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What do you guys think Retro is working on? [roundtable]
What would you want it to be?

Barring any crazy steampunk Retro-Zelda, the two clear options to me are Prime 4 or DKCR2. Honestly, I'd be happy with either (and it's possible that they could be making both). The Prime mechanics have some real possibilities with the Gamepad. Moreso than 2D Metroid, I'm sorry to say (but not TOO sorry, since I want to see that on 3DS with parallax scrolling). And I'm sure DKCR2 would be a super-solid game, especially if they took out the few annoying features of DKCR (you know which ones).

So, what do youse guys think? Raven Blade?

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Posted: 09/20/12, 17:58:15
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I would also be happy to see them try a third person fully 3D Metroid. But they're probably not up to the challenge.
Posted: 09/21/12, 04:54:44
From what I've heard, they are not working on Metroid, Starfox or DKCR.

This is a serious post, unlike my last one about Pound Puppies.
Posted: 09/21/12, 07:26:59
@Jargon I see what you are trying to do here! But I doubt anyone important from Retro reads our forum. Or anyone from Retro period.
Posted: 09/21/12, 08:28:29
Wii Music 2.

Honestly though I would expect a FPS. All the pieces seem to be in place. Nintendo wants back some of this core market, maybe the biggest genre for that market is FPS, and Nintendo has exactly one western studio who has made critically acclaimed first person games.

If I was to venture as to the type of FPS I think it will be something that:

*Has multiplayer

Kind of obvious. Multiplayer is how shooters reach huge sales and become platform defining like they do. See: Goldeneye/PD for N64, Halo for Xbox, CoD for all platforms today.

*It will focus on gameplay above set-pieces/realism

I'd imagine it would be more sandbox in nature like Halo where the weapons are all distinct and are not just permutations of one of 6 classes. Retro has a leg up on competitors here by having experience developing Metroid power-ups.

*People will be able to use the abilities to approach the game in novel ways. Character builds in multiplayer.

*Totally new IP

Metroid's great but signing on to that franchise is probably a good way to assure your game will not set the sales charts on fire. Besides, if it is an FPS with a big multiplayer component Metroid wouldn't be the best pairing anyway.

*Shadowlink gets totally thrashed when he tries to take Stephen on in the much fabled DA vs. Wiimote throwdown.
Posted: 09/21/12, 13:41:23

Unique weapons? Interesting abilities to influence gameplay varieties? Sounds a bit like Space Marine.


And I will Wiimote whip your butt.
Posted: 09/21/12, 13:58:49

Oh that reminds me!

*Won't be garbage like Space Marine.
Posted: 09/21/12, 15:06:11


Zero, hurry up and make me a mod so I can ban Stephen.
Posted: 09/21/12, 15:50:24
Are we sure Retro isn't working on Zelda?
Posted: 09/21/12, 15:52:54

I think most people have filed that in the "too good to be true" basket.

The weird thing is, wasn't there that statement by Retro saying "we're working on something that everyone really wants us to work on"?

Then there's this which I don't know whether to take at face value or not....

Earendil said:
From what I've heard, they are not working on Metroid, Starfox or DKCR.

This is a serious post, unlike my last one about Pound Puppies.

Of course neither statement is really solid, but if we pretended that they were, then a game that everyone wants them to work on that ISN'T Metroid Starfox or DKCR....

Only Zelda can possibly fit that description. And quite frankly I think Retro are just the studio to give the franchise the shake-up it needs.
Posted: 09/21/12, 16:02:43

Retro may not be the studio that Zelda needs. But it's the one it deserves.
Posted: 09/21/12, 16:09:40
I like the F-Zero idea. The retro track design in Mario Kart 7 was kickass, and Retro is one of the few Nintendo houses with the technical chops to max out the graphics.
Posted: 09/21/12, 17:28:48
The thing is I think Retro is working on something similar to Zelda, I think Nintendo (and any other company) is going to do that which they always do and slap the Zelda stamp on it. I really doubt they are working on an FPS. I know they probably started their project before we knew CoD was coming to Wii U but I don't think Nintendo would commission such a project out of their internal studio, especially with people that I would imagine don't have much experience with online games which is the big draw of such games. I think they are working on a WRPG or similar adventure title.
Posted: 09/21/12, 17:40:22

What I heard was that it is a new IP. Now, that could have changed since then (this was earlier in the year) ala Dinosaur Planet -> Starfox Adventures, but apparently it's a western focused game not based on an existing Nintendo IP. Here's what was said (roughly).

Source said:
the game is for the "broader" demographic than the typical Nintendo audience. It is not Donkey Kong, Legend of Zelda, nor Metroid Prime.
Posted: 09/21/12, 19:00:20  - Edited by 
 on: 09/21/12, 19:03:25
I hope they are doing something in the action-adventure genre... they are so good at it. I don't really want Metroid Prime 4, though. Three of those games is enough.

I'm hoping that they have the resources to work on two simultaneous games, really, because I still want Donkey Kong Country 3DS as well... even if it is just B Squad recycling a lot of assets from the Wii game, or even another development studio being supervised by Retro and Nintendo.
Posted: 09/21/12, 19:14:01  - Edited by 
 on: 09/21/12, 19:14:37
A project everyone wants them to do, that would be for a broader demographic than the typical Nintendo game, and is not Zelda, Metroid or DK.

...Turok 4? (I very much hope I'm kidding.)
Posted: 09/21/12, 19:39:11  - Edited by 
 on: 09/21/12, 19:40:08
You know, the Retro team actually started from bits of Iguana, the developers of Turok...
Posted: 09/21/12, 19:43:06

Iguana bits. *snickers*
Posted: 09/21/12, 19:46:50
Posted: 09/21/12, 20:55:30
Whoa, I would seriously seriously seriously love if it there was a new Turok game (well technically there was on 360 I think, but it was nothing like the old games, and it sucked) in the style of the N64 classics. DAMN I loved those games. Crazy-ass weapons, dinosaur's with lasers strapped to their heads, super thick fog everywhere, what's not to love?
Posted: 09/21/12, 21:02:49
One important question. Was it Miyamoto who denied that they're working on Zelda? Because a denial from him is basically a confirmation. Love that guy!

I don't think I'm in the target audience for dinosaurs with lasers, but I'd be very happy for you and for Nintendo!
Posted: 09/21/12, 21:23:45
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