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The Last Story (Nintendo Wii) discussion [game]
8.59/10 from 12 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for The Last Story on the Wii!

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The Last Story (Nintendo Wii) Review (9.0)  by  

Here is the thread for The Last Story - Talk about it, Critique it, Convince people to buy it (or not). Say it here.

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Posted: 08/21/12, 01:29:06
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Just received this as a gift from my friend, but I can't play it until I finish Xenoblade. I started it way back when it released and have been playing here and there. I think I have about 20 hours left, minimum. I'm. Quite excited to play The Last Story though, it always appealed to me more than Xenoblade, originally, for some reason.
Posted: 09/09/12, 08:52:54
Finished! 26 hours or so, and the credits roll. The Last Story was quite fun to play through and only gave me some frustratingly difficult battles a few times, but nothing that stopped me in my track like it did in Xenoblade.

I enjoyed playing something a lot more linear than some of the RPGs I had been playing before. The battle system works great, the graphics were always pleasing (though there are some bad slowdown problems from time to time). The character models were especially well done, very detailed, and nice voice acting topped it off. The story had its twists and turns, not too crazy, but still enjoyable nonetheless and always progressing at a steady rate.

Now I'm just enjoying the soundtrack CD I got with the game . It's only a small sample of the game music, but it sounds great. This game definitely doesn't have the scope of music that Xenoblade does, but that's ok. The sound design is still brilliant all the same, especially on that final boss! Wow.

I would love to do the second playthrough at some point later on!
Posted: 09/10/12, 03:33:25  - Edited by 
 on: 09/10/12, 03:34:14
I just finished up as well. Great game. I'd probably say I like Xenoblade a tad more but this was also very worthwhile. And short.
Posted: 09/10/12, 09:06:43
I just unboxed this yesterday. Sweet packaging but boy do they love shrink wrap.
Posted: 09/10/12, 14:57:58
I'm at chapter 17 or something. I'm on another boat. Last Story really likes boats!
Posted: 09/12/12, 01:52:09
Posted: 09/12/12, 03:22:12

Nice! That's where I left off last time I played, too!
Posted: 09/12/12, 06:54:52
OK, I'd been avoiding this thread because I was afraid of spoilers but now I'm in quite a bit so I think I'm safe from the basic stuff.

Game is fabulous. I, like others, was a little "meh" about it early on. But now I've fallen in love with the game. Still, there are some things I would change, but nothing too major. Syrenne's face reminding me too much of Chucky is probably the biggest issue, so, yea.... =)

Anyway, I have a question, the dating sidequest. Is there any point to it? What am I supposed to do? I talk to the girls, say what they want to hear, go to the pub, and then they just shower me with compliments and nothing happens. Is that it?

Also, I know Xenoblade will remain Nintendo exclusive because of Monolith, but is anything keeping TLS from stabbing us all in the back and releasing on PS3/60 in HD for $20 in time for Christmas?
Posted: 09/12/12, 08:13:45  - Edited by 
 on: 09/12/12, 08:17:54

I'm not sure about the dating sidequest but as to your second question...I'm not sure. I know Nintendo published the game in Japan, (and I think Europe) but here in North America it was published by XSeed. I'm not sure how far Nintendo's publishing rights extend, but I would guess that the only region where the game may show up on one of the HD systems would be North America.

But I find that unlikely, since Mistwalker has never ported their games to any other system after they released the game on the platform they've originally developed a game for. Even their DS games haven't been ported to iOS, which is somewhat telling.
Posted: 09/12/12, 14:30:07
Beat the last boss.... There are epilogue stuff I'm going through now... I'm 31hrs in...

What a game... I'm very impressed. A few more hours of this game and I'll be back on Xeno for sure.. So happy I bought it when I did...worth every penny.


Edit: Everything is done...As I watch the credits roll - I reflect on all the moments in this game and I feel very satisified. It's hands down one of the best RPG games I've ever played and ranks as one of the best Wii games in my collection. If you are still on the fence about this one, take the leap and buy it..
Posted: 09/14/12, 21:04:38  - Edited by 
 on: 09/15/12, 05:33:00
Finally put some real time into the game. I'm about 10 hours in and just finished Chapter 20, which I think was an optional sidequest chapter? It's the haunted mansion. Anyway, the boss of that was really annoying. Just keeps running away and my spellcasters are scattered all over the place, casting spells that just hit the walls and crap.

Anyway, I'm a little lukewarm on the game. It's got a lot of great ideas for a JRPG, but it's very rough around the edges. I feel like battles could use a little more structure to highlight unique factors like stealth and gathering and whatnot. As it is now, a lot of battles just seem like mashfests (though some basic general strategy is usually required at this point).

I dunno. I really do like a LOT of the little ideas the game has. But I also can't seem to stop thinking about how it could be better. Maybe it will be later on.
Posted: 09/16/12, 03:15:16
I finally opened the game and played it for a half hour last night.

First impressions: It's not as pretty as Xenoblade. But I was running around in a bland cave/ruins area. The battle system is really fun. I feel like an old pro using the dual analog crossbow action from Monster Hunter. Critical hits up the ass!

I can't speak much on the characters yet, but man, do I love those accents!

Hopefully I can put a few more hours in today.
Posted: 09/16/12, 13:21:13
@TheOldManFromZelda Whoa whoa whoa...if you use the classic controller, you can dual-analog with the crossbow? Can you move and shoot at the same time? If so, I am missing out...
Posted: 09/16/12, 17:43:29

Hmmm, upon second thought, you might be right. I think you can only shoot from a fixed position. I will try to confirm though!
Posted: 09/16/12, 18:01:08
I'm 99% sure it's fixed position.

But, for better or worse, the cross-bow is really meant to be an auxiliary weapon in this game. So there wouldn't be much point in using it for extended periods of time anyway.
Posted: 09/16/12, 19:42:31
Yeah it's definitely fixed position. I wanted to cruise around sniping fools, but it wouldn't let me. Bummer. Otherwise, the game is ok so far. I like barrelling through the streets knocking old ladies over.
Posted: 09/16/12, 20:33:25
Just finished the Sea Cave (which I think was a sidequest? I dunno). Somehow the boss kept healing itself back to max health, and I don't think it was supposed to be able to do that. Might have had to do with my weapon, as it seemed to stop healing after I switched to something else, but there didn't seem to be any elemental reason for that.

Game gets pretty glitchy sometimes, with some enemies going invulnerable for seemingly no reason...one of the sea reptids seemed to last forever: I'd be hitting it for thousands of damage points but its health bar stayed full for like five minutes. Eventually I Death Sentenced it and it fell. Just weird stuff in battle sometimes.

Oh well. Game's growing on me as I go through. It's hard to not think about how much better it could be, but it's fine as it is.
Posted: 09/17/12, 06:09:52

I had a similar issue with those Sea Reptids. I believe the reality of the situation is that Lowell's ice magic actually HEALS Sea Reptids. Possibly also the Squid. I figured that out before I got to the boss so I just ordered Lowell to use Berseker instead.
Posted: 09/17/12, 09:07:48
@NinSage I had that same thought, but Lowell definitely wasn't casting quick enough to have any effect, at least against that invincible sea reptid. Maybe one of my crew's weapons was ice-elemental, but I'm pretty sure that wasn't the case either. Who knows.
Posted: 09/18/12, 00:00:50
Just started playing it and only a couple hours in. Great game so far. I put Xenoblade on hole indefinitely just cause I've heard that it takes 100+ hours to finish the game while this one takes around 30 hours. So that fits into my schedule a bit more.

Does anyone else wish Hyrule Town in Twilight Princess felt as alive as the main city in this game?
Posted: 09/18/12, 01:13:56
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