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The Last Story (Nintendo Wii) discussion [game]
8.59/10 from 12 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for The Last Story on the Wii!

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The Last Story (Nintendo Wii) Review (9.0)  by  

Here is the thread for The Last Story - Talk about it, Critique it, Convince people to buy it (or not). Say it here.

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Posted: 08/21/12, 01:29:06
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Starting this late Sunday night, woo! (I think..)
Posted: 08/29/12, 00:29:00
I got my start. I heard splashing, then I got yelled at.

After the gargantuan areas of Xenoblade, Last Story's dense density is nice.
Posted: 08/29/12, 01:30:43
I'm up to Chapter 20, and the game has definitely grown on me, though it took a bit longer than I would have liked, heh.

This chapter's making me really like Yurick though ;p
Posted: 08/29/12, 09:33:41
My copy finally shipped from DeepDiscount! Was it worth waiting the extra two (possibly three) weeks for $20 off? I guess!
Posted: 08/30/12, 01:54:34

Is Kenny also really good at RPGs?
Posted: 08/30/12, 02:02:05
I've been enjoying this game very much! I just finished Chapter 23, Tower of Trials.

This game doesn't have many side quests (or so it seems, maybe I'm just missing a lot of them?) compared to Xenoblade. It's harder to track which ones you still have left to do, since there's no handy list for you to refer to like in Xenoblade, but generally I haven't had too much trouble keeping track of the ones I start.

There are some side quests I still haven't finished though. I've explored Lazulis City quite a bit but I must be overlooking things. Like, where are the boy's hidden coins?

The new enhancements and skills available for battle continue to get more and more impressive. I just love the flow of the game.
Posted: 09/02/12, 22:23:18
This game had the most shrink wrap I have ever seen. The box was wrapped in two layers, and then the game and CD were each individually wrapped. I'm surprised the art book wasn't wrapped. This is as far as I've gotten, as I wanted to finish up a few other games before starting this one.
Posted: 09/02/12, 22:34:39
I'm on Chapter 26..

I've put in about 20hrs into the game now (almost 50hrs into Xenoblade) and I'm just really enjoying the game. I think I will be finishing up this one before I re-tackle Xeno again.

Posted: 09/03/12, 01:19:26
Up to Chapter 37, and I have no idea if I'm near the end or not, heh.

This game has really become much more enjoyable than I expected it to be though more side content would have been much appreciated. Hopefully there's a good amount of post-game stuff to make up for it.

Oh and I just now was finally able to use a hidden item I found at the very start of the game to transform a weapon (which I didn't even know was something you could do in this game ;p), and with that upgrade get a +200 boost in strength

EDIT: Hit Chapter 39 before stopping to do some super fun Labor Day errands. The music for the boss fight in Chapter 38 was great
Posted: 09/03/12, 22:05:01  - Edited by 
 on: 09/03/12, 23:15:23
Welp, finished the main story. Now just going through the few Epilogue chapters.

My one complaint with this game was that it was far too easy. Apparently New Game+ changes that, but I really hate the concept of needing to beat a game once before actually having it be challenging. Other than that though this game was fantastic. The final boss was predictable for me, and the whole build up to it felt a bit rushed, but other than that I found the overall story to be well put together.
Posted: 09/04/12, 07:11:44
Game FINALLY came in the mail yesterday. I should hopefully be starting this weekend. I have a lot of catching up to do!
Posted: 09/07/12, 13:23:38
Another question, did any of you receive the art book when you bought the game?
Posted: 09/07/12, 19:48:44

I did. It came in a nice fake book package with the game.
Posted: 09/07/12, 20:15:29
Me, too. I heard that all first-run prints are supposed to be the 'Collector's Edition'.
Posted: 09/07/12, 22:18:52
It finally arrived from DeepDiscount! I got started a bit.

Question, is there any benefit to switching to Manual attack mode? The hint box said that decreases each attack's power, and it honestly doesn't seem to add anything to the game. The battle system as a whole isn't knocking my socks off yet. But it's still early, so we'll see.
Posted: 09/08/12, 05:28:51

Manual attack is the way to go... if you want total control of when your player attacks. - All it (decrease in power) means is that you can't button mash the attack button over and over and expect a full critical hit each time.

Posted: 09/08/12, 06:38:19
I just got done putting in shy of 6 hours in. Almost to end boss.
Posted: 09/08/12, 10:02:18
I've just spent over 2.5hrs battling boss after boss.... and over an hour on the last boss before I finally bit the dust. It's very frustrating. No end battle should last this long - it just shouldn't happen. I have to figure out what the hell i'm doing wrong - I wanted to beat it tonight ..like an hour ago and now i'm just going to head to bed.



Edit: Just saw the battle on YouTube (not the ending) and it looks like I was doing the exact same stuff but this guy was chopping the boss up 10 times faster... hmmmmmm something not right.. Will have to wait till later. Zzzzz
Posted: 09/09/12, 08:12:30  - Edited by 
 on: 09/09/12, 08:19:57

Try grinding at the summon circle just before the final boss if you haven't. It takes hardly any time to kill the mobs, and you can get everyone to around level 68 I think it was fairly quickly. Basically I just grinded there until you could noticeably see it'd be a while before the next level up.

After doing that, I really didn't have too much trouble with the final boss. One big thing to do if you're having trouble would be to make sure you have Mirania cast her Revive spell every time her meter's full. That way you can keep adding extra lives. And whenever you see Calista cast her spell, just make sure to Gale into that so everyone will have a shield up as often as possible.
Posted: 09/09/12, 08:20:44  - Edited by 
 on: 09/09/12, 08:23:02

Ok I'm really going to bed now haha.. but thanks for the advice.... Yeah Mirania was doing her best - that's why the battle lasted so long. I considered going back to level up a bit..I'm only at level 57 - that must be the difference. Once you get the technique down..the boss doesn't seem that difficult..it's just hard now because I can't seem to do much damage on it at the moment.
Posted: 09/09/12, 08:34:39
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