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Mobile gaming: Are you one of us or one of 'them'? [roundtable]
Have we done this before? Regardless, let's do it again!

How do y'all currently feel about mobile(/tablet) gaming? Do you prefer playing games on a phone to playing on a dedicated handheld? Has the best of iOS impressed you more than the best of the 3DS/Vita/PSP? Is mobile really the place where the most interesting innovations in gaming are happening? Name names.

Bonus Question: Why is the gaming press collectively gaga over this stuff, when they never gave half a shit (collectively) about handhelds? Is pocket space really at such a premium?

Have at it, Apple Scruffs! I'll chime in later.

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Posted: 08/29/12, 02:41:18  - Edited by 
 on: 08/29/12, 02:42:36
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@Jargon Is the NEQ a game? I should have charged you guys 99 cents for it.
Posted: 08/29/12, 11:11:02

Imagine Fashion or something like that. Yes, there is ostensibly judging involved.

Anyway, explain THIS


Yes, a short game. Again, this has nothing to do with quality or length or value or anything.
Posted: 08/29/12, 14:29:15  - Edited by 
 on: 08/29/12, 15:12:54


edit - Seriously, though, did you read what you posted? I didn't right away come out and say this because I knew you'd annoy me about it, but I think some of these "games" are not about fun but addiction. Skinner box, once again. People play them, they are addicted to them, but they don't know why and they aren't having fun. The comments section of your article is full of them.
Posted: 08/29/12, 15:17:25  - Edited by 
 on: 08/29/12, 15:55:20
I definitely prefer gaming on devices with tactile controls, most of the time I just refuse to use virtual analog sticks and buttons and/or gyro. I definitely prefer the DS/3DS to my Droid RAZR or iPad for gaming.

That said, a friend of mine did talk me into trying Galaxy on Fire 2 and it's really fun so I have been playing that on iPad, and it uses virtual sticks... but I guess there is an exception to every rule.

Posted: 08/29/12, 15:42:21  - Edited by 
 on: 08/29/12, 15:45:20


I think that sentiment is perfectly valid (although I think addiction is too strong a word). I consider it a real victory that I finally got Nathalie to stop playing Farmville. But I don't think that means they're not games.

Anyway, I don't mean to annoy you, so let's just move on.
Posted: 08/29/12, 15:51:40  - Edited by 
 on: 08/29/12, 15:51:59
Zero said:
@Jargon Is the NEQ a game? I should have charged you guys 99 cents for it.

I'd demand a refund. It's right there in the title, "never-ending". It totally ended...
Posted: 08/29/12, 16:28:45
Sure, a 3DS costs 200 bucks with Mario 3D Land, but that iPhone probably ends up costing you more than a 3DS + 5 games either up front, or with the attached mobile contract.
Posted: 08/29/12, 17:30:18

Yeah, phones cost WAY more than the 3DS. But the argument is that many people are going to buy a phone anyway to use as a phone. Anything else it can do (apps, games, etc) is just gravy. And since he's already going to have a phone, and it has games on it that suit his tastes/budget, then it's the better option.

For him, anyway.
Posted: 08/29/12, 17:37:32
This discussion is meaningless if you guys don't define the term 'game' first! Arrrgggh!
Posted: 08/29/12, 18:15:06
@Jargon You really consider it a game? Interesting. Hmm. When I try to get into game music development I can say 'I have programmed to completion my own game!'
Posted: 08/29/12, 20:41:00
rebonack said:
Zero said:
@Jargon Is the NEQ a game? I should have charged you guys 99 cents for it.

I'd demand a refund. It's right there in the title, "never-ending". It totally ended...

Yeah! What's up with that? We were promised DLC too....
Posted: 08/29/12, 23:28:35
There was DLC, the original NEQ was only 7 or 8 stages man.
Posted: 08/29/12, 23:33:29

Original from NW 1.0 or original here? I.e the current 10 we have included 2 or 3 new stages?

Because there were no new stages in this version. We had all 10 right from the start.
Posted: 08/29/12, 23:46:10  - Edited by 
 on: 08/29/12, 23:46:34
Posted: 08/30/12, 21:40:50
Yeah..... Tiny Tower isn't better just because Double Fine is making it.

Oh well, I hope fans of "time management sims" enjoy it.
Posted: 08/30/12, 21:51:34
@Shadowlink Um... how are we defining DLC?! Whatever the case the current NEQ is expanded beyond the original.
Posted: 08/30/12, 21:52:20
It's supposed to be like game dev story but with some action stuff thrown in, could be interesting, don't want to write it off just based on what platform it's on.
Posted: 08/30/12, 22:14:19

Astute readers will notice I dismissed it based on the genre it's in.
Posted: 08/30/12, 22:16:02
I ain't a stute!
Posted: 08/30/12, 23:03:54

Nonono. The current NEQ is a *sequel* to the original. Actually no, it's more of a remake.

But to the record!

Zero said:
Old school Neg Worlder's remember fondly the experience quest. I decided to remake it. I actually had this ready long ago, I just wanted to get some more stages going, but I've been pretty busy and thought WTF, it has 10 stages already which isn't a bad start. I'll work on more stages once people need them.

More stages past these 10. DLC!

....NEQ 2: Episode 2
Posted: 08/30/12, 23:51:18  - Edited by 
 on: 08/30/12, 23:52:23
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