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ZombiU (Nintendo Wii U) discussion [game]
ZombiU on the Wii U
8.47/10 from 19 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for ZombiU on the Wii U!

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ZombiU Review (Nintendo Wii U) (9.0)  by  

So ZombiU seems so hot right now, consumers are queueing up out the door to get a piece of what is surely to be one of the biggest selling Wii U launch games. Are you guys interested in picking up a copy? Are you waiting on reviews? Please discuss the game below and feel free to post any media you may find.

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Posted: 10/01/12, 15:38:57  - Edited by 
 on: 11/23/12, 20:15:36
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Well, it's pretty much normal mode where you're not allowed to die even once, so you don't need to worry about anything beyond that. Not that that isnt' enough.
Posted: 10/27/13, 00:38:33

Yeah, I knew about the only dying once thing. I'm on Normal now, so I shouldn't notice an uptick in difficulty, I'd think. I've been wondering how I'd do on the earlier guys now, too, everything I've died on lately has been a ton of BS.

I had a lot of trouble with that mounted gun before though...
Posted: 10/27/13, 00:43:23
I gotta say, even though I've played through the game a couple of times on normal and made a couple attempts on survival mode there are still parts of the game where I truly don't know how things are gonna turn out before I'm in the thick of it. And now, when you went and found that infected in the Tower of London I'm very worried about what surprises that might lay in store for me next time.
Posted: 10/27/13, 00:49:22
@r_hjort If I wasn't hunting my bag down, or looking for what I might've missed when I died, I would've never went back.. If I HAD to go back, maybe I'd be better suited for it later on or something. I guess from the game's POV, that WAS my 2nd trip back there, I just didn't expect the composition to have changed so much since my initial trip a few minutes earlier. Everyone else was standard. (I ran into one guy in a scuba suit / fuel can thing either in the water, or on the way up the stairs (and independent of the one that exploded and killed me), but I can't remember WHEN that was; with Alexander Marshall or one of my new people. I didn't kill him either.
Posted: 10/27/13, 00:55:15
Ooooh, this was the second trip! That might have something to do with it! I never came across anything like that when I had to go back there to retrieve my BOB from poor Christopher Hunt's blown up corpse (explosive zombie in the water, first trip there), but I guess this game has more random elements than I've given it credit for. Which is good. And very bad.
Posted: 10/27/13, 01:08:29

I've been kicking around my score for this game when I finish (which I do when I play games, that way there isn't really a blunt on-the-spot decision at the end), and I think its around 8.2 for me..but part of me wants it up around 9 something (I gave Ninja Gaiden Razor's Edge a 9.0 - "how DIFFERENT are they? What makes NGRE that much better?"). I don't know. 8.2 is still good, its a freakin' B in school (In America). B is good!

But..--and I haven't seen the entire game. I REALLY like what it has going for it atmospherically. Its got me pooping my pants like Resident Evil never did. And the pure INEXISTENCE of ANYTHING is often the most disturbing. The area right outside of your Safe House near the escalators is one of the creepiest places I've encountered in the game. Maybe I'll end up around 8.6. I've used 8.0 as a sort of 'bench mark' for a lot of games though that other people will give a 10.0! or grade it directly against today's games and have it be El Poopo. I 8.0'd SMB/DH and Luigi's Mansion among others.

As tense as things are now with the "normal" game, I can only imagine how nerve-racking Survivor mode will be. I have a good idea of it, haha, but yeah..
Posted: 10/27/13, 01:16:50
So that "circus" was something else.. Might have to avoid that thing entirely on my Survivor run. Not sure I can get through that unscathed after months of time off.

EDIT - I WILL say that it taught me the true power of MINES. Haven't used them really.
Posted: 10/29/13, 01:44:16  - Edited by 
 on: 10/29/13, 01:45:19

Crazy, right? Totally unexpected, frustrating, yet totally welcomed. The sense of accomplishment when you survive was awesome. It was quite a challenge. Think about the panic YOU would be in if you were in that situation. I wouldn't survive more than 3 minutes! But of course, I'm a better shot in real life than with dual analogue.

I don't know how people playing survivor mode got through that part. It's so easy to accidentally kill yourself than get killed.
Posted: 10/29/13, 12:27:15
Yeah, I blew myself up with a mine when I made it there on my latest survivor run. It's definitely one of the most critical places in the game. Hard to keep your cool with everything that's going on.
Posted: 10/29/13, 17:49:52

I have a game plan in my head for that part when/IF I go back (optional, right??), but I don't know if I can risk it. I can tell you blow by blow what I did, maybe we can exchange strategies.
Posted: 10/29/13, 23:19:02
Sorry, as far as I know, that part is something you have to go through.
Posted: 10/29/13, 23:47:49

Why? I don't believe you got anything from it that you HAVE to have. ie: no Pad Upgrade. You should just be able to collect the Letters and be on your way. You'll be missing out on Guns and a pile of Ammo, but there is no reason you SHOULDN'T be able to skip that.

Do you get more C4 there? That could be a problem. (Any idea whats behind the final C4 wall we see? I was out!!)

--I'm gonna go read the rest of this thread now.
Posted: 10/29/13, 23:50:12
There are no practical reasons that I know of, but the plot won't advance unless you do it.
Posted: 10/30/13, 00:08:21

The section is totally unavoidable. It needs to be done, and there's no way around it. Only the toughest shall survive!
Posted: 10/30/13, 14:11:07

Did you guys try to avoid it?

Hjort, you mentioned "optional" parts of this game before; if this wasn't it, what were you referring to?
Posted: 10/31/13, 00:33:40
From what I understand, you get one of the different endings by escaping without the Panacea, but now that I think about it, that's probably just something you get for screwing up, and not for deciding to skip certain related parts of the game. That makes much more sense, so sorry if I've gone around spreading lies!
Posted: 10/31/13, 00:45:46

How would you ever escape without it? I was reading earlier upthread, and Jargon said that his Goal was to "Kill the Doctor." What the hell, I never saw that.. He then mentioned that he didn't see the thing with the Prepper at the end, and I'm wondering if thats related. When I caught up to the Doctor per his instructions to meet him somewhere, he was dead, and I got to pry his eye out (as others did). Whats the scoop with that?

If you die on the way out of Buckingham with the Panacea in hand, do you have to go back there? Lucky for me, I made it to the sewers before I got overwhelmed.

Questions, questions..
Posted: 10/31/13, 00:52:40  - Edited by 
 on: 10/31/13, 00:53:00
See, that's what I'm starting to think, that you get the ending by getting yourself killed carrying the Panacea out of the Palace, and then just saying "screw this" and running to the chopper without it.

As for the doctor, there are subtle (and some not so-subtle) indications of him becoming infected over the course of the game, so I don't think you ever get to meet up with him except for in his undead form. At the beginning he's wearing that haz-mat suit, doing tests on zombies in his little lab, and he's making some remark about his specimen that makes it sound as if he was surprised, or as if there's more life in it than he expected, something like that. A while after, you can see his old haz-mat suit lying outside of the lab area, looking like it's been trashed. And then you've got the cutscenes with the black veins and doc injecting himself, and all that jazz.

As far as I know, I've gotten the best and worst endings, but in both of those I've seen the prepper sequence (man, I loooove that voice actor! When he loses his shit at the end there, it's like the best thing ever!), so I'd love to know what Jargon did.
Posted: 10/31/13, 01:11:24  - Edited by 
 on: 10/31/13, 01:12:48

I'm fairly sure it was just a glitch. A sucky, anticlimactic glitch.

Per your discussion in the Shocktober thread, I don't see how giving you a second chance to escape at the end would be any different from the infinite second chances you get in the rest of the game when you're not doing survivor mode. Why couldn't someone else come along and get on the copter?
Posted: 10/31/13, 17:35:55
I think it's more fitting that it's all or nothing in that particular situation, that the helicopter won't wait around for some other random person that may or may not come along, unlike other situations where the association with the prepper lets them jump back into the previous person's shoes. There may have been situations with a similar sense of urgency before, where the undefined period of time between a survivor's death and another survivor's awakening in the safe house should have brought about disaster, but if there's one point in the game where it makes the most sense it's at the end, IMO. I'm also fond of idea that all the hard work, all the sacrifices made by all the people who contributed to getting the final character there, could have been done for nothing, and that in the end there might not really be a happy ending in the zombie apocalypse.
Posted: 10/31/13, 17:49:00
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