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Super Metroid (Nintendo SNES) discussion [game]
9.62/10 from 105 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Super Metroid on the SNES!

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One of the best games of all time, or the best game of all time? I won't listen to any discussion that doesn't acknowledge one of those two options.

Metroid has always been a kind of strange Nintendo franchise to me. Most of the other franchises (at least from Nintendo internal developers) have a sort of similar tone... cartoonish, colorful, etc. Metroid though is just a straight up slick sci-fi thriller.

Anyway, I remember renting this game with my cousin and not really knowing what to expect, because to be honest, I never really got into the original Metroid game much don't kill me. Super Metroid, however, changed my world. I played through like half of the game in a single rental, and then went out and bought it later to play the rest. And then played through it a few more times. It's just so freaking brilliant. Awesome progression mechanics, awesome boss fights, awesome music... awesome everything. The controls are a tad bit awkward to go back to, but they still work.

Best game ever? Probably.

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Posted: 10/13/12, 23:26:14  - Edited by 
 on: 10/13/12, 23:29:52
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Glad you liked it. The game does a surprisingly good job at funneling players forward without making it obvious--for instance, after your first run through Brinstar, you eventually fall down a tall shaft full of Rippers that you can't escape until you find the Ice Beam. So for the next hour (or more), you can't return back to the large chunk of game that you started off in, lessening the potential amount of areas to backtrack in. It's basically saying "Hey, if you get stuck, you can rest assured that the answer isn't in any of that part of the map."

Which is good because I think the game's most obscure bit of progression is right around that point: Super Missile-ing the wall in the Norfair elevator shaft to get to Kraid. That could've used an extra visual cue.

Otherwise, still my favorite game ever! I speedrun it regularly because it's insane how much of the game you can skip or take out of order due to the wall-jump and other quirky, advanced moves. The Spore Spawn, Crocomire, and Golden Torizo minibosses are completely skippable, for instance, as are items like the Grapple Beam, X-Ray Scope and High Jump boots.
Posted: 03/25/16, 03:01:10
@Hero_Of_Hyrule We're seeing eye to eye on this one. I've played Super Metroid three times, I think, with plenty of time between each. It's a super great, groundbreaking game, but occasionally is a tad too obtuse in figuring out where you can go. I think every time I played it, at some point I was unsure of how to progress at some point, stuck for upwards of 30 minutes. But it's pretty amazing how well it's designed for being the first of its kind.

Where the game really shines is in repeat plays from pros, finding new routes and skips and stuff. They're still finding new things years later. On that strength, it goes to the top of my Metroid list, with Zero Mission a close second.
Posted: 03/25/16, 03:10:05
I have moved on from playing Super Metroid randomiser runs (which are super great btw) and am now trying out a bunch of different romhacks, some of which are actually rather great. If anyone has any recommendations I am all ears!
Posted: 09/13/18, 10:21:25
Posted: 09/13/18, 22:33:59
@Pokefreak911 Apparently this game A Robot Named Fight is basically a Super Metroid randomizer knockoff game that's pretty good.

@Secret_Tunnel Haha, that's amazing.
Posted: 09/13/18, 23:11:50
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