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ZombiU (Nintendo Wii U) discussion [game]
ZombiU on the Wii U
8.47/10 from 19 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for ZombiU on the Wii U!

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ZombiU Review (Nintendo Wii U) (9.0)  by  

So ZombiU seems so hot right now, consumers are queueing up out the door to get a piece of what is surely to be one of the biggest selling Wii U launch games. Are you guys interested in picking up a copy? Are you waiting on reviews? Please discuss the game below and feel free to post any media you may find.

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Posted: 10/01/12, 15:38:57  - Edited by 
 on: 11/23/12, 20:15:36
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Probably a dumb question, but have you tried just going to the door with the retina scanner and see if it'll allow you to enter? Otherwise, I'd just try dying on purpose and see if being sent back to the safe house resets your objectives. Hope you didn't get stuck!


Condemned is very much a similar game, in that there are very few bullets (even less ammo than in ZombiU, considerably less I feel like) and you only really want to use guns when you absolutely have to. It's very much a melee-driven game, but where it differs from ZombiU is that there are environmental objects throughout the game that you can pick up and use as your melee weapon. Pipes, planks, sledgehammers, fire axes, other tools, etc. When you try picking up a weapon, it shows on screen how it compares to what you currently have (in terms of speed, power, blocking ability, and range).

If there's one thing I'd like to see in a Zombi U2 (lol), I'd like to have more variety and choice with the melee combat. Like, there are times in ZombiU when it is just you against a single zombie, and you know you'll take care of it without taking a hit. But it gets old at times when it takes 8-10 swings of the cricket bat. I'd like the option to be able to use a weaker blunt weapon, but that'll allow me to swing it a lot faster; or have the option of using a strong melee weapon that is slower, but will take less hits to dispatch an enemy.

The two games are very much of the same ilk (both are first person survival horror games which are absolutely not shooters, both have a similar visual style, both games get pretty terrifying at times). Condemned was one of my Shocktober games, that's why it's still pretty fresh on my mind, and it's probably the closest comparison of another game I can make to ZombiU.
Posted: 12/31/12, 02:00:48

I'll try both of those ideas, thanks. But I saw online that someone else encountered this exact bug, and eventually the game becomes unbeatable (even after scanning the eyeball). Here's to hoping that they offer up a patch, but I'm not holding my breath.
Posted: 12/31/12, 06:43:33
Hey guys, just thought I would post my initial impressions of this game as I finally got an hour and a half to play it and I have to say this is an excellent game! I mean seriously fun and addicting!!!! Initially I wasn't high on the idea of playing a survival horror game but this feels A LOT more organic than most other survival horror games. You genuinely feel frightened by the zombies, everything moves at a snails pace sans your heart when you have a group of Zombies chasing after you. And truly this is a great example of how the gamepad can be utilized in a mature hardcore gaming title.

One other note - it's interesting that this game really dumbs it down graphically (the lighting is nice but a ton of jaggies and pixelation) yet even that can be completely forgotten with how well the atmosphere and tension work in this game. I will never say graphics don't matter nor will I say a game has to have excellent graphics to be considered great but this is clearly the poster child for Nintendo's goal - provide the best experience for gamers by building the game around the hardware - in this case using the gamepad as the central theme for how the gamer interacts with the world. Games don't need to have exceptionally high budgets to be enjoyed by more experienced gamers- they just need to have great ideas and execute them well.
Posted: 12/31/12, 09:45:57
Just got to the general Buckingham Palace area and the game continues to impress. My only real gripe is that I had no idea the extent to which armored zombies would be damage sponges and died 3 times at the same spot...

But otherwise? This is one of the better survival horror games I've played. No idea how far in I am, so I hope it keeps up through the finish.
Posted: 12/31/12, 21:54:06
Man I just lost the girl who I had been kicking ass with for several hours of playtime. Really sucky death too. I had no idea that the scuba divers explode when you hit them with the cricket bat. I thought I had three zombies right where I wanted them and then boom, instadeath. It all happened so fast. I better be able to get my BOB back too because it was packed to the brim with goodies. Sigh.
Posted: 12/31/12, 21:58:54
Has anyone played the mode where you only have one life? Survival mode? Is there any differences at all to this or is it basically just the same game and having one life?
Posted: 12/31/12, 22:01:52
The good news is I managed to get all my stuff back with little trouble. My girl wasn't even a zombie when I found her. Nice to know she didn't have to go through that.
Posted: 12/31/12, 22:48:01

Encounter those guys alone, and just use the cricket bat. In a crowd, run. Or use a grenade/molotov cocktail. They are nuisance. Much like those damn scuba divers!!!
Posted: 01/01/13, 01:03:02
Beat the campaign (normal mode)!

14 hr 19 min., 12 survivors played, and got the good ending.

I'll echo your comments, @TheBigG753, this game did not disappoint.

There were some very intense moments in the game. Having to survive the onslaught of zombies at the church while running around and picking up very little ammo was nerve-wracking, but the reward was awesome: an expanded BOB and plenty of guns and ammo (you still had to be careful to conserve it through the the rest of the game).

I thought I was a goner in that last part of the game when you're escaping the safe house. I was using the turret, but there were way too many zombies, and many of them were already approaching too closely under my line of sight. I had make a run for it, and I'm glad I was able to go into the right direction!

Prepper was an interesting character, and though he was pissed off by the survivors not listening to his advice at times and feeling betrayed by pursuing the Panacea, it seems he still came out one last time to guide the survivor to safety. I was going to be disappointed with myself if I screwed up getting to that helicopter.

Did I mention how much I love the sound in this game? Music can be very powerful during certain events, but more importantly, the sound effects are excellent. Your survivor's yells and heavy breathing, the wide variety of different zombie noises, sounds in the environment, all contribute to the horrific experience.


Yeah, that'd be great a for sequel.

Oh yeah, I should check out Survival Mode!
Posted: 01/01/13, 19:38:55  - Edited by 
 on: 01/01/13, 19:41:02
Ugh just had my roughest go of it in a while. Looking back it wasn't even so bad, but I panicked and paid for it. Then I was quite lucky to get my stuff back just before falling to my death and then I nearly died at the exact same spot trying to retrieve my BOB again. I had only a sliver of health after the fall but it was enough for me to grab my stuff and open up a door to make getting back to the safehouse quite easy.

From there I was happy to sleep and save, but I really got very little done. That always happens to me in these stressful games, I end up calling it quits when I've barely made any progress just so I can relax a little.


Ugh, there's a bad ending? And if you get it, you must have to start the game completely over, unless the mechanics change completely at the end. I don't think I'm really anywhere near the end so I won't inquire now, but when I get closer I might come asking how to make sure I get the good ending, because I'm not going to want to play through this game again anytime soon, even though I am enjoying it.
Posted: 01/01/13, 20:23:59
Ha ha I think Jargon is having the same reaction to these horror games that I have. I really have to be in the right mood to play them, and every time I get to a save there is a desire to turn it off and play something bright and colorful. And yet I march on, because ultimately there is something satisfying about being scared, though I have no idea why (I do have a few theories...)

...still haven't played ZombiU outside of the multiplayer though.
Posted: 01/01/13, 20:35:41

If you like horror games then you should definitely give it a go. What I like most about the game is that you're constantly met with a situation that looks quite grim, but usually you've got the time to hang back and figure out a game plan that will allow you to survive. Like, ok there's 4 zombies here, if I can distract the three with this, then I can corner off the other one and take him out, and then I can make it up onto there and be safe.

It's really quite satisfying when you pull it off successfully and it actually I think is pretty accurate of what life would be like in the event of a zombie apocalypse, using your wits to figure out how deal with enemies that aren't too intimidating alone but unbeatable in hordes. I never really got that strategic feeling much out of Resident Evil. I think the first person (and the scanner) really helps because it allows you to really take everything in.

My problem is when you're not given time to plan things out, I always panic and end up finding myself surrounded. Hopefully I'll get better at that, but if this is how I would act in a real zombie apocalypse I wouldn't like my chances up against a sudden onslaught.
Posted: 01/01/13, 20:47:55
I'll probably pick it up when it is a bit cheaper. I'm in a weird spot right now where on the one hand, I want to enjoy my new system, but on the other hand, I have a ton of older games that I need to finish up before buying a bunch of new stuff.
Posted: 01/01/13, 20:58:22

Yea, these launch games always seem to be discounted pretty quickly so that makes sense. I was planning on waiting myself but it ended up being the best option for the third game of Toys R Us's B2G1
Posted: 01/01/13, 21:01:27
Jargon said:
Ugh, there's a bad ending? And if you get it, you must have to start the game completely over, unless the mechanics change completely at the end. I don't think I'm really anywhere near the end so I won't inquire now, but when I get closer I might come asking how to make sure I get the good ending, because I'm not going to want to play through this game again anytime soon, even though I am enjoying it.

Well, all I can tell you is that the ending depends on finding an important item related to the story (you will know what it is later) as well as your performance during the last part of the game (without going in spoiler specifics).

I'm not sure if you're allowed to restart from a checkpoint near the end to try and good the good ending if you mess up; I was fortunate enough to get it on my first playthrough.
Posted: 01/02/13, 07:37:20
Zero said:
I'll probably pick it up when it is a bit cheaper. I'm in a weird spot right now where on the one hand, I want to enjoy my new system, but on the other hand, I have a ton of older games that I need to finish up before buying a bunch of new stuff.

I know what you mean... I even feel this weird sense of guilt when I choose an older game over the brand new system that I just spent all of this money on.

Still have to get back to ZombiU. I can probably beat it in one more play session, so I'm not exactly sure why I haven't touched it in two weeks after enjoying it so much.
Posted: 01/02/13, 13:52:41
Ugh, another poor outing for me. It's pretty much like clockwork. Whenever the prepper tells me to get ready because there's some zombies coming I pretty much know I'm going to die. I really need to figure out how to deal with those situations better. I also need to get better at understanding my surroundings, often I think I can make it to a safer area to deal with the threat and end up running into stuff, caught up against a wall, etc. and find myself screwed.

The good news is I've gotten past the creepiest part of the game I've experienced so far: the nursery. Hopefully I don't have to go back there ever again.
Posted: 01/02/13, 21:35:36

I went back there once more to get some supplies I missed (and the CRTV which I didn't get on the first time). Bad idea!
Posted: 01/02/13, 22:59:52
Finding these stupid Dee letters is proving to be cumbersome. I think it's more difficult because I'm missing some of the CRTVs, so I can't tell where they are. Lame!
Posted: 01/02/13, 23:13:54

That's sort of where I'm currently at as well... though I have another objective to do so it's not so bad yet. Hopefully I can find more of those CRTVs on the way.

Enemy spoiler? I'm curious about these red head zombies... aside from being way faster, is there anything else I should worry about? I know the white ones spit at you... and apparently kill you in one shot if they grab you. I just killed a red headed one with my bat and it was quite scary
Posted: 01/02/13, 23:29:37
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