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Super Metroid (Nintendo SNES) discussion [game]
9.61/10 from 105 user ratings

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One of the best games of all time, or the best game of all time? I won't listen to any discussion that doesn't acknowledge one of those two options.

Metroid has always been a kind of strange Nintendo franchise to me. Most of the other franchises (at least from Nintendo internal developers) have a sort of similar tone... cartoonish, colorful, etc. Metroid though is just a straight up slick sci-fi thriller.

Anyway, I remember renting this game with my cousin and not really knowing what to expect, because to be honest, I never really got into the original Metroid game much don't kill me. Super Metroid, however, changed my world. I played through like half of the game in a single rental, and then went out and bought it later to play the rest. And then played through it a few more times. It's just so freaking brilliant. Awesome progression mechanics, awesome boss fights, awesome music... awesome everything. The controls are a tad bit awkward to go back to, but they still work.

Best game ever? Probably.

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Posted: 10/13/12, 23:26:14  - Edited by 
 on: 10/13/12, 23:29:52
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Well I beat the game for the first time last night. i got lost a few times and clocked in at just over 12 hours game time lol and 83 pecent of items. Loved the game. Looks like my next play through has some new goals. Move faster and find more items
Screen shots of play time and percent
Posted: 05/21/13, 22:53:54  - Edited by 
 on: 05/21/13, 22:55:13

Nice job! Try dipping below 10 hours for a modified ending. And if you can get less than 3, oh yes...
Posted: 05/21/13, 23:03:25
TriforceBun said:

Nice job! Try dipping below 10 hours for a modified ending. And if you can get less than 3, oh yes...

Ohh good to know thanks
Posted: 05/22/13, 00:20:25
TriforceBun said:
I'm pretty sure the "y can't metroid crawl?" is a joke though. And a pretty good one, hehe.

Gosh, are you sure?
Posted: 05/22/13, 00:33:45
Does anyone else think the jumping kind of sucks in this game? The rest of the game is gold, but I've never been a fan of the physics when Samus jumps...way too floaty or something. Whatever it is, it just doesn't feel right to me, especially compared to a Mario game. And don't get me started on the wall jumping.
Posted: 05/22/13, 01:52:13
canonj said:
Does anyone else think the jumping kind of sucks in this game? The rest of the game is gold, but I've never been a fan of the physics when Samus jumps...way too floaty or something. Whatever it is, it just doesn't feel right to me, especially compared to a Mario game. And don't get me started on the wall jumping.

Wall jumping can be a bitch
Posted: 05/22/13, 01:56:01
Maybe because I've played this game a hundred times, but I don't have any problems with the wall jumping.
Posted: 05/22/13, 02:12:28

I don't think I've noticed it at first when I played it but after having played Zero Mission and Fusion, I totally agree. After a while I do get used to it though but its controls still leave a lot to be desired.
Posted: 05/22/13, 02:13:41
I downloaded Super Metroid last week the moment I could - it's one of the greatest games of all time after all (the super cheap price didn't hurt). I fired it up just to see how it looked, and my how gracefully this game has aged. I almost think it looks better now than it ever has! I don't think anything will best the beauty of the Super Nintendo's 16 bits. And despite my only wanting to play for a couple of minutes, I was hooked right away. From the graphics to the atmosphere to its incredible score, Super Metroid is an experience not to be missed.
Posted: 05/22/13, 02:16:03  - Edited by 
 on: 05/22/13, 02:17:21
I got the game for 30 cents but only this week did I play through the entire thing. Still a great game.

I started it up as soon as I bought it months ago, but quit soon after getting the power bombs, I believe. That seems to be the point in the game where I decide to put it aside. I think that's because, if I'm not mistaken, the next main item you're supposed to get is the grappling hook, and it's all the way in Norfair. You just got the power bomb in Brinstar, and the game kind of makes you go up to Crateria, then Brinstar again, then Maridia, then Norfair. You basically go on a tour of every area save the Wrecked Ship. And sure, you're getting items that you couldn't get before while you're on this tour, but it still feels like a drag to me. Especially since you're passing by a lot of items that you still can't get normally.
Posted: 08/01/13, 17:30:18

How long is the trip? Its been so long since I played that I have no idea anymore. Is "Get the Grappling Hook" the next thing you HAVE to do? (dirty sequence breaking notwithstanding..) Like, are you supposed to kill guys on the way to that thing? Hmm.

How'd you like the end and stuff?
Posted: 08/01/13, 18:33:39
The game definitely slows down at that point, but for me it's always just a 'housekeeping' part of the game. Once you get the Power Bomb, you can go to a bunch of places you couldn't before, though like Gui said, it's not really anything that progresses the overall game.

When you go back to Norfair to get the Grappling Beam, how much new ground are you going through now that you have the Power Bomb? Or is it all backtracking? Man, I replayed this in May and I still don't remember. The game is amazing at making me forget how everything progresses haha.
Posted: 08/01/13, 19:01:11
There's a fair bit of new ground in Norfair, but you have to cut through a bit of old stuff too. It's not really that long though--you basically backtrack through the tall corridor in Brinstar (takes about a minute) then through the section of watery rooms (another minute or so), down the elevator and the door to the new area is right there.

Of course, you could always skip the Grapple altogether and bust into Wrecked Ship without it...
Posted: 08/01/13, 19:07:50

I don't sequence-break.

And the whole thing might take YOU a minute, but I don't play this game so regularly anymore, and even back when I did almost two decades ago, I always kind of felt my way through the maze. I don't always have a clear mental picture of where I'm supposed to go next. So I end up in a lot of dead ends on the way.


It's really not that long. Hecked, I went through the whole game in 3.5 hours with 91% items so it can't have taken me too long. It's just the point where I stop playing a little over an hour after I decide "hey, I'm gonna play through SM today". It's a weird moment in that game because it's one of the first times you have to do any significant backtracking in the game. Up to then, you only really backtracked if you wanted to.

I don't have any new thoughts about the ending, though it was Karen's first time seeing it. It was pretty cool to see her shocked when the baby Metroid attacks Samus, her disgust at Mother Brain, and her shock when MB kills the baby the baby the baby.
Posted: 08/01/13, 19:15:38
Posted: 08/01/13, 20:40:28

Haha, yes, if its only 3.5 hours long, I guess the trek can't be that far, haha. Yeah, the end was pretty cool. Did you like getting out after the boss fight? I thought that was kinda neat, seemed like a movie ending!
Posted: 08/01/13, 20:42:42

It's a cool sequence, even though there's a lot of slow-down. And I did rescue the critters in the room with the Torizo where you first get the bombs.

I only learned of this secret a couple of years ago. It blew my mind that something this big had eluded me for years.
Posted: 08/01/13, 20:45:12
@Guillaume I didn't know about it for a long time either, and didn't discover it myself. Little touches like that are what makes this game so great, they really put a lot of thought and care into everything.
Posted: 08/01/13, 21:33:25
@Mop it up

"Rescue the critters??" Hmm... Those wall jumping things?? I have no idea...
Posted: 08/01/13, 23:31:28

Yup, there is a way to let the Etecoons (wall-jumping guys) and the ostrich-like creature off the planet before you blow it up.
Posted: 08/02/13, 19:23:41
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