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Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward (3DS) discussion [game]
9.3/10 from 11 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward on the 3DS!

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Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward (Nintendo 3DS) Review (9.1)  by  

BEHOLD! The sequel to one of the best late-life DS games, 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors is here! A brand new story, new characters (with some returning ones from the previous game) and puzzles galore, this sequel is a fantastic and very welcome addition to the 3DS library.

If you're ready for one of the most engrossing and engaging stories in the realm of video games, as well as clever puzzles and a unique gameplay progression complete with multiple endings depending on what you do, THIS IS THE GAME FOR YOU.

I was kind of hoping that Zero would make this thread (since it'd be pretty appropriate for him to do so - if you know the story of 999, I think you'll know what I'm talking about) but I'm not waiting any longer! Now is the time to discuss Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward!

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Posted: 10/25/12, 17:44:11  - Edited by 
 on: 10/25/12, 17:47:50
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Endgame spoilers for VLR and 999.

Jesus Christ almighty but Junpei lived a tortured life. Wow. And Akane is this world's equivalent of Dr. Doom at this point, along with Sigma, apparently. I wonder what the hook will be in the sequel, as VLR really laid out what has to happen in pretty plain terms.
Posted: 12/04/12, 22:59:29
My review is nearly complete. I'm hoping to have it done in the next couple days. Maybe it'll get some more people to bite?

Yeah, gentlepoints! Seems Professor Layton should have quite a few of those.

I feel similarly. Like, CAN there be any mystery in the next game? I'm sure they'll find a way.
Posted: 12/04/12, 23:14:22  - Edited by 
 on: 12/04/12, 23:15:29


1) Myrmidons capture Siggy
2) Nonary Game v 2.5 chronologically
3) ?
4) Profit

Posted: 12/04/12, 23:20:42
Could be. The one thing I totally agree with is that the third game's Nonary game will take place between 999 and VLR.
Posted: 12/04/12, 23:22:55

Yeah, I'm not sold on much of anything, given how VLR played out, aside from what I have to assume will be the initial premise and that there will be a big twist.
Posted: 12/04/12, 23:35:16

That's kind of the only problem I have with this "series" going forward. 999 was really amazing because there was nothing else like it before. The twist was so mind-bendingly shocking that it really left an impression with gamers. With VLR, anyone who played the original game *knew* that the Nonary Game was just a pretense for what was really going on. The twist itself may not have been able to be predicted by players, but we all knew SOMETHING was going on.

That element of surprise is lost now, I think.
Posted: 12/05/12, 15:49:09
@GameDadGrant Yeah, I agree to some extent. My hopes for VLR were very high, and I knew what type of game it was going in. While I had been excited for 999, I wasn't quite sure what I expected from it. I still feel that VLR is the better game of the two, but 999 had a much bigger impact on me because it was such a surprise.

It's like watching a movie with a twist ending. It's much better when the commercials don't promote it by saying "THE MOST SHOCKING ENDING IN MOVIE HISTORY THAT YOU'LL NEVER SEE COMING!" Even if you don't know what's going to happen, you know something is coming.

(All that being said, like I said, I think VLR is better than 999. Bring on Zero Escape 3!)
Posted: 12/05/12, 15:57:47  - Edited by 
 on: 12/05/12, 15:59:54
Just started this, not reading too much of this thread (Spoilars!). But good to have forewarning about potential game-breaking glitches.

Just thought I'd share my first 'oh cool!' moment. I remember when this was first announced, looking at the artwork for the characters and noting two things:

1. That one chick looks a lot like that Alice person they mentioned in the first game
2. The pink-haired punk chick reminds me of Clover.

Now given that they said that this wasn't really a sequel to the original story, but a new thing, I automatically assumed that they were just reusing a similar design for their character art- As the Japanese are known to do.

But then I find out those two characters actually *are* Alice and Clover! Awesome!

Also the irreverent tone of the archive documents and so forth is amusing as hell.

Looking forward to a great game.
Posted: 01/22/13, 23:31:54
A friend of mine told me yesterday that this game is 10 times better than 999. I still don't have time to play it though
Posted: 01/22/13, 23:43:53
Holy fuck my save file glitched up 17 hours in. I wasn't even in a escape section either.

Now I'm fucking pissed.
Posted: 01/28/13, 03:34:02
What happened exactly?!!

Posted: 01/28/13, 15:29:05

I dunno. I saved, and then went to hit the power. As I did so a message came up with 'There has been an error and the system must restart'. Which it did. Then when I loaded my save, it just sat there at a blank screen until I smacked the power button on my 3DS.

I thought maybe I hit the power button too fast when saving, BUT the story sequence had me following Temmy through that goddamn glitch room looking for Quark. So maybe that room triggers a save glitch in both the escape AND novel sequences. I dunno.

Anyway I left the game on autoplay next to me whilst I watched TV last night, checked it every so often to keep it going at parts. I'm going to use the walkthrough to speed through the room solutions I had already solved (all gold too, I was doing well ) Plus I'm going to do the glitchy paths FIRST so if they cause trouble there's not all that much to replay.

Got past the bit my save failed at last night and actually got my first proper ending (Dio, not a lock or a game over).

The game is lucky it's so good, or I might not be bothering.
Posted: 01/28/13, 21:11:50
Man, that's horrible. I don't know if I'd have it in me to do all that.
It's too bad the 3DS version is so glitchy because it's the definitive version otherwise.

Glad you're keeping at it!
Posted: 01/28/13, 23:23:01

That sucks... but if you want to do this on this run, always return at the very beginning on the chart when you want to save. That's what I did and though I had to watch that little intro at the beginning each time, I knew that it was a safe spot to save since I used it every time without any issue.
Posted: 01/29/13, 04:57:30
Holy Shit.

You guys will not believe this, but I swear it's 100% true.

So I'm using a walkthrough to speed through the puzzles I've already solved. I just got up to the Rec room and the part where you have to get two gold records from the Jukebox.

Now here's the thing. The walkthrough is telling me I need to ride the machine and get a photo which has the codes for the jukebox on the back. But first time around?

I totally didn't do that

When I first plugged in the jukebox, I just hit a combination at random to see what would happen. Gold disc.

Huh. I figured that there wasn't a combination involved here, and you just had to use the machine to get discs. So I hit a second pair of buttons at random. Another gold disc. Great. Off I go to solve the puzzle.

...And now I find out that of course there was a specific code! And I just happened to hit both codes, at random, on my very first try..


*Head explodes*

EDIT: Just for fun, I calculated the odds on this. If I have my figures right....( 1/(26 x 10)) x (1/(25x 9)) =.... 1 in 58500.

Goddamn. Shiny Pokemon are easier to come by.
Posted: 01/31/13, 12:37:43  - Edited by 
 on: 01/31/13, 12:55:16

Holy crap! What incredible luck! That's honestly really amazing....y'know, have you ever thought about going to Vegas? With this kind of luck, you could make a lot of money! (not sure what the American dollar to Australian currency exchange rate is, but I think you could still come out on top!)

Sorry to hear about your Save Data loss, too. I guess I was lucky in that I never had my game glitch even once. I played through the entire thing, and didn't even bother going to a "safe area" to save. I just saved wherever I was; in puzzle, during a story sequence, whatever. Never had an issue.

Makes me wonder if some copies of the game are more prone to getting bugs, and others aren't? And I just got lucky, somehow?
Posted: 01/31/13, 14:42:17

Well mine was a digital copy so...*shrugs*. Should at least be the same as every other digital copy. No biggie though, I just finished catching up to where I was. And I think I've gone down the glitch ridden paths so I *should* be okay from now on. I hope.

As for my weirdass code experience, if you want a really bizarre theory as to what I did...

The whole game sees you jumping between alternate paths and 'remembering' information you picked up in those timelines, does it not? It's almost as if I did something like that in real life .

Although I sure as heck wasn't remembering things, I swear I was pushing stuff at random. Maybe it was a subconscious thing though. Freaky.
Posted: 01/31/13, 14:55:49
Wow that is lucky.

Currently one AUD is equal to 1.0417 USD.
Posted: 01/31/13, 15:02:22
Hmm. I'm in the Director's office now. And Temmy just pulled a picture of...Akane

Now if I make the assumption that this game is set *years* after the last one, and that Clover and Alice were two of the people in the cold sleep pods.... a number of things began to fall into place.

The obvious: Temmy is Old Man Junpei?? Was the old woman they found killed Akane as well?. And this would also explain why Temmy trusts Clover so much. He knows her even if Clover doesn't recognize him.

Plus it gives a bit of certainty to what I believe the Endgame is:

The Schroedinger's Cat quantum experiment has been belted over our heads repeatedly. Then you have Dio's mission and the Radical-6 plot. It's not too hard to presume that Zero's plan was to set up the world as a 'box' that has either an infected or uninfected state. Only by someone escaping can the 'box' be opened and the quantum state of the world resolved. And much like Phi and her dice, that quantum state can somehow be influenced by the observer...which means with some quantum trickery, the players of the game may be able to save the world from the pandemic by expecting an uninfected world upon escape. That explains why Dio, as a rep of the people who triggered the pandemic is trying to ruin the game

And of course for the above situation to hold, a pile of time must have passed in order for the pandemic to do it's work. Most of the characters knew nothing about it going in. So game set far in future. Yeah.

We'll see how close to the mark I am. Hope the game has a few more twists to throw at me even if I am right though .
Posted: 01/31/13, 23:14:27  - Edited by 
 on: 01/31/13, 23:16:16
Wow. Just finished. My head is absolutely spinning. I'm usually pretty good with time travel. But this game managed to make it way more confusing than usual. Loops abound. I kinda get it though.

Twist time! Called the future thing. Called the save the world from the virus thing. Was wrong about the method though. Ah well. I get a third game to compensate I guess.

Other shocks:

Alice = robot . I actually thought K was going to turn out to be a robot. Wrong. Then I thought Sigma was a robot, but those were just robot arms. Then after all that I find out it was Alice. Holy crap.

K= Sigma clone (Kyle)/Akane (depending) . Mindfuck.

Sigma = Zero

Holy shite.

I'm glad I persevered through my game glitch. Totally fucking worth it. Total time about 26 hours on this playthrough, (let's be generous and stretch it to 30 because of my prior experience with the puzzles on the first playthrough). Not sure how you some of you guys spent 50+ hours on it, but hey at least we all had fun .

Bring on Zero Escape III.
Posted: 02/02/13, 06:50:31
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