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CHICAGO: Wii U post-launch party (+3DS gaming, of course)

Anand, me, probably my brother, and... YOU! And maybe other people too. I'm going to see who is interested.


Anand and I have been talking, and I think our basic idea is to hang out and play some Wii U post-launch, whether or not anyone else shows up. But it'd be cooler if other people showed up too.


At my place in Evergreen Park. PM for address / phone / etc. (and to let me know you are coming!)


SATURDAY, DECEMBER 1ST, 4 PM. Late arrivals are fine, I will be around all day. Hopefully by this point we will all be acclimated to the Wii U and ready for some multiplayer. And if you don't have one yet, well, this will be your chance to sit down and play one outside of a crappy demo stand!


Oh, come on...


Wii U: Nintendo Land, New Super Mario Bros. U, Chasing Aurora, um... anyone have ZombiU?!!? (I do not.)
3DS: Mario Kart 7, Kid Icarus Uprising, Resident Evil Revelations, 4 Swords Adventures (Chicago style!!!)

Probably some Wii and DS and whatever else we have laying around as well. It's really up to all of us. If you want to play something, ask if I already have it, or just... bring it!


There are plenty of places around here to get some food. We can also order a pizza or two or something. I will have some snacks.


BE THERE! Unlike our last attempt at a party, this is happening whether it is just Anand and I or not. Which means you better come, because being alone with Anand creeps me out!!!

Thread set to 99 just so I can easily link some friends to it.

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Posted: 11/11/12, 21:06:46  - Edited by 
 on: 11/28/12, 20:25:11
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@Koovaps Awesome!

Just so you realize, I live with my aunt. Which is a bit weird at 33, I know. But whatever, that is the situation. She mostly stays out of the way though. Albeit I will probably have to make her coffee.
Posted: 11/26/12, 07:17:20

That is not a problem at all. Fact is, I'd probably be more comfortable with her than with a group of dudes I don't know. I do hope I can make it.
Posted: 11/26/12, 07:27:00
This weekend? Sounds good to me. I'll bring the hard liquor!

Posted: 11/28/12, 17:07:23
Hope you guys have a blast! I can't make it though I swear I'll make the next one (as long as it's not the weekend of New Year's Eve).
Posted: 11/28/12, 17:13:42
Hey, guys, this is kind of a crazy idea, but what if we have a New Year's Ev... oh...
Posted: 11/28/12, 17:17:39  - Edited by 
 on: 11/28/12, 17:18:12
@Anand How about next week? Or the week after? Or the week after? Or any weekend that I'm free?
Posted: 11/28/12, 17:25:41
You're just too much of a social butterfly, rebs!

Nah, we'll make it happen, one day. One day...
Posted: 11/28/12, 17:35:34
Nah, it's just that my wife actually has friends and stuff. I don't even get it...

Oh, and we're going to Disney World the weekend of New Year's Eve. And between that and Chicago, it's a pretty easy choice... Gotta get those streetpasses.
Posted: 11/28/12, 18:53:43
Yeah, Disney World would be pretty awesome for StreetPass. It would beat my current method: skulking around at elementary school gates.
Posted: 11/28/12, 19:05:39
I dunno, I certainly wouldn't give up the skulking. It has benefits other than StreetPasses...

I don't like where this is going.
Posted: 11/28/12, 19:37:13
If you become a teacher you don't have to skulk! The only time I got StreetPasses at school were way back when 3DS first released though.
Posted: 11/28/12, 19:49:09
Ok, updated OP with date / time and some more details.


Don't worry if that is too early, I'm sure we will be playing for quite a bit and I know a few people are coming after work so... if you show up late you won't be the only one. I just tried to set it a bit earlier so people can still go out after if they want to. Which is probably pointless because we are all friendless nerds. Well, and also because I'll have nothing else to do besides sit around and wait for it to start that day, so might as well let people come over earlier.


My cousin might have some friends over too, but I'm a bit confused by his plans, because he seems to want to invite his interested friends over, and then he leaves and we hang out with his friends. Which I guess is fine, but a bit weird...
Posted: 11/28/12, 20:26:35  - Edited by 
 on: 11/28/12, 20:28:20
Zero said:
If you become a teacher you don't have to skulk! The only time I got StreetPasses at school were way back when 3DS first released though.
Really? That's kind of a bad sign.

Anyway, what do you want me to bring?
Posted: 11/28/12, 20:43:17
I guess it depends on whether we're going to focus on the NEW systems or crack into older games. Let me think. I have all the controllers that we will need, I think, unless we play some 4 player game with nunchucks, but I can't think of any offhand. ALTHOUGH, I was thinking if a lot of people show up, we might use two TVs and have the Wii U on one and the Wii on another, at which point I'd need a whole other set of controllers. Hmm. Not sure if we will need that, but we might, especially if my cousin's friends show up.

I have a bunch of Wavebirds too but batteries... I might just go out and buy a pack of batteries. None of my rechargeable batteries work anymore.

I don't know if we are going to attempt 4 Swords on Gamecube? If so, GBAs and link cables. Ug, such a hassle though.

3DS obviously. Hmm, we might only have three of those though, me, you and my bro. Unless Koovaps shows up with one or something, I'm pretty sure none of my other friends have one?

Other than that... games? You know what games I have (or can check in the handy dandy NW database) so anything you want to play that I don't have. Micro Machines?
Posted: 11/28/12, 20:51:25
So, everything that I own, potentially...?

Should we try to focus it a bit more? Four Swords probably isn't going to happen, right?
Posted: 11/28/12, 21:06:06  - Edited by 
 on: 11/28/12, 21:07:10
Probably not.

...OR IS IT?

Maybe we can just stick to 4 Swords on 3DS. Everyone says it isn't as fun, but I want to try it out. Though it might end up 3 Swords.
Posted: 11/28/12, 21:10:18
I guess I'll bring a 3DS, Micro Machines 64, a selection of DS/3DS games, ZombiU... any controllers or Wii games? I could bring a little wallet of Wii/Gamecube games. Oh, we'll need 4 MotionPlus for WiiU stuff. How many do you have?
Posted: 11/28/12, 22:28:40
Good point, I only have 2 MotionPlus. I have 4 Wii controllers and 4 Gamecube controllers, so in theory that would be enough for two systems at once. But it might not hurt to have some reserves, especially if batteries crap out or something. Bring whatever games you want!
Posted: 11/28/12, 22:44:46
I shall prepare a bag.
Posted: 11/28/12, 22:51:11
Dammit, I wish I was packing a bag for this instead of reserving a hotel room for a stupid wedding. You guys suck. At least until you have another get together.
Posted: 11/28/12, 22:57:23
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