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What do you guys think Retro is working on? [roundtable]
What would you want it to be?

Barring any crazy steampunk Retro-Zelda, the two clear options to me are Prime 4 or DKCR2. Honestly, I'd be happy with either (and it's possible that they could be making both). The Prime mechanics have some real possibilities with the Gamepad. Moreso than 2D Metroid, I'm sorry to say (but not TOO sorry, since I want to see that on 3DS with parallax scrolling). And I'm sure DKCR2 would be a super-solid game, especially if they took out the few annoying features of DKCR (you know which ones).

So, what do youse guys think? Raven Blade?

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Posted: 09/20/12, 17:58:15
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I'm sure someone in Retro, somewhere is working on some sort of game.

But even if they aren't and the above post is accurate, it may be of greater benefit to the WiiU in the long run. How often did we bemoan lazy third parties who clearly couldn't be bothered using the potential of the Wii? With Retro's guidance and encouragement, we may see more developers make a proper effort this time around.
Posted: 09/26/12, 03:47:18
Maybe they've become Nintendo's version of Unreal - as well as working on games, they work on engine tech and produce art assets too.

We already know they contributed toward Mario Kart 7. It seems Monolith are being used like this too - they apparently worked on parts of Zelda Skyward Sword.

Or the rumor could just be fake.
Posted: 09/26/12, 04:34:35
DMA will never give that up. It's their cash cow!

Brilliant! Animal lovers get their virtual pets, and us haterz get to laze them!

They're playing the role Factor 5 was born to play!
Posted: 09/26/12, 04:38:12
Can't let you do that Star Fox.
Posted: 09/26/12, 04:49:53
According to GoNintendo, Reggie said in a GT.TV interview that it's most likely we'll see the Retro project revealed at E3, although it could be slightly earlier or later.

If next E3 comes and goes and we still don't know what Retro is doing, people aren't going to be happy.
Posted: 09/28/12, 14:42:42
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