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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West (Nintendo DS) discussion [game]
8.99/10 from 7 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Last Window: The Secret of Cape West on the DS!

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I recently finished this game, which is my first ever import (not counting digital downloads) as it was released in Europe and not North America. I enjoyed it, but...

To be honest... I'm not sure if it lived up to the original (Hotel Dusk) for me. It's basically the same style, same gameplay, etc., but the original felt a bit more... odd? With that game I almost felt like I was in the middle of some weird Twin Peaks episode, where there was this aura of strangeness to everything. Last Window feels more "normal". There are still mysteries, and each character still has secrets they are hiding and such, but the whole aura felt a bit too normal next to the weirdness of the first game.

I'm tempted to throw Hotel Dusk back in and see if it was actually that strange. Maybe I'm just remembering things wrong.

Still, Last Window is a pretty good game and if you enjoyed Hotel Dusk, it is worth checking out.

Has anyone here actually played this game?

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Posted: 10/13/12, 23:05:22  - Edited by 
 on: 10/13/12, 23:09:38
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Yeah, I imported this one almost as soon as it came out in Europe. I took the chance that it wouldn't get localized for North America, and it turned out I was right. *whew!*

I'll agree that the original Hotel Dusk felt a little more "off-kilter" - but it kind of made sense. People were staying in the hotel because that's...where they were staying. And it only took place over the course of...what? A night or two? In The Last Window, you're in an apartment building. And outside of two (I think?) cutscenes, Kyle stays in the apartment building the entire time. The felt a little odd to me. Maybe Kyle's just a real homebody?

I liked the style and gameplay of the original, so I didn't mind the "more of the same" feel in the sequel. I felt this one had more unlockables though. Did you get that Game & Watch-esque game? I thought that was a cool touch.
Posted: 10/14/12, 05:05:38
Yeah I unlocked that, was interesting, though not something I could sit and play. Or play at all, more than once.
Posted: 10/14/12, 05:53:16
I liked Last Window a bit more than Hotel Dusk. I feel the game's story made a little more sense and was less coincidence heavy than Hotel Dusk.
Posted: 10/14/12, 06:20:59
Fun fact: I was facebook friends with the Russian model who played Rachel in those games. Eventually she unfriended me.... probably realized she didn't really know me =P

Also, the guy who played Kyle Hyde never accepted my friend request =P
Posted: 10/14/12, 18:49:31

I imported it, too. I don't think I've played it for more than 5 minutes, though. Maybe I should dive into it.
Posted: 10/15/12, 02:30:16

I recommend that you do! It's a very fun game!
Posted: 10/15/12, 02:52:41
I've beaten both, and I think you might be right about Hotel Dusk being a little more... strange. But I did enjoy both, and I have no regrets about importing Last Window. (Of course, it's been at least a year and a half since I played Last Window, and probably three and a half since I played Hotel Dusk, so it's tough to form an opinion on which I preferred.)
Posted: 10/15/12, 04:47:17
Worthy sequel, enjoyed it thoroughly when I played it this summer.
Posted: 10/15/12, 17:55:24
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