than I expected..but is it supposed to be?

I know a lot of people are PASSIONATE about this series, and I would enjoy some help, but PLEASE no spoilers or even almost-spoilers. We can use this, for the time being, for general questions and answers, that would be great.

Q: The Riddler trophy deals; how do I trigger them / get them? I see some discs on top of roofs, does that do ANYTHING?
A: Discs are pressure pads, you activate them by standing on them. Riddler trophies are often locked up with little puzzles. Depending what gadgets/upgrades you have you may not be able to get some but that's the only way in which they are locked off.

Q: Where the heck am I going? Is there an easier way to figure this out? Do I just go towards the Green?
A: You have one active waypoint at time. Bring up your map and you can set it to a specifc quest, or just a random spot if you like. The main story is progressed via the large green exclamation point within a hexagon icon IIRC.

Q: Am I REALLY just punching, kicking, and countering? Is there a better way to do combos?
A: Initially, yes. Once you get to a combo of 8 you can initiate special moves which are activated by pressing 2 buttons at the same time. These include an instant KO move, an area of effect stun, and a disarm combo. You can also use gadgets by various button combos. The majority of your gadgets can be used in combat. Consult your upgrades screen to learn what abilities you have as well as your control diagram to see the gadget commands.

Q: Are there some shorthand commands that I can do better? I feel pretty clueless w/ my utility belt.
A: I'm not sure on this. The touchscreen interface might change it up a bit but in other versions you could quickly switch between all of your gadgets. Nothing was ever more than 2 d pad presses away.

Q: What if I see a trophy I can't get?
A: Scan it, and it will be marked on your map.

Q: Can you scan ALL the time? I've already scanned SOME stuff, but only when I was prompted.
A: Early on you aren't able to scan at will but there comes a point where you are able to. It'll just sort of happen.

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Posted: 11/20/12, 01:12:20  - Edited by 
 on: 11/23/12, 19:57:42
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I wouldn't say it's a spoiler. It's in your best interest to do the AR stuff as soon as possible.

(I'm talking about the little Waynetech training missions and stuff, where they have you gliding through rings or whatever)
Posted: 11/20/12, 09:27:56
@warerare I liked Asylum a lot more too, although I think we are in the minority. City was still pretty good though.
Posted: 11/20/12, 09:32:20
@PogueSquadron - It's only a spoiler in the strictest sense of the word. I was trying to throw him into the dark; you gave him a penlight.

@Zero - I'm conflicted on my preference between the two. I thought Arkham Asylum perfected Batman-as-detective/symbol of fear, while Arkham City perfected Batman-as-vigilante/super hero. I typically preferred the exploration, combat, bosses, and sidequests in City, but I preferred the atmosphere and mystery of Asylum. Not sure which story I preferred. I definitely preferred Asylum's story tangents, and Asylum's story felt like a more cohesive whole to me, but the ending of the story wasn't quite as captivating as City's ending, and all the extra lore that City had to work with really worked in its favor over Asylum (as far as the main story goes; Asylum's lore killed City's as far as atmosphere and themes go).
Posted: 11/20/12, 20:05:19
Made a little progress last night. Now I'm up to 5%! Sheesh. Got doing some Sidequests. Kinda abandoned the Main Quest temporarily. Its cool! And someone mentioned Scanning trophies before? I'd LOVE to be able to mark them somehow. I've seen them on the maps before, but I stumbled across one last night that was out in the open intended for The Cat and I couldn't pick it up OR mark it. And the only ? I had on my map last night was one that I could SEE, but I saw no way to get it.


I've done 2 of the AR things. I didn't know what you were talking about until I..realized what you were talking about. 3 is giving me a hard time.. I feel dumb (of course).
Posted: 11/21/12, 00:41:20
You should now be able to manually scan trophies you come across. Unless for some reason that was taken out of the Wii U version or they changed the method.
Posted: 11/21/12, 02:24:18
@Mr_Mustache I think once you get that thing, then you shouldn't really have to mess with the rest of the AR challenges. I'm pretty sure I didn't do all of them. They got pretty tough.
Posted: 11/21/12, 02:32:46
@chrisbg99 - I thought you couldn't manually scan the trophies until after you'd gone into the factory? And it doesn't sound like he's there yet.
Posted: 11/21/12, 08:14:04
Yeah I don't think you can scan them until after it makes you scan that first one.
Posted: 11/21/12, 15:02:36

(From the WiiU GamePad..) Finished the first AR thing. Yeah, that helps a bit. Some of these are really hard!
Posted: 11/21/12, 22:16:09
@Mr_Mustache - Nice. And, yeah, some of them are surprisingly difficult. Luckily, if I remember correctly, they're the hardest sidequests in the game. Everything else just requires your ability to solve puzzles, survive in combat, and have the right gadget available. There's not as much control finesse required for the remainder of sidequests (though there are a few Riddler trophies that require a little bit of control mastery to get; just not as much as the AR sidequests).
Posted: 11/21/12, 23:16:27

Things are becoming..clearer? Trust me, when you first start this thing up, it is SUPER INTIMIDATING. I know I'll have to try to calm the Mrs_ down when she tries. Things all look the same early on, and you don't really know that you need to use X on Y or whatever until you get a few hours in. That said..I am having an issue right now and I don't know why. I'm stalled out and it seems as if I can't advance, or something is messed up. I've done well enough without "GO HERE" help just yet, so I'll work on it again some more tonight.

Or I'll ask Steve in Chat, haha. You guys should come to Chat more!
Posted: 11/21/12, 23:21:48
@Mr_Mustache - I imagine some of the "use X on Y" would have been easier if you had played Arkham Asylum first. For example, you don't start off that game with the Explosive Gel or the Remote-Controlled Batarang in Asylum like you do in City. So City doesn't really bother to train you with those gadgets because Asylum already did. You just have to learn to use them yourself (or go into the options menu and carefully read what each gadget can do... I definitely recommend this, as there's one Riddler trophy that will be virtually impossible for you to get if you don't know about one specific function on one of your gadgets that is activated in a somewhat peculiar way that is only briefly mentioned in the gadget's description in the options menu; I don't think City itself ever mentions this function unprompted).

EDIT: As for Chat, if you're talking Wii U Chat, I know for me it'll likely be awhile before I can join in on that. Not planning on buying a Wii U for a decent amount of time. Maybe next summer at the earliest.
Posted: 11/22/12, 02:10:05  - Edited by 
 on: 11/22/12, 02:13:13
Guys, does the game really look worse than the 360/PS3 version or is the internet trolling?
Posted: 11/22/12, 02:33:09  - Edited by 
 on: 11/22/12, 02:54:45

No, NW Chat! Good times are waiting for you!! (that has to be in a song, or the opening of some sitcom somewhere..)

And I guess I'll have to check. Is that Trophy later on? I..have one now that I can see, and touch (kinda?), but I can't pick it up. --Oh, spoiler tags: I had to use a crane to pull it out of the water. Not this one? If I can get it now, I'll just keep working on it. Don't tell me how, just if I CAN.

I got stuck at a part in the Story. Steve told me that it was what I thought it was..but what I tried didn't work when I tried it. Must've just been off (think Epona refusing to jump over..jumps and you're like "WHY, EPONA, WHY!?").


Its one of the best games I've seen, period, so I really don't know. I can't imagine it looking worse. Near impossible.
I've seen, like, no flaws with it whatsoever. The internet stinks - tell 'em to blow it out their ASS.

Oh, be sure and tell 'em LARGE MARGE SENT YA!!

Posted: 11/22/12, 02:53:26
Mr_Mustache said:
Is that Trophy later on? I..have one now that I can see, and touch (kinda?), but I can't pick it up. --Oh, spoiler tags: I had to use a crane to pull it out of the water. Not this one? If I can get it now, I'll just keep working on it. Don't tell me how, just if I CAN.
No, I believe the Trophy I was thinking of is sort of on the opposite side of the map. If I remember correctly and your spoiler tags are accurate, you can't get that one just yet (assuming you haven't been in the Factory yet).

Mr_Mustache said:
I got stuck at a part in the Story. Steve told me that it was what I thought it was..but what I tried didn't work when I tried it. Must've just been off (think Epona refusing to jump over..jumps and you're like "WHY, EPONA, WHY!?").
I have no idea what this means. Can you elaborate?
Posted: 11/22/12, 23:06:08
Arkham City is like a rhythm game. You might be able to get by with just basic stuff, but long combos are what makes the game fun!
Posted: 11/23/12, 00:24:00
Very true. Really satisfying laying down a whole hoard of thugs in one flowing combo. So glad they didn't try to over complicate the system by using a complex button combo system.
Posted: 11/23/12, 01:28:04
I've always liked that the combo is more on your style/execution/combo/variety. I know some people don't like how automated it feels, but I don't know how else they could do it and really nail that visceral kind of combat that they have in the most recent Batman movies. Block a guy's punch, break another guy's leg, batarang a guy, throw down some explosive gel, grapple a guy towards you and clothesline him, explode the explosive gel on a couple other guys, and then end it with a boot to someone's face. It is just so visually gratifying I'll never get over it. In earlier 3D brawler type games I always felt like you just kind of punch, and it's always the same punching animation, and if an enemy is in the way, he'll get hit.

In some games it's almost like the scene in the Simpsons where Bart says he's going to start wailing his arms around, and if Lisa is in the same space, then it's her own fault. Lisa does the same with kicking motions. I feel like that's where superhero action games used to be, and I'm glad AA/AC have moved in a different direction. It's a great balance between keeping the game reflex intensive, getting those super sweet animations (almost like chaining tricks in a Tony Hawk game), without simply giving the game a 'win' button.
Posted: 11/23/12, 10:54:52

Trying to slide under a door. Must've hit it wrong so he didn't go; I said "welp, that doesn't work."

Is it possible to make it so you CAN'T solve a Riddle by doing something? (I grabbed a trophy off a crane which would've made the dot of a question mark -- I THINK -- and now I'm thinking I screwed myself over...Riddles weren't even apparent to me at that point. Wind Waker Mass Sea Squid Purge all over again!!)


I've been trying to be as patient as I can be; usually I wait for a guy to attack so I can open with a counter, get a few hits that way, grab other counters if they open up, and if nothing is there, strike strike strike. I did get my 20-chain challenge last night, so that felt good.
Posted: 11/25/12, 01:23:11
@Mr_Mustache You don't necessarily have to be patient, if no one is attacking, go all out. As more enemies are introduced you'll naturally learn the progression of who to "kill" (Batman does not kill!) first. Timing on every punch is important, as if you nail the timing (hit as soon as an attack lands, for example) you can deal more damage and "flow" through combat better. Mastering this early on is good for once you unlock critical hits, which are when you do exactly that. (attack as soon as the current attack lands.)

Also, use the beatdown! You know, where Batman just punches the SHIT out of someone like 500 times. Use it not because of its power, but because of how AWESOME it is.

God DAMN I have to play this game again. I have a fresh NG+... Hmm, let's see if I remember how to play.

NG+ isn't just harder enemies, it's harder enemies introduced earlier on with different attack patterns and AI! Then there's the Riddler challenges! And the (in my opinion) mind-blowing Easter Eggs! The Batman games are just chock FULL of content. That's why they're so great. They're not just good "licensed" games, they're amazing video games in their own right.
Posted: 11/25/12, 02:02:32
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