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New Super Mario Bros. 2 (Nintendo 3DS) discussion [game]
8.34/10 from 25 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for New Super Mario Bros. 2 on the 3DS!

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New Super Mario Bros. 2 (Nintendo 3DS) Review (8.5)  by  

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Coin Rush Leaderboards

Mushroom Pack
1) kriswright - 30000
2) rebonack - 30000
3) deathly_hallows - 30000
4) Mop it up - 30000
5) VofEscaflowne - 24414
6) Zero - 24002
7) anon_mastermind - 21676
8) Shadowlink - 20070
9) Guillaume - 19788
10) TriforceBun - 13902
11) GameDadGrant - 10240
12) roykoopa64 - 10220
13) kgtennispro - 10130
14) ploot - 10028
15) TheOldManFromZelda - 5178
16) Ludist210 - 4654

Flower Pack
1) Mop it up - 15682
2) TriforceBun - 10454
3) Guillaume - 8656
4) roykoopa64 - 5452
5) GameDadGrant - 4192

Star Pack
1) TriforceBun -11180
2) roykoopa64 - 7574
3) ludist210 - 7000
4) DrFinkelstein - 2898

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Posted: 08/19/12, 18:39:14  - Edited by 
 on: 01/16/13, 17:09:33
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Grant, thanks for letting me know about the download speed from the eshop. Anyone else download it and find that speed was good too?
Posted: 08/20/12, 04:16:31
Checked three shops for it today and none of it had it. It's almost like Nintendo held back on shipments just to tempt me to get the digital version...
Posted: 08/20/12, 04:32:20
I beat the final boss and the credits rolled. The game now is nothing but unlocking hidden worlds and collecting coins. I have 29k coins.... Only 2.9% of the overall goal.. Why is this going to take long??!?
Posted: 08/20/12, 04:51:18
Wow you're fast! I'm only on World 2! But I have a like 10K coins, I've been replaying levels and messing around...
Posted: 08/20/12, 05:45:19

Holy crap dude, did you marathon the game all day long?!? You must've had your 3DS plugged into the wall, there's no way the 3DS battery lasted the entire time. Not even the XL's expanded battery...
Posted: 08/20/12, 06:40:59
Scrawnton said:
I beat the final boss and the credits rolled. The game now is nothing but unlocking hidden worlds and collecting coins. I have 29k coins.... Only 2.9% of the overall goal.. Why is this going to take long??!?

Wow. That is really disheartening. Basically beating the game within hours and the only incentive to play is to unlock hidden levels. I don't consider collecting a million coins a real reason to keep playing. That aspect of the game does not interest me whatsoever. Seriously, if Im paying out top dollar for a game, I want the main quest to last longer than a few hours.

IMO, Nintendo is running the Mario franchise into the ground.
Posted: 08/20/12, 06:59:54
Lovin the game so far. The level design is up to par with NSMB Wii, and I was surprised by the challenges posed as early as World 2. I set a record of 2600 or so in Coin rush, hope to get some streetpasses soon. @gamewizard65It's got the same length as the other NSMB games. Coin rush adds some more replay value. Plus there will be DLC.
Posted: 08/20/12, 07:11:39
Up to World 4 and I like it so far. Yeah, the remixed graphics/music is a bit of a disappointment, but the coin collection aspect of the game really does change the way I approach playing Mario. My usual M.O. with Mario is to run through the level, pick up coins I can get to, but not get too particular about chasing coins. In this game, I find myself pushing the time limit, looking for hidden corners where coins might be hiding. It's not a revolutionary new formula for Mario or anything, but it is diverting. I'll probably go for the million, eventually.

This can proudly sit on the shelf with SMB2 and Super Mario Land, completing the Weird Mario Games Trifecta. That's a compliment, btw.

A few quick impressions:

- Still, it is a drag that this is so very much like the DS game, particularly in the music department. Not Mr. Kondo's best Mario work, and yet here it is in game number 3.

- I like all of the coin-based powerups because they help give this game its own flavor. They're well designed for the task they're supposed to accomplish, and I find myself having to be strategic with their use. Well done. I look forward to seeing Gold Mario show up in Smash.

- What was all that about this being one of the hardest Mario games in a while? So far, it's been a breeze, even with my focus split on coin collection. Maybe everything picks up toward the end, but I'd say so far it's carrying on the New Super Mario Bros DS tradition of being a bit too easy.

Also, as a side note, Steph picked up a red 3DS XL today. I was surprised she wanted one, but she was charmed by the demo she played at the Wii U Experience. She picked up this game and 3D Land to go with it. So I'm playing this while she plays 3D Land. She's loving that game. Every 5 minutes or so I hear her say, "Holy Moley!" at something surprising in 3D Land. Makes me so happy. She typically struggles with 3D Mario. So... good work, Nintendo.
Posted: 08/20/12, 09:25:28

I hope to get at least SOME Street Passes to compete with. Being able to see online friends' scores would've been nice.

And I didn't expect to like it, but I'm finding Coin Rush to be oddly addicting. Currently sitting at a 2878 record for the Mushroom Pack that I know I can definitely improve on.

EDIT: There we go, 5910. Still could've been much better though, heh
Posted: 08/20/12, 09:39:07  - Edited by 
 on: 08/20/12, 09:53:22

Every 2D Mario game is short. Hell, you can beat Mario 3 or World in under 15 minutes if you really want to.
Posted: 08/20/12, 14:14:08
But is Super Mario 3-D Land considered 2-D or 3-D, that game seemed to be really massive with all the secret worlds basically doubling the length of the game.

I'm really enjoying NSMB2 though, it's a lot of fun, it just doesn't hold up that well in a direct comparison to 3-D Land in terms of creativity and level design, at least that's my first impression maybe the game get's nuts.
Posted: 08/20/12, 16:29:46
@kgtennispro It was the same with MK7, Nintendo is pushing streetpass connectivity over friends list connectivity 100%. Can't say I'm too happy about it, there should be room for both.
Posted: 08/20/12, 16:32:50

It's annoying that this is the competitive aspect of the game but that it's based on totally random levels where one set of random levels can easily outdo the next one due to coin layout. Someone's record may just be high due to being lucky at the levels chosen and not always exactly because of skill.
Posted: 08/20/12, 16:33:01
Played through the first world last night, found the warp zone (which that stage was really fun) and all of the Star Coins. So far, I'm really digging New Super Mario Bros. Wii 2...err, New Super Mario Bros. 2. It's fun.
Posted: 08/20/12, 16:56:21

Did you ever find that coin? It's before the flag pole, before where the four piranha plants are popping out in four directions. Jump down there, the pipe in the air on the left. Hit a hidden coin block next to it.
Posted: 08/20/12, 16:59:19
Tried the coin rush mode a few times and got 8462 coins in the Mushroom pack
Posted: 08/20/12, 17:17:22  - Edited by 
 on: 08/20/12, 17:23:03
In what ways is it possible to get a x2 multiplier for your score? I got it for bumping off the boss of world 2 castle in my coin rush attempt.
Posted: 08/20/12, 18:07:32

Get the top of the flagpole.
Posted: 08/20/12, 18:09:17
That makes sense.

I'm digging coin rush quite a bit. You got 100 seconds to scour the first half of the stage, it's about time management and efficiently using the level design to maximize coin profit. Randomization could be an issue, but if you know the stages well it's possible to get a ton of coins on any stage I think.
Posted: 08/20/12, 18:13:27
I'm only through 2-3 so far, but I've enjoyed it. Like most of you, I'm not playing the game entirely different from the way I'd normally play Mario because of the coin counting thing. It's probably a little too safe to be considered great, but it's fun.
Posted: 08/20/12, 18:35:56
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