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What do you guys think Retro is working on? [roundtable]
What would you want it to be?

Barring any crazy steampunk Retro-Zelda, the two clear options to me are Prime 4 or DKCR2. Honestly, I'd be happy with either (and it's possible that they could be making both). The Prime mechanics have some real possibilities with the Gamepad. Moreso than 2D Metroid, I'm sorry to say (but not TOO sorry, since I want to see that on 3DS with parallax scrolling). And I'm sure DKCR2 would be a super-solid game, especially if they took out the few annoying features of DKCR (you know which ones).

So, what do youse guys think? Raven Blade?

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Posted: 09/20/12, 17:58:15
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But... but... you hate the Metroid Prime games! No wait, loathe. Loathe is the correct word.

Hmm. This was my podcast topic awhile back, except in addition to what do you think they are working on on and what do you want it to be, I also threw in what "should" it be, as far as what would be best for Nintendo as a company. So I'll just do all 3...

What do I think? A Nintendo IP. Prime 4 or DKCR 2 are, as you say, the most obvious. DKCR 2 has to be coming eventually, DKCR sold like 5 1/2 million? copies. Which, incidentally, is about what all 3 Prime games sold together, and Other M sold even less, so I have to wonder how excited Nintendo would be about making another 3D Metroid. They could of course be doing Starfox or F-Zero or something. Maybeeeeeee Zelda but I just don't see that. What do we actually know though, didn't someone say they were working on something "that everyone really wants us to make" or something like that? That to me wouldn't describe DKCR 2 right away, but who knows.

What do I want? A brand new IP, of course. That isn't an FPS / 3PS. Or a 2D platformer for that matter. Something new. It's Retro Studios man, they have proven their talent in two completely different genres, so I trust them to do anything. And I want to see what they can do on their own. With some EAD guidance, of course. With that said I never really saw why everyone went nuts over Raven Blade and um... whatever the other stuff was. I say leave that in the past and come up with something brand spanking new.

What would be best? I hate to say it, but if Nintendo is serious about the "core gamer", they should probably put Retro on a full-blown online FPS / 3PS to compete with COD / Halo / Gears / Resistance (shouldn't be too hard, zing!), etc. This would certainly get the attention of the so-called core gamer, and it is Retro Studios so I seriously believe it would, qualitywise, compete. But I also don't know how excited I could get about this.

I also kind of hope that they have grown enough that they don't have to be only doing 1 game at a time. Maybe make a handheld game? Or a smaller downloadable game? It'd be very interesting to see what kind of small, pick-up-and-play game Retro could come up with.
Posted: 09/20/12, 20:55:38
I hope it's Metroid Prime 4. While I prefer the 2D games (and I want Metroid Dread so bad), I love the Prime games and I'd love to see a new one. And after the lukewarm reception of Other M, I think that when Nintendo decides to make a new Metroid game, they might want to do something that they feel is a safe bet. While the Prime games have never been huge million sellers, they're beloved by critics and fans. The same is not true of Other M. Metroid also seems like it would push the system's visuals, and might be able to utilize the GamePad in an interesting way.

Also, supposing that this game would come out holiday 2013, I don't know if I'll be ready for another 2D platformer yet. I don't really need three of them within a year of the system's launch -- hell, I'm already probably going to wait to pick up Rayman, even though it looks fantastic, because I don't really need both right away.

I wouldn't mind a new IP either, as that could obviously push the systems visuals and use the GamePad in a novel way too.
Posted: 09/20/12, 21:00:55  - Edited by 
 on: 09/20/12, 21:06:16
I'd be ok with a new IP, even a shooter if it's an interesting story. While it's not my favorite genre, I actually do like FPS games like Halo that have an interesting fiction behind them. On the other hand, real-world military shooters like COD don't interest me the slightest bit.
Posted: 09/20/12, 21:11:53
My hope is "anything but a standard FPS". Genre is too damn crowded. If they take that direction it better play VERY differently

Maybe it could be a game that's secretly set in the Metroid universe, you only find out at the end. Plot twist!

Though the hero discovering that you have to shoot at doors to open them and that most areas are accessible only by crawling would give it away...
Posted: 09/20/12, 21:35:24

Too bad that wouldn't stay secret very long but that would be interesting. Though enemies and such would give it away easily
Posted: 09/20/12, 21:38:10
Whatever it is, I just hope it's something that Retro can let me escape to. They are so good at world building. That's really why they've always been so good at the Metroid franchise, because Metroid's true star has always been the world design.

I always thought a Metroid title would be perfect for WiiU. You have the Gamepad right there for easy waypoint making with the touch screen. It'd also be very eye catching, and could really show off what the WiiU could do. I love, LOVE DKCR, but it just doesn't have that kind of "Holy ****" kind of reaction in terms of the visuals.
Posted: 09/20/12, 21:44:38
The enemies could be human. And "Space Federation" sounds generic enough... nah, people would figure it out.
Posted: 09/20/12, 21:45:00
@Guillaume Or it could be a game about jellyfish...only in the end, you find out that the jellyfish were just Metroids all along!

Endless Ocean 3: Corruption.
Posted: 09/20/12, 21:48:13

That would be cool if they could pull it off. As a sequel to Metroid Fusion, you play as a Galactic Federation trooper chasing down Samus. Though you don't know it's Samus (of course you would have to but assuming you somehow don't) then as a final confrontation with the "fugitive," you come across Samus herself as a battle to the death Or have it be as an intro to the game and you do lose. The game continues as you playing Samus on the run.
Posted: 09/20/12, 21:48:34  - Edited by 
 on: 09/20/12, 21:49:29

Indeed he does. That's why part of me wants to see Metroid Prime 4: Scanning Overload.

Everything is done by scanning. Scan an enemy to automatically shoot it. Scan a platform in order to jump to it. Scanning, scanning scanning!
Posted: 09/20/12, 23:20:02
GRAAHHHH!! NOOOoooo! Then Samus would be even MORE like Penny from Inspector Gadget!
Posted: 09/21/12, 00:09:00
I heard they were working on a Pound Puppies remake.
Posted: 09/21/12, 01:20:43
There's absolutely no way they're making Metroid Prime 4. No way. It's a trilogy. Phaze exploded. I know there was the ambiguous true ending in Corruption but Retro doesn't seem like the type to milk their franchises like that. Not only do I expect them to leave it at that, I truly hope they do. The trilogy is perfect, we got a masterpiece of a Metroid game in its purest form, we got a bit of a black sheep with some really interesting choices and a great cinematic experience. All wrapped up in the same fantastic gameplay. I dont want a Metroid Prime: Kingdom of the Crystal skull, thank you.

DKCR2 I could see happening especially considering the good sales. However I'm thinking it's gonna be a brand new project for Retro, whether it's a Nintendo property or a brand new IP I can't say, it's pure speculation at this point and I'm not good at that.
Posted: 09/21/12, 01:28:06  - Edited by 
 on: 09/21/12, 01:31:49
@GelatinousEncore You... you're serious? What franchise has ever ended just because the story was over? There are like a billion more stories they could tell in the Metroid Prime universe.
Posted: 09/21/12, 01:31:09
But the Prime trilogy was perfectly capped, the Metroid franchise should continue but not with the Prime games. Maybe I'm wrong when I say they *shouldn't* make another Prime game, you got a point there, but I don't want them to!
Posted: 09/21/12, 01:34:03
See, it's like my right hand on a friday night...


Metroid Prime's story is nonsensical at best (see the entire game of Echoes). I don't see why the games could not continue. With that said I don't want another Metroid as long as Sakaguchi is involved. I would like to see a proper backstory to Samus (one that actually makes sense, and not Other M's drivel). How her parents died, and why the chozo, being so intelligent to design that suit and other architecture, were wiped out by the space pirates.

If they (or anyone) is making a DKCR sequel, they should put it on the 3DS. It's a no brainer. Anyway, they should be careful with that game as well, they can only ride the nostalgia wagon for so long...

At any rate, I would like to see Retro make their own IP. I don't think Nintendo is having them make some hardcore fps, however, firstly because that is a me too mentality that goes agaisnt Nintendo policy and also because the Wii U is already getting Call of Duty.
Posted: 09/21/12, 01:48:01  - Edited by 
 on: 09/21/12, 02:09:16
VofEscaflowne said:
I want it to be a new Metroid game but I'm expecting it to be DKCR2. A new IP would be nice though!

Nailed it.
Posted: 09/21/12, 02:55:51
@GelatinousEncore Well... the thing is though, I'm thinking of "Metroid Prime" in terms of the style / gameplay / etc., not just the story. So when I say they should / probably will make another, I don't necessarily mean that it will be called "Metroid Prime 4" or anything. They might come up with a whole new story arc and name it accordingly, I dunno. But it would still be a "Metroid Prime" game to be if the style / gameplay followed the original trilogy.

Kind of like how Apollo Justice is still a "Phoenix Wright" game to me, even though "Phoenix Wright" isn't anywhere in the title?
Posted: 09/21/12, 02:59:23
I hope DKCR 2 is not their first Wii U release unless it changes a lot. I like 2D platformers, but I don't want them accounting for half of the major first-party releases this gen.
Posted: 09/21/12, 03:15:44
I recall someone from Retro stating that they didn't want to make anything Metroid anymore, but I can't find it. In any case, I think that their work on Mario Kart 7 means that they could be making a racing game. A new F-Zero or Mario Kart U is my guess.

Whatever it is, I hope it isn't something Metroid.
Posted: 09/21/12, 03:59:22
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