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Are there any franchises that you would WANT to be 'annualized'? [roundtable]
Just curious, after all of this NSMB2 talk. How much is too much? Can a good thing ever become bad? Do you lose anything by playing every other entry? Are most of the complaints coming from a vocal minority, or is franchise fatigue a common sentiment?

Assuming reasonably similar (series average) quality and length from entry to entry, are there any Nintendo (or other) franchises that you could conceivably buy and enjoy EVERY year?

I'll say 2D Metroid. Right into my veins. Definitely not Zelda, though. It takes me, like, a year to play through each one.

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Posted: 08/18/12, 22:50:16  - Edited by 
 on: 08/18/12, 22:52:34
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Rock Band, assuming we all live in an alternate universe where Rock Band is still a fad.

Nothing else though.
Posted: 08/20/12, 03:49:04
DLC could be a great thing, in theory. In theory, Communism could be a great thing. In theory.
Posted: 08/20/12, 04:26:00
To me, for a game to be worth buying every year (and logically developed within that time), it'd have to be something either almost completely story-driven (like Phoenix Wright), or almost completely gameplay-driven (like Mega Man and Punch-Out!!). Sacred cows like Zelda need not apply--some things are better in precious, rare doses.

So yeah--Mega Man (classic or X series), Punch-Out and Phoenix Wright would be my choices.
Posted: 08/20/12, 04:34:24
@TriforceBun Speaking of being completely gameplay-driven, I'd be happy if Picross was annualized.
Posted: 08/20/12, 05:35:17
I want a new Zelda and Metroid sequence every other year starting with this one. It doesn't matter if it's a console or handheld experience. This year I wanted Majora's Mask 3D. Next year I'd want a 2D Metroid 5. In 2014 I'd want a console Zelda and 2015 a console Metroid. And so on and so fourth.
Posted: 08/20/12, 20:55:09
The only one that's been close that hasn;t bothered me is Ratchet and Clank. I think the main reason I haven't minded is that I love the sense of humor in the series though. In general, no, I don't think annualized series a good idea.
Posted: 08/20/12, 21:20:06
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