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Pikmin 3 Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
9.19/10 from 31 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Pikmin 3 on the Wii U!

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Pikmin 3 Review (Nintendo Wii U) (9.8)  by  

Just thought this title needed an official thread.

Yesterday, while browsing the interwebs at work, I found a hands-on of the game that mentioned something that I had not heard of anywhere else. Unfortunately, I don't remember where it was, but here's the gist...

Pikmin 3 now has an evade move! From Nintendojo "Handy, then, that our new lead character has a nifty dodge ability that sees both him and his band of Pikmin roll to the side in perfect unison whenever dangerís about to rear its ugly head. It took a while to master, especially since there seems to be a small amount of recovery time before you can initiate another one, but it brought a welcome sense of drama to the fights, as well as a greater feeling of control over your large army."

Let's give this launch window game some love! ERRR..... Releases August 4th!

Well, I tried to post the trailer. Thanks Renjaku!

Now lets take a look at Gamexplain of the newest video

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Posted: 10/13/12, 20:05:16  - Edited by 
 on: 02/17/14, 04:24:12
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Pre-order the downloadable version...are they going to give me a card? I've got a lot of credit at Gamestop so I guess I'll use some of it on this. One day early isn't a big thing for me but oh well.
Posted: 07/13/13, 02:45:52

I agree. Nintendo could use their money to, I dunno, make commercials or ads. I don't think a two day demo will benefit. Maybe they're counting on the lines to generate word of mouth? Even though Pikmin is a great franchise I don't see tons of people gathering for this.
Posted: 07/13/13, 02:51:59
Zero said:
Look, you can demo it early

But only on two days. Which means the lines might be long. WTF is with all of these uber limited demos, Nintendo?!

The plus side is that if you preorder the digital version then and there, you get it a day ear... uh oh. Is this Nintendo's first step into Gamestop exclusives?!!?

Fuck promotions like this. And fuck Gamestop.

Seriously this is ridiculous and I don't even have a Wii U... though this game may very well push me over the edge. By far my most wanted game coming out on Wii U in the next year or so. I loved, LOVED Pikmin 2.
Posted: 07/13/13, 03:52:42
Posted: 07/15/13, 18:45:14

Watched that while listening to Waiting On the World to Change and it felt like watching an old Mario Sunshine or Smash Bros. commercial.
Posted: 07/15/13, 21:54:44
Tons of reviews coming in

It's scoring pretty well, right around what the other two scored. I was secretly hoping for the BEST GAME EVARRRRR version. Then again Pikmin 2 is one of my favorite games EVARRRRR so who knows.

Gonna be sweet!!!

But I won't get to play it until I get back from Europe! Boo.

I wonder how much STUFF there is to collect? The IGN review seems to suggest that the main game is only 10 hours long, while Pikmin 2 took me like 40+ hours to get everything. But then, there are extra missions too or something?! But they're co-op only? I'm going to be a bit disappointed if there is significantly less single player meat than there was in Pikmin 2, hmm.
Posted: 07/23/13, 06:12:53  - Edited by 
 on: 07/23/13, 06:21:13

Ewww, the extra stuff is co-op only? What the hell? Why does Nintendo insist on adding these kind of things when there's no option for online? I'm getting tired of them ignoring that. We're in 2013!
Posted: 07/23/13, 15:29:38

No, the extra stuff is NOT co-op only. It is single OR co-op, it says in the reviews.

"The real challenge lies in the missions, little self-contained levels designed to really rest your capabilities either alone or with a friend."
Posted: 07/23/13, 15:59:57  - Edited by 
 on: 07/23/13, 16:01:39
One of the reviews I read seemed to suggest that it was co-op only. But on reading it again, it was more like they were suggesting that you "need" to play them co-op or you won't stand a chance. Not sure that I believe that, I'm willing to test my solo skills.

I still hope the main game is longer than 10 hours though. Pikmin 2 had a HUGE main game and a bunch of challenge stages!
Posted: 07/23/13, 18:05:43

Okay, good. I'm avoiding the reviews cause I've been mostly spoiler free for the game.

As for them being "co-op only" due to difficulty, hah, right. Game reviewers suck
Posted: 07/23/13, 18:10:34
@-JKR-Yep. Single and co-op.

Via Kotaku "Like Pikmin 2 before it, Pikmin 3 comes with several multiplayer modes.

The first three, Gather the Fruit, Enemy Battle, and Boss Rush are all available for two-player coop (as well as single player). The fourth is a bingo-themed versus game where two players compete to gather the items they need as quickly as possible"

I didn't spoiler Bingo as Nintendo has been heavily promoting this one. Boss Rush was news to me!
Posted: 07/23/13, 19:14:52
This is maybe a bit spoilerish, but if you don't mind a hint at a hint...

Posted: 08/01/13, 22:06:38
NW's Pikmin 3 boycott is going well.
Posted: 08/05/13, 00:27:08
I've been busy, but I plan to download this one very soon! This is one of my most wanted games of all 2013.
Posted: 08/05/13, 00:32:17
I bought the game earlier today, and have only done the first 3 days. I'm liking the Wii Remote controls so far (I skipped the Wii Pikmins), but I think using the GamePad might be easier since the map would be always right in front of you. I do miss the C-Stick from the first 2 games, though.
Posted: 08/05/13, 00:43:32
I've played through 5 days so far and took down the first boss, although I lost about 35 Pikmin doing it. This game is so much fun. I do wish the Pikmin didn't get stuck on things and left behind so easily though.
Posted: 08/05/13, 00:49:52
Has anyone tried replaying a day? Do you have an option to either save or throw away what you do for that day? And how does it affect the ones after?

I'm just wanting to go back to earlier ones to mess around and snap pictures because doing so when rushed kinda ruins trying to get good pics
Posted: 08/05/13, 01:02:37
Saw the first 15 mins or so at my bros place. Game looks very good. Love the atmosphere, presentation, music, graphics, you name it.

I unfortunately can't buy the game for maybe a few days though. Dying to play it.

It somehow reminds me of SNES Nintendo magic. I was very impressed. Nintendo's first "real" HD game and I'm liking it.
Posted: 08/05/13, 01:24:23
Renjaku said:
NW's Pikmin 3 boycott is going well.

So is the EarthBound boycott. Hoping that Itoi got the message. Old game is old.

But hey, did you guys hear that Tropes vs. Women Part 3 is finally out!?
Posted: 08/05/13, 02:35:23
Just got home from work and picked up my copy... I'm a total fraud, as I never finished Pikmin 1 or 2, but let's hope this time is different. It's not like there's anything else on the Wii U to distract me. Bwha.
Posted: 08/05/13, 03:39:32
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