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The Last Story (Nintendo Wii) discussion [game]
8.59/10 from 12 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for The Last Story on the Wii!

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The Last Story (Nintendo Wii) Review (9.0)  by  

Here is the thread for The Last Story - Talk about it, Critique it, Convince people to buy it (or not). Say it here.

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Posted: 08/21/12, 01:29:06
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Haha, what the heck. C'mon, man, buck up!
Posted: 08/23/12, 01:37:34

Posted: 08/23/12, 01:47:51
Weird, I got my copy from Amazon on Friday last weekend. I (still) love this game, gets better and better.
Posted: 08/23/12, 02:20:11  - Edited by 
 on: 08/23/12, 02:20:25
@Davenor & Guillaume: Ditto!
Posted: 08/23/12, 02:25:12
@Marsh Yeah we're with Amazon.ca. Sad for us.
Posted: 08/23/12, 02:53:39
Renjaku said:
HA. I got my copy from Amazon. Am I the first amazonian to get it? =3c
I got mine from Amazon Monday the 20th. I'm not far in (a bit busy this week) but what I have played is fantastic. I'm bumping this ahead of other games in my backlog so I can play it while at the same time as others here and NinTemple.

I wish all RPG's had the UK localization. I prefer the British accents for these kinds of games.
Posted: 08/23/12, 20:00:14
Got it at work today, it includes the soundtrack and the special packaging. Very snazzy!
Posted: 08/23/12, 20:06:06
Yup! Pretty cool, @Guillaume. Shelved it for now.
Posted: 08/23/12, 21:39:38
The game didn't grip me right away like Xenoblade, but after a few hours I'm definitely starting to like it more.

After playing a few rounds of the online deathmatch though, I've decided I'm just going to stay far away from it. Basically if you want to win, just pick a mage. Fully charged spells do 5000+ damage while everyone's full health is 4000ish. The co-op will be interesting to try once I finish the story, since I heard it's harder versions of story bosses, and your equipment stats actually carry over into this mode, unlike deathmatch which just takes your current equipment's appearance.
Posted: 08/24/12, 11:14:47
I just want to know one thing:

I got the invible thread for the armor for the top half. Where do you find the bottom half invisible thread, because I want the girls running around in bras and panties!

Once I find that...GOTY.
Posted: 08/24/12, 17:02:42


Actually - I don't know yet... I'm where you are - I figured it's unlocked in another sidequest sometime later.

Posted: 08/24/12, 17:40:43
Interesting. So I didn't know you unlocked items for the story through death match.

I won a Squeaky Hammer in one of the rounds where I chose to be a mage and just annihilate everyone, and man this hammer boosted my attack +160 from what my current best weapon was for Zael. Now I'm only slightly overpowered for where I'm at in the story, heh
Posted: 08/24/12, 22:36:18
Ok @Deerock69

I found it: Go to Artisan's Way (West side of Island).. search around and you should stumble upon the same dye maker from earlier. Help her out... but save your game before you talk to anyone from there - just in case.

Posted: 08/26/12, 23:35:15
Smerd said:
Ok @Deerock69

I found it: Go to Artisan's Way (West side of Island).. search around and you should stumble upon the same dye maker from earlier. Help her out... but save your game before you talk to anyone from there - just in case.


So, is there only one island? I'm exploring one right now that's giving me a hell of a time. You HAVE to be asserting that there is just one island, right?

I surely hope so. But well done, good man!
Posted: 08/27/12, 04:01:39

It's on the one Main (re: big) Island.. Where the pub is etc. Good luck!
Posted: 08/27/12, 05:08:22
I'm actually really interested in this title, probably more than I was about Xenoblade, at least when I first bought the latter. I've never gotten around to play it for various reasons even though I own it. Quick question: does this game play better with the Wii Remote or classic controller? I can't seem to find any review that specifies this concern of mine.
Posted: 08/27/12, 05:12:35
I can't comment on that as I have not played with the wiimote.. I just jumped to the classic controller pro and have not bothered to look back. I'm sure it would control pretty well..
Posted: 08/27/12, 05:30:51
I also use the Classic Controller Pro, it can be confusing enough trying to remember what buttons to use sometimes. The special ability button is right next to the first-person shooting button and the A button is used for normal attacks as well as magic "Gale" moves. Kinda weird but you get used to it.
Posted: 08/27/12, 06:59:33
The reason I asked is because I might just wait to use the Wii U Pro controller. I don't like the feel of the Wii Classic Controller Pro. It works, but I'd rather have something like the one former that looks significantly more ergonomic. But then again I don't really know when I might be able to get a Wii U or how much it will cost.

Nintendo should probably announce that soon. People start their christmas shopping early and not knowing how much a product might cost they might just move on to something else until further notice.
Posted: 08/28/12, 00:45:38
The Last Story is awesome so far. I'm probably 4 or 5 hours in, and I love how quickly the game is progressing along. I'm starting to know the characters better, the world they live in, the problems the face. The battle mechanics are actually pretty straightforward but are very interesting in the way you use your environment, among other things. There's a lot to master; I like that. It's very different from Xenoblade and that's not a bad thing (I loved Xenoblade as well).
Posted: 08/28/12, 23:01:11
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