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L-Button Blues: Nintendo's Red Ring of Death? [roundtable]
L-Button Blues: (sung to the tune of Bell-Bottom Blues)

ShadowLink's handheld troubles got me thinking. The stupid L-Button (or R-Button) has crapped out on almost every DS product that I have owned. I'm afraid to carry my new 3DS XL (and new DSiXL) around. At this point, I just hope the shoulder button(s) goes before the warranty. Sucking/blowing on the button only goes so far. Plus, it's weird.

I pretty much baby my handhelds, but I do carry them around. My theory is that the shoulder buttons still smash against my jacket pocket while I'm moving. Which is exacerbated by constantly running through the city to catch trains, and shit. So now I cradle my jacket pocket while running or I sort of glide/powerwalk down the street while keeping my hips completely level and immobile. Either way, I look like a freak.

More like a freak. And powerwalking is really tiring on the calves.

So is it just me and ShadowLink? Or is the L-Button the silent DS-killer? What are the experiences of the other handheld gamers at NW?

From my anecdotal perspective, it's weird that Nintendo doesn't get taken to task for this issue more often, especially since their pre-DS Lite handhelds were virtually indestructible. You know, if I were a conspiracy-minded fellow, I might think the whole thing had to do with planned obsolescence. I mean, it is one of the main reasons that I'm always so quick to upgrade to the newer model...

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Posted: 09/07/12, 14:03:12  - Edited by 
 on: 09/07/12, 14:13:21
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Anand said:

I know! The same thing happens to me on the subway and at the bottoms of staircases!

lol x2!

Btw, am I the only one who calls their DS a "diss"? Thus, I call my 3DS my "triple diss." Anyone? Just me? Yes/no?
Posted: 09/08/12, 01:32:18
@NinSage But "diss" means "disrespect!" How dare you!
Posted: 09/08/12, 01:38:05
Posted: 09/08/12, 05:23:17
Anand: Negative World's Most Alarmist Thread Titler?
Posted: 09/08/12, 05:36:23
I carry my 3DS in my front pants pocket, everyday, 5 days a week, from 9am until 10pm since I bought it on launch day. Never had a problem with the L buttons & I know the shoulder buttons are not being pressed in, cause I listen to music, podcasts, ect all day long, and I don't hear the drum beats, cats, dogs, mario's coin get, ect while listening to my 3DS.

So, just like Grant, maybe Ive just been lucky. Also, I do not wear baggy pants, nor are they skin tight, but they do fit snugly.


I call my 3DS....well, 3DS.
Posted: 09/08/12, 06:31:53  - Edited by 
 on: 09/08/12, 07:20:24
My DS lite never had L/R problems, but I kept that in a case that enclosed everything and held the body firm.

My DSi is in a clear snap-ion case, and its' L/R buttons are all wacked out. I was thinking it was becuase it probably sits on a button when in my purse, and also since it's not an enclosed case all the dust can get in too. I'm going back to an enclosed case next time, evne though it's more bulky.
Posted: 09/08/12, 07:03:54
Jargon said:
Anand: Negative World's Most Alarmist Thread Titler?
I'm drafting it up right now!

I just call it "The Triple". Is that taken? If so, then 'Three-dizzle'.

I don't really call it that.
Posted: 09/08/12, 19:41:55
Haha, this reminds me of some dude on youtube calling the PS3 the PS triple, or the P-3. lol
Posted: 09/08/12, 23:05:07
anon_mastermind said:
Haha, this reminds me of some dude on youtube calling the PS3 the PS triple, or the P-3. lol

So that made me laugh. PS Triple?! How did this even pass through the guy's mind? I got a friend that used to correct people all the time saying PSP standed for Playstation Portable, instead of Playstation Pocket. I'll tell him this one to see his reaction.

Anyway, this thread speaks my heart out.

I think my 3DS is dying. Not only my L button does not work properly, but my R button does not work properly as well. Sometimes they start working again, if you press them enough times, but I've been on a Mario Kart 7 hiatus for a long time because of this problem. Yes, I do carry my 3DS around in my pocket, so that's a possible reason of why the shoulder buttons aren't functioning.

I'm seriously thinking about selling my 3DS at a reasonable price, here in Brazil, and buy a XL in US. Thing is I haven't found any opportunities of pepole going there, since when I bought my original 3DS, a year or so ago. I have been saving up some money for games, but come to think of it, why getting more games if you can't play them in an acceptable way? What sucks is that I'll have to give up buying new games, so I can get a new console, since we don't have people around our state that can repair the handheld. And since the price of the 3DSXL in here is outrageous, I'll have to wait for an opportunity, as said before.

I hope I can at least make the R button work well enough for the Mario Kart 7 tournament, in friday. I kind of have been getting used to using the X button for the items.
Posted: 09/08/12, 23:27:10  - Edited by 
 on: 09/08/12, 23:28:21
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