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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Nintendo 64) discussion [game]
9.65/10 from 136 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on the N64!

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Greatest game of all time!

It's not flawless, for sure. The graphics don't hold up well (they're still beautiful to me <3) and the action button can seem wonky, but Ocarina is definitely my favorite game still.

It's easy to point to the music, bosses, writing, or any of a million other things to say why it's so great, but one thing that I think is ignored far too often is the variety of the game's environmental sidequests and puzzles. I'm a sucker for action-adventure games because of their sidequests and worlds, but I feel like a lot of games in that genre don't have enough variety in their sidequests. The quests feel like they were created by someone using a level editor tool, placing enemies here and trinkets there. That can work very well, but OoT does it better.

In Ocarina of Time, every single part of the environment is crafted for a specific purpose. "Oh, there's a heart piece on top of the lakeside laboratory? How am I gonna get that?" "A graveyard? Is there even anything in here? Wait, what happens if I pull this grave...?" Even the dumb little things like the incredibly easy slingshot minigame in the Lost Woods add to the overall feeling of having endless possibilities to explore this world.

Whereas a lot of open-world games make you feel like you're going down a list of objectives to complete everything, Ocarina of Time encourages thinking and exploration. It just feels so organic. It's what makes Majora's Mask so great too. MM did it differently by having a ton of NPCs, a ton of text, and even a full-on quest log, and yet the game still feels organic because of the variety in the quests and the manner in which the player goes about discovering them.

So what do you guys love (or hate!?) most about Ocarina of Time? I didn't even mention the awesome dungeon design or the incredible minimalist story. So much to love about this game!

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Posted: 09/17/12, 02:21:25  - Edited by 
 on: 09/17/12, 08:09:06
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Since the 3DS release list is kinda dry for the rest of the year, I'll gladly be hitting up the Master Quest in the 3D remake, and hope to complete it for the first time ever. Is it really that much more challenging?
Posted: 09/19/12, 18:34:05
The 3D Master Quest is mirrored, which will throw me off from the get-go. I recall having some issues even getting to the Adult section in the GCN MQ. I think I'll check out the 3D one as well!

Oh, add me to the melancholy camp. There's something eerie about the soft sounds and open field of Hyrule. I think Lon Lon Ranch (child era) is one of the very few places where it felt upbeat... ish.

I do love the game though. This feeling is a reason why.
Posted: 09/19/12, 21:19:08

Not only mirrored with new dungeons, but you also take 2x damage, which was another feature the developers brought to the 3DS version.

Dude, try doing Master Quest with 3 hearts only, sometime. In the end, it feels very rewarding.

Also, stache, the videos are quite impressive. I think the only movie themes that I cared to learn on the ocarina were the Indiana Jones and the Back to the Future ones. Most of the songs I play come from games and classic music... Or whatever comes to mind, really.
Posted: 09/19/12, 21:44:57  - Edited by 
 on: 09/19/12, 21:54:27

Good luck on Master Quest! The new dungeons are...tricky, to say the least. They were for me, anyway.

Are you going to go for 100% completion in the Master Quest version? Hunting down all the Gold Skulltulas is even harder this time around!
Posted: 09/19/12, 22:17:24
Double damage eh? Doesn't Skyward Sword have something similar in Hero Mode? Good to hear that. Three-heart run must be crazy.

Nah, not 100%, I 100%ed the main quest back on n64 and that's good enough for a lifetime of OoT. Looking forward to these tricky dungeons - dungeons are by far my favourite thing about Zelda.
Posted: 09/19/12, 22:32:40

Oh, most dungeons do quite the good job with cracking your head more than usual. Ironically, though, the Water Temple in Master Quest is easier and more straight-forward than the normal quest one.

Gold Skulltulas can be a pain, but if you get over the fact that the world is mirrored, the only places where finding them would be difficult are the dungeons. It gets intense to the point of having hidden locked rooms with those. Collecting gold skulltulas, in fact, works great for portable game purposes. Exploring deeper to find those spiders can be a really nice way to spend your time at lines and etc.


Have fun with Master Quest! It's one of the reasons I have 120 + hours of OoT 3D, really.
Posted: 09/20/12, 00:16:57  - Edited by 
 on: 09/20/12, 00:17:24

Yeah if you really like tough dungeons, then yeah. Master Quest is for you!


The Gold Skulltulas in the dungeons was what I was referring to. Sometimes you have to go back to dungeons you've already beaten with new tools/weapons you've acquired in later dungeons to get all the little buggers, lol!
Posted: 09/20/12, 03:23:56
I think it's awesome we are talking about this game 14 years later.

I have yet to play through master quest...and the fire temple just isn't the same as what's on my gold cartridge....so pooh pooh the newer versions.

Also, what the hell is wrong with you (people in general) and the water temple? I saw this shirt worn by an audience member at the Syphony of the Goddesses last Saturday - I've seen it before but I was like "YES!" I was shocked when I came across the WT in the 3DS version.. ("What are these glowing lines here for??)" With the exception of the iron boots on/off thing... I didn't have much issues with the original design.

Posted: 09/20/12, 03:58:25

That's right, I beat that thing with no walkthroughs!

I did have some trouble with the Water Temple in my first playthrough, but my issue was about finding a key that could be gotten underneath the internal part of the central pillar of the temple, once you raised the level of the water enough to lift the platform that was blocking the path to the room the treasure was in. But I think this was more of an evil move of the level designers than an actual puzzle to solve. They eventually "fixed" the problem by showing the opening during the water rising cutscene, in the 3DS version.

I spent 2 hours walking around the dungeon until finally stumbling upon the opening in the ground which's existence was complete oblivion to me to that very moment. But that was my only problem with the Water Temple, really. I have a friend that actually gave up playing the game until the end because he couldn't finish it, when he was a kid.


I know, right?! Specially in the Fire Temple. I mean, you can beat that dungeon without exploring half of it. The rest is pure spider-hunting! And I think you need the Longshot to have access to some stuff, so it takes 2 trips to finish it 100%.
Posted: 09/20/12, 05:12:06
Is it just me or does basically every video game that has horse riding use the same basic controls that Ocarina of Time uses? Maybe I'm unaware of something that came before this and set the trend, but seems like just another way OoT shaped video games.
Posted: 02/07/14, 04:17:10
I like Ocarina of Time; I think it's a really great game, but it's not really one of my favorites. As far as Zelda specifically is concerned, I like the Oracle games and Majora's Mask more. I also somewhat agree with the sentiment expressed earlier in this thread that Twilight Princess feels like a more fully-realized Ocarina of Time, but Ocarina of Time still holds up, I feel.

@GameDadGrant I don't remember what the redone Fire Temple them is like, but the original one I thought was pretty great. I'm also glad I have the uncensored game; I don't think it would have been the same to see green blood at that moment.

@Jargon I have a hard time thinking of other games I've played that feature horseback riding, aside from Red Dead Redemption... which did have pretty similar horse riding mechanics to Ocarina of Time, actually.
Posted: 02/07/14, 13:02:45
I hate that they changed the Fire Temple theme and Ganon's Blood from red to green.
Posted: 02/08/14, 07:18:14
This looks like it could be really cool:

Still a lot of rough edges, but if they can get everything all polished up for the final game, and create an actual well-designed game with an interesting story... and it doesn't get taken down by Nintendo... then this could be what I've always wanted. More N64 Zelda!
Posted: 06/24/15, 21:27:43
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