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The Last Story (Nintendo Wii) discussion [game]
8.59/10 from 12 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for The Last Story on the Wii!

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The Last Story (Nintendo Wii) Review (9.0)  by  

Here is the thread for The Last Story - Talk about it, Critique it, Convince people to buy it (or not). Say it here.

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Posted: 08/21/12, 01:29:06
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I finally bought this game the other week for $30 new. I played the first hour and really enjoyed it. Ima put it back on the shelf and play it over my summer break from work. This is the type of game I want to marathon and that's not realistic at this moment.
Posted: 01/29/13, 15:31:20
Well I just finished this game.

I would say it is a good game, but there are definitely better out there. I've heard it being praised for its character development but quite ordinary in its execution, however. The story is filled with odd moments with indolent attempts at character development. I would say that Zael is the only one that has any sort of development and that is after a few key moments in the story.

The combat is above average for an RPG and the AI is fairly competent; I can only remember on one occasion where I wanted to yank my (pubic) hair in frustration. I know something similar has been done in the past with the likes of Final Fantasy XII but I hadn't had the chance to play those titles. I would like to have a company try this with a Pokemon-inspired Monster battling game.

It is quite clear that the game likes polish, and that may be attributed to its relative lack of budget compared to something like Final Fantasy but my mayor criticism of the game is its knack for dropping you into precarious positions. Towards the end I had to take control of two different characters and the game just demanded that you be good at it as well which I found incredibly infuriating. Nevertheless I will say that the game is at its best when it requires you to form a strategy to defeat your enemie(s). There is not much exploring as the game is fairly linear (although there are a couple of chapters you could perform at your leisure and like I mentioned before the story is nothing to write home about (maybe is is decent compared to the vast majority of gaming as a whole but that's not saying much). Uncharted has a non-story ripped from about a half-dozen movies and everybody (at least critics) seem to like it.

I will say that you have to fight the camera sometimes and there is considerable lag when things get action heavy. There are also instances when I can't even tell WTF is going on when the screen is congested with superpowers going on all over the place.

I guess you could do worse than $30 for a decent RPG on the Wii. Then again I bought it for $50 not too long ago and I'm not entirely sure I got my money's worth but for $30 is a solid deal. Honestly I think the only reason I bothered to complete this game is because I paid full price for it. Again, it is a decent game but I don't think it was worth the price of admission, specially given all of its flaws (which I feel overshadow its strengths many times).
Posted: 03/27/13, 02:04:58  - Edited by 
 on: 03/27/13, 02:18:01
Congrats on finishing the game.... most of the people here really enjoyed it and welcomed it as a decent change of pace from Xenoblade.

I'm glad you liked it too.

Strictly speaking about polish, as a Standard Definition Wii game, it's gotta be up there. I noticed some of your games (Wii) that you have ranked and it closely resembles my tastes - ranging from Metroid to Muramassa to Donkey Kong Country Returns - you have to admit that The Last Story paid attention to detail: the textures, the voice acting, the music, the villagers slipping on your banana peels - it goes on. Yeah - it's no Final Fantasy VI Story - but it's still quite impressive in it's own way.
Posted: 03/27/13, 04:08:18
I finished this game recently after starting back in September of last year. Basically I didn't transfer the save file to my Wii U, so I only played it on the Wii. But still, it says something about how compelling the game was, if it took me about 7 months to finish it.

I enjoyed the game well enough, but there were way, way too many cutscenes. WAY too many. At times I felt like I wasn't even playing a game but watching a movie. I would have liked more of the story to unfold during gameplay sequences. The gameplay felt a bit mindless, even using the special powers it was very repetitive with only one or two options of attacks. I liked how you had to deflect attacks at certain points. The story was interesting enough, and I guess that's what kept me coming back every now and then. I liked the characters too. Syrenne and Lowell, especially. Zael and Calista were ok, could have been developed a bit further, but then again, if that meant more cutscenes then forget it. Yurick and Mirania seemed pretty boring as characters. The music was good.

Overall I gave it a 7.5, it was fun but I'd recommend it only if you're dying for an RPG and you like watching cutscenes. I can't help but compare it to Xenoblade, which was a much better game.
Posted: 04/12/13, 00:17:42

That's funny that I didn't pick up on the amount of cut scenes - they didn't seem to bother me at all. No more then Resident Evil 4... and no quick time events...

The story itself and the characters kept me pushing through... It moved at such a faster pace then Xenoblade, which I was playing just before I started that game (50hrs in) so I was welcoming it with open arms.. Maybe more so then I would have if I hadn't been playing the Xeno epic...

That being said though, Xenoblade is a much better game overall. I'm happy you liked the game though - Are you interested in playing Pandora's Tower?
Posted: 04/12/13, 04:52:18
Damn it, this is finally at the sub $20 price point I want at Best Buy but it's only eligible for store pick up and there's none near me. Here's hoping Amazon lowers its price before they sell out.
Posted: 12/23/13, 16:50:07

I meant to say that it lacked polish in the sense that it is no Final Fantasy XII (or XIII) in the terms of execution. It does have great ambition and that is a lot more that can be said about most "Triple-A" games nowadays. Perhaps that is why it feels a bit off sometimes. Nevertheless, I would like to see more games similar to The Last Story, maybe this could be Nintendo's new Final Fantasy.
Posted: 12/23/13, 23:56:37  - Edited by 
 on: 02/19/14, 07:26:49
..why does the cover have a Wi-Fi symbol on it??

I guess that is PAL art, but yeah. Whats the scoop? Did I miss some wild DLC??
Haven't played it yet.
Posted: 02/19/14, 01:25:43

I have no idea... but I am so about to start this game in the next month or two. It's finally gonna happen. I'm not sure if I have it out of the shrink wrap or not yet...
Posted: 02/19/14, 02:27:31
@DrFinkelstein There's an extra online mode in the game, with two ways to play.

The first is a free-for-all, with 2-6 players. Everyone picks one of the seven characters from the main game and dukes it out, trying to kill each other. The problem is that, although everyone's level is set to 50, everyone still uses the equipment they found and upgraded in the main game. So if you haven't upgraded your weapons and armour to the max (which takes a long time), then you'll probably get smashed fast.

The other option is a team mode, with 2-6 players where you work with other players to take down a big, bad boss. There are only a few different bosses available, but they'll all pretty tough as they are not scaled down if you have less players or weak equipment. You once again use your equipment from the main game, and will similarly get slaughtered fast if you haven't upgraded a lot.

The online mode is quite limited, but it is the only time in the game where you can use anyone other than Zael. You can play with randoms, or swap friend codes and play in a friend room, though you can't mix friends and randoms together so getting the full 6 can be tough in a friend game.
Posted: 02/19/14, 03:00:02
@Mop it up


You know.."sometime."
Posted: 02/19/14, 03:57:00
i would love to play this gem again...just not right now..i still have Mario/Rayman to beat.... oh and a Zelda game..and a Layton game...and..

Tranquilo said:

Nevertheless, I would like to say (edit? see/play) more games similar to The Last Story, maybe this could be Nintendo's new Final Fantasy.

Agreed... More games like this one, with more tweaks, could only be a good thing.
Posted: 02/19/14, 04:23:36

Gem? More like fool's gold. Xenoblade was far superior in every way.

I don't know why I'm being combative, just feeling ornery!

I guess looking back on this game, nothing was really memorable. It was ok, just not great. It was actually underwhelming and a bit of a let down after Xenoblade, despite being two totally different kinds of games. Oh well.
Posted: 02/19/14, 04:35:13
I played this guy inbetween Xeno...so I guess I really welcomed it because the pace was so much different. Xenoblade was so overwelming and I was easily sidetracked and got exhausting.

When I bought The Last Story, I booted it up to see what it was like and just couldn't put it down till the end. I really got invested in the characters..

I agree Xeno is the better game overall.. but I had fun with this one.
Posted: 02/19/14, 04:49:13

I don't think anybody is arguing that it is better than Xenoblade, just that The Last Story is a decent game with some interesting ideas and we would like to see a game like that again with some more polish.
Posted: 02/19/14, 07:32:07
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