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Duck Tales (Nintendo NES) discussion [game]
8.67/10 from 16 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Duck Tales on the NES!

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Duck Tales Review (Nintendo NES) (7.0)  by  

This game is GREAT!

I have recently gotten into a lot of retro gaming so Ducktales is certainly getting played until "100% completion" again. That is to say the treasure chest at the end of the game will be bursting with gold and jewels!

One important note is that this game contains one of Capcom's great soundtracks from the '80s. My personal favourite track is Transylvania. SO GOOD!

Ducktales - WOOHOO!

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Posted: 09/27/12, 05:11:02  - Edited by 
 on: 09/27/12, 05:15:42
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Awesome game. Great music. Capcom was so great back then.
Posted: 09/27/12, 05:20:04
For Shocktober, people should play the Transylvania level.
Posted: 09/27/12, 05:20:57
The Moon!

What a great game. One of the very best licensed games ever.
Posted: 09/27/12, 05:24:21
Posted: 09/27/12, 05:39:53
I kind of vaguely remember playing this game back in the days, but I'm not sure how far I got.

I also remember tons of people talking about it long before I played it. So I must have been a bit late to the party.

It was fun. Don't remember much specific about it though, to be honest, other than the fact that Scrooge could bounce around on his cane.
Posted: 09/27/12, 06:08:05
Capcom was a pretty awesome developer of licensed games.

Aladdin, Goof Troop, Mickey's Magical Quest. Those are some fantastic games.
Posted: 09/27/12, 06:13:40
Makes me wonder what the heck Scrooge's cane was made out of. What cane have you seen that bounces like that?

It's gotta be made out of flubber or something.
Posted: 09/27/12, 06:13:58
Game was flippin awesome.

Posted: 09/27/12, 07:40:49
One of my favorite games on the NES. It was fun to see how much money you could collect before the end of the game. Wasn't there something in each level that gave you a boatload of cash? And if you got them all, you got a better ending? Now I want to play some Ducktales.

EDIT: I was right! A quick search reveals that collecting the hidden treasures gets you a special ending. I cannot recall if I ever did that. Looks like something to add to the bucket list.

I also saw that there's an even more difficult ending to obtain. It seemed so....anti-Scrooge McDuck.
Posted: 09/27/12, 13:31:09  - Edited by 
 on: 09/27/12, 13:52:57
This game sucks. No, just kidding, but I can't get into it. I'm probably doing a few things wrong so if anyone could enlighten me as to how it works (the game should do a better job at self-explanation)

How does the cane-as-golf-club attack work anyway? It seems like it works whenever it feels like it. As a result I find myself hopping around like an asshole throughout the entire level - it's not that fun.

Also the level design is just eh. Too simple minded in a few levels, too complicated in others (especially the moon, I can't find what I need to find in order to progress. I think it's a key; they say it's in the UFO but I looked everywhere and I can't find it).

The fact that I can select any level is nice though, and the music, of course, is awesome.
Posted: 09/27/12, 15:45:05  - Edited by 
 on: 09/27/12, 15:45:50
Easily one of my favorite NES games ever. Chip & Dale's Rescue Rangers was no slouch either. Capcom's licensed games were, for the most part, awesome back in the day.
Posted: 09/27/12, 15:59:58

The cane-as-a-golf-club activates when you press Scrooge up against a block or wall. Just keep pressing Left or Right on the d-pad, and Scrooge will assume his "ready" stance animation. Then just tap the B button, and.... boom, the cane's a golf club!
Posted: 09/27/12, 17:10:30
Aaah, I see. Thanks!

So the only way to kill enemies is to bounce on them then? That's a bit too much bouncing for my taste, as I find the best way to avoid danger is to just hold the B Button and keep bouncing around. Still, it's a good game.
Posted: 09/27/12, 17:36:08
Are a bunch of you guys just now playing this? How? It's not on VC is it? Emulation? Actual carts?!
Posted: 09/27/12, 18:29:46
Yeah, emulation. on my wii via homebrew
Posted: 09/27/12, 19:00:22
I just played through this game (on an actual cart) like a week ago!! What are the odds!?

Probably gonna play DT2 again in the not too distant future. ...although these days I have an irrational fear of hurting the cart or box when accessing it =P
Posted: 09/27/12, 21:48:37
I have been playing a LOT of actual NES and SNES lately. I'm rockin' the actual cart.
I want to get Darkwing Duck but the prices I've seen are a little too high.

MAN! I want Ducktales 2!!!!!!!!!!!! It's darn expensive!!!
Posted: 09/27/12, 23:09:55
This game seems vaguely familiar, I think I borrowed this from someone way back in the day. It could be fun to check it out sometime, but I recall it being expensive the last time I looked. Or at least, too expensive for a curiosity. Hm...
Posted: 09/28/12, 00:43:01
@ploot I know licensing and all, but I really wish these games would come out on VC. I wonder why there is such a licensing issue, who holds the licenses that would be opposed to free money?
Posted: 09/28/12, 00:57:53
@Zero It isn't that the licence holder won't licence it, it's that CapCom doesn't want to pay for the licence again on a $5 game. Though then it'd be a $6 game like that TMNT game was, and the potential for profit is low.
Posted: 09/28/12, 01:03:53
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