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Are YOU a Chicago-style gamer? Or the boring kind? [roundtable]
Most of you should know what I mean, but the essence of Chicago-style multiplayer gaming, to me, is just simply this: Live to Grief. The converse wouldn't even hold, because even dying is but a small price to pay for a good rage-inducing grief. So share your stories of multiplayer assholery! Share them, I say. For only a Chicago-style gamer can truly understand (or perhaps even tolerate) another Chicago-style gamer.

I shall start. Need For Speed, the first - PS1: My brother is a racing aficionado, so he was attracted to this (surprisingly playable) EA racer. As was I, for the collision physics were positively exquisite. It was technically a 'racing' game, but for me, it was a griefing game. More specifically, a fishtailing game. Winning meant nothing to me. My only goal in playing Need For Speed 1 was to slowly push the back of the opponent's car to the side with my hood, until his racing line dissolved into a glorious fishtailing spinout. So satisfying. And that is what the game became about for us. He would try to win by racing, and I would be attempting to spin him out at every step. One of the earliest examples of asymmetrical multiplayer, you might say. And, sure, a particularly good fishtail might have resulted in my victory, which would allow for a nice bout of trash-talking, but what it was really about for me was the pleasure of the corruption and destruction of the earnest efforts of another. Because, yes, good guys should finish last.

Your turn! Confess!

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Posted: 10/27/12, 18:52:27  - Edited by 
 on: 10/27/12, 20:09:26
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Playing head to head when you could be playing with more people definitely sounds more like Detroit style to me.
Posted: 10/31/12, 02:19:44

Thats just on NW. He's a pretty clean gamer, and interested in cooperation.
Posted: 10/31/12, 02:29:03
I see. Sounds superior to Chicago-style.
Posted: 10/31/12, 02:36:42
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