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Code of Princess (Nintendo 3DS) discussion [game]
8.7/10 from 3 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Code of Princess on the 3DS!

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So this game finally comes out in North America tomorrow, October 9th. Who's picking it up and who wants to play online? With 4 player co-op and a bunch quests to complete, as well as a vs mode, it's sure to be a great game for 3DS owners to play together. Feel free to share your 3DS code below so we can add each other and get some online games going!

VofEscaflowne (Fabien): 2277 6633 7837
GameDadGrant (Grant): 2964-8577-8227
Anand: 3007-8093-4928
Koovaps (Brandon): 2878-9597-3846
kvapilntr (usually Brandon, sometimes daughter of Brandon): 4854-7038-1045
DeputyVanHalen (Josh): 4167-5776-9657
Deerock69: 5284-1411-6090
gojira: 5069-3940-1530

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Posted: 10/08/12, 20:19:12  - Edited by 
 on: 10/15/12, 03:23:13
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I don't think it even took me 5 hours to beat it so that by itself is quite short. It should extend a lot more if you try and complete everything though but for reasons kyrke mentioned, the fighting mechanics do feel off. Too often I'll find myself not even knowing where my character is due to how hectic things are and when that happens, I'll often find myself getting juggled by enemies and it just becomes frustrating. It really is a button masher and doesn't feel like there's much skill involved. You just attack and hope it works and as far as playing Solange goes, from the few moves she has, one set of combos will be effective and you'll find yourself repeating it over and over against any enemy you face.

As far as RPG elements go, it's pretty basic. You level up from experience you receive at the end of each battle and upon leveling up, you gain stat points which you can spend in 6 different stats. Money is also gained which you use to purchase equipment. There's a wide variety of characters to choose from if you play online but I believe there's only 4 in the campaign mode to choose from.
Posted: 10/13/12, 04:49:15  - Edited by 
 on: 10/13/12, 04:51:14
I honestly don't even see a spot to enter an FC. I think one of us just creates a room (with password- Nworld would be gud) and we could just jump in. I'll be up for some of this tomorrow afternoon, if anybody might be available then. :)
Posted: 10/13/12, 16:31:15

There's no friend code for the game itself. It's just there cause you still have to be friends with each other... I think. Either way, there's no harm in it
Posted: 10/14/12, 00:33:00
Picked the game up yesterday and am having a blast and a half with it Lots of fun!!

Posted: 10/14/12, 04:47:54  - Edited by 
 on: 10/15/12, 23:55:18
Got my copy today. Seems fun so far.

My code: 5069-3940-1530

I've added everyone in this thread.
Posted: 10/14/12, 17:57:31
I'm loving the characters and the cut scenes. It seems kind of simple as far as the beat-em-up aspect goes. I can't wait to try out those 4 and 5 star difficulty levels at some point. So far, I've learned a couple special moves for each character and can just juggle the bad guys to death. Literally.
Posted: 10/14/12, 18:46:27
So I just beat it, and WOW is there a lot of post-game content! I'm having so much fun just battling it out w/ this cornucopia of characters; no buyer's remorse for this guy.
Posted: 10/14/12, 20:02:49

I'm glad to hear that, since I hear the SP is kind of on the short side. I don't regret the purchase one little bit, either. I had to assume it was going to be better than the 1 and 2 star battles I've been doing so far.
Posted: 10/14/12, 21:10:32
Seems a bit stiff to me, so far. And talky. But I've only just started. I'll probably warm up to it.

(I better!)
Posted: 10/14/12, 22:58:21
Just a heads up to Brandon and Josh, you need to register me and I will be a friendly little Mii in your 3DS. Will double check everybody else's numbers, too.

EDIT- Just added you too, anand. I did not know I did not have you registered already. :)
Posted: 10/15/12, 02:16:51  - Edited by 
 on: 10/15/12, 02:28:20
Nobody added me back. :(
Posted: 10/15/12, 03:05:51

Got you in both my systems now. I have everybody else's numbers in, but haven't friended them yet. I try to check occasionally.

As for the game, I'm still not too far and still playing a bit sloppily, but I also still adore the presentation. I may try some Internet play tonight.
Posted: 10/15/12, 05:30:53
Would anyone want to do some 2 player co-op and start a new character? I'm still doing the bonus missions with Solange but it would be fun to start a new one and go through the story with someone else.
Posted: 10/15/12, 05:47:47
I was playing through having fun, then I got to the Ninja boss fight. Wow I got totally messed up. I did some bonus missions to level up.
Posted: 10/15/12, 06:49:52
Phew, I did a bunch of bonus quests and now Solange is up to level 69. Her strength is maxed out and her defense and vitality are both quite high as well with around 6000 HP. I should probably work on getting her MP higher so I can focus on burst attacks more often.
Posted: 10/15/12, 07:43:37
Oh man, I started a new game as Ali and she KICKS ASS. Wow! I'm doing nothing but pumping points into her speed so she is insanely fast. Even at low vitality, I'm taking out 3 star bosses without much trouble. Of course I'll have to change that eventually but it's fun seeing how long I can keep it up and how fast she moves as a result
Posted: 10/15/12, 23:21:03
I've been busy finishing up Castlevania, but I'll try to remember add everyone on the list when I get home tonight.
Posted: 10/15/12, 23:44:38
I am fairly frustrated with this game right now. I got up to the part where you fight two dragons. They just tear me apart. So I did some bonus missions to level up and got up to the point where I was getting my ass handed to me in that part as well. So I figured I was strong enough to go back to the story mode but I still lost handily to the same enemies. But if I go back one mission I go through the enemies like they are nothing. At least those missions were giving me good exp. More grinding for me I guess.
Posted: 10/24/12, 20:57:51
I'm loving this game, but man I don't get to play as often as I like. I've got Solange at about Level 30, and I've been focusing on her Speed and Strength stat. She was way too slow for my liking in the beginning, but now she's fairly speedy. I've got some good combos with her too, so I can juggle enemies into oblivion.

I haven't beaten the game yet, but I'm planning on finishing it with Solange, and then going back and leveling up the other characters. Also...I'll start adding people from this thread. My Friend List is currently full (100 people) so I'll have to swap some people out in order to fit you guys in.

kyrke said:
i pretty happy with this game. But i think it took on too much. The fighting mechanics are far too unbalanced. It seems like the goal in the fighting segments are to try ones best to lock on to an opponent and then bust your way to finally landing a combo on them. The move set for the characters is way to basic. Then theres the npcs that cannot even jump and whos attack are far to delayed to even have effect. As for the story mode it hold itself well in the game play aspect as a pure brawler. The rpg elements fail this game as most of the items will lower stats. So one is pretty much stuck with the same things he started with. I would have like a co op story mode as well but i guess the online co op campainge does well.

Hmm, I didn't find the items to always lower stats. I had to grind a bit to find the best stuff, but now my stats are much better than they used to be. Some of that is just from leveling up, but I've got some really good weapons and armor, too. Maybe you didn't get the good stuff, or something?


I think with that boss, you need to have a high MIND stat. Try grinding that, see if it helps. Pumps up your magic defense, IIRC.
Posted: 10/24/12, 23:49:00
Yeah, and that's the one stat I wasn't really bothering with since Solange doesn't use magic. But I realized that was likely my problem last night so I've put all by points into mind with my last couple of levels.
Posted: 10/24/12, 23:51:39
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