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Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure (Nintendo 3DS) discussion [game]
8.16/10 from 8 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure on the 3DS!

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Am I the only one playing this amazing game?? I did a NW search and didn't find much.

I 100%ed the game this afternoon (I'll be posting in The Finished Pile later), and my soul is already crying at the thought of no sequels.

How are your experiences with the game? Need any tips for the rhythm games that are infuriating the first 5 times you play them until you understand the trick and then they are challenging, crisp, tight, and, best of all, rewarding!!

Seriously, if the narrative and cinematics (in 3D!) of Layton, and the rhythm gameplay of great SEGA pedigree (Samba di Amigo, Space Channel 5) sound good to you, BUY THIS GAME! Support those new IPs gamers are always pretending to want!

Ya know what? I wish Rhythm Thief had been delayed. Months. Know why? Because I think releasing within a week of Final Fantasy Hero just destroyed its chances to make a real splash. =\

So anyway, what do you think?

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Posted: 09/08/12, 06:36:04  - Edited by 
 on: 09/17/12, 01:16:54
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Eh, if you're not enjoying it, then go play something else, LOL! After all, if you're not digging it, no need to suffer through it, amirite?

I mean, I can tell you that I enjoyed the "ropey rhythm" games, goofy (if predictable) storyline, and the adventure elements. Simply because they are so simple, and just...I dunno. Liked them. I like the tunes, I like the art direction, and the rhythm games are non-vexing...I was just enjoying the experience. But I doubt that would make for a good case for anyone that felt the opposite as I do.

I think it's a good game, but I don't think it's perfect. But I did find it fun. I kind of felt the same way about Space Channel 5, back on Dreamcast. That game had some pretty big flaws, but enjoyed it none-the-less. *shrugs*
Posted: 07/01/13, 18:46:38
Agree on the art direction. In fact it's probably the cut-scenes that have spurred me this far, just gorgeous.
But you're right, I've got Oracle of Ages waiting on the sidelines and Dream Team out next week, not to mention the going rate for Turnips in Megatown - no time for dead weight. Chop chop.
Posted: 07/01/13, 19:10:16
I played this game for a few hours, and what I liked the most about it was its art and music. The cutscenes are fantastic, the backgrounds have a lot of neat details, and many of the characters have a unique look. I especially like the night scenery.

And the music...it's ...so...good!

I thought that the gameplay lacked finesse in regards to controls, scoring, and pacing, but the game itself does have its charms.

By the way, I actually liked the gyro-sensor mini-games.
Posted: 07/01/13, 19:12:39  - Edited by 
 on: 07/01/13, 19:16:51
Rhythm Thief FTW!

... I'll take a sequel now please. .... Please?
Posted: 07/01/13, 19:21:10
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