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Madden NFL 13 (Wii U) discussion [game]
7.33/10 from 3 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Madden NFL 13 on the Wii U!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

I believe I've owned every Madden on a Nintendo console since 2001 (with the best being 2005, I might add) and this is the version I've looked most forward to in a long time with the launch of the Wii U. I even owned it twice in 2006 when the Wii was released! It's unfortunate "we" won't be able to play with the new "Infinity Engine" they are using with the 360 and PS3 versions but it seems like it's going to be a massive upgrade to the Maddens we have played on the Wii.


"EA is bringing many of the key Madden 13 features to Wii U, which is being developed by a dedicated team. Ideas like Total Control Passing, Girdiron Club and the new commentators are on the way. Plus the integration with Wii U's GamePad will allow players to make faster play calls, substitute players and create custom hot routes on the fly, changing the way sports fans will interact with a Madden game. Another key feature being brought to Wii U is Connected Careers, which allows up to 32 players to form a league. Bialoskursky noted that online is a big emphasis for Nintendo this time around, aligning with EA's own interests for its sports titles. On the downside, however, the Madden Ultimate Team feature will not be present this time around."

I can't wait to use this game with the GamePad!


The Madden NFL 13 Wii U version will utilize the tablet controller in various ways. During a match, players can quickly swift through the interactive playbook to call plays on the fly. They cal also use the Wii U stylus to trace the route for a player to run on the field. The Madden NFL 13 Wii U version will also include most of the regular game modes, including career, manage a team, Connected Career mode, and online multiplayer as well. However, the game will not support the new Infinity physics engine, as developer EA did not have enough time to implement this feature.

The idea of being able to choose your play without your friend in the room being able to see or draw pass routes on the GamePad is awesome. I can't wait. See you online with the RAIDERS!

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Posted: 08/14/12, 23:58:59  - Edited by 
 on: 11/17/12, 09:14:01
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Mr_Mustache said:
@MasterSandman II

Aren't so many games against CPU opponents though? And you're up late; I've played everyone but Lou at night.

I have a lot against CPU, yes. I knew that you would want a day I wouldn't be available to draft so I didn't join that league for that reason too
Posted: 01/10/13, 02:05:44
I just checked maddencareer.com.. and Lou is already up to 10! What the heck, LOU!?

His game was SO BIG, that he got 10 points. How did that happen?!
Posted: 01/10/13, 23:24:35
I think you get 10 points per regular season win.
Posted: 01/10/13, 23:26:21
Mr_Mustache said:
I just checked maddencareer.com.. and Lou is already up to 10! What the heck, LOU!?

His game was SO BIG, that he got 10 points. How did that happen?!

10 points for what? #confused

I won the Super Bowl in my offline career! My off-season signing of Tony Romo paid off. Beat the Vikings 20-6
Posted: 01/10/13, 23:30:24
@MasterSandman II
I'm assuming he meant legacy score for your career.
Posted: 01/10/13, 23:31:42
DeputyVanHalen said:
@MasterSandman II
I'm assuming he meant legacy score for your career.

Weird, mine's 5 after a win
Posted: 01/10/13, 23:36:20

Yeah, it's probably legacy score.
Posted: 01/10/13, 23:39:28

At least I have company in the "0 Club".
Posted: 01/10/13, 23:43:11
I did indeed mean Legacy Score. Everyone else but Lou has 5 or 0 though. Whats the scoop?

Who was that (Vikings), Lou? Was it a rivalry game or something? Bears?
Posted: 01/10/13, 23:48:20

--I plan on winning in both leagues, TONIGHT. I've been up in the pocket more.

Less picks.
Less Sacks.
Same losses.
Posted: 01/10/13, 23:50:17
In what league? In fantasy league, I went from 0 to 10 after winning my first game.
Posted: 01/10/13, 23:51:27

Really? How do you get a 5 then?? I'm 0's in both, so I have no idea.

I was referring to Lou's Standard Vikes though. Can't get Fantasy MC.com to work..
Posted: 01/10/13, 23:53:30

I played the Jags. It might because AP ran for 286, or I won by a certain margin, who knows.
Posted: 01/10/13, 23:55:16
I can't see who has them, so I really don't have any way to guess at the pattern.

I guess it's possible that it's 5 for a win and 5 for meeting weekly goals.
Posted: 01/11/13, 00:03:27  - Edited by 
 on: 01/11/13, 00:04:54

I met one of my goals and lost, and got 0 points. I'll see how tonight/tomorrow goes.
Posted: 01/11/13, 00:17:55
I don't even know where you find half of these goals anyway, haha
Posted: 01/11/13, 00:28:56
I'm totally lost now. In fantasy league in my second game I destroyed a division rival and met a few of my goals but stayed on 10. I give up trying to figure this out.
Posted: 01/11/13, 14:18:34
I just had the craziest game I've had in a while in the league against fumbulitis. He led 17-0 at the half. I score quick after the second half kickoff. Then I get 2 more quick 3 and outs on defense followed by a FG and a TD to tie. First play of the next drive is a pick 6 and now I'm up 24-17 early in the 4th quarter. We trade TDs on our next possesions making it 31-24 for me. I punted to him with about 40 seconds left and no timeouts. he got it to 4th and 10 around midfield with about 12 seconds left and completed a hail mary for the tying td.

In OT, he wins the toss and gets to my 25. On 3rd down he throws an INT that I returned to his 30. I ran a couple plays to set up a FG and broke the last one down to about the 5. FG for the win 34-31.

So now I'm 2-0 in both leagues, but week 3 could be tough in both of them. .
Posted: 01/12/13, 06:51:43  - Edited by 
 on: 01/12/13, 06:54:26
Oh, I didn't come on here yet? *sigh* I got squashed by the Real Chiefs last night, skunked it up in Practice and then played like the Real Bills with the Real Bills. This game is totally accurate. Against my inner monologue, continued on with my Fantasy Stuff (I guess looking for some good news?), skunked it up in Practice, but came back to tied it with a last second catch and run forever. Wow! I won in OT, and was reinvigorated for radical Fantasy Niners Action. I was playing the Lions, who have Cam Newton. That guy...likes to run. Game was EXCELLENT; Luke Keichly was an absolute beast. Interception, Fumble Recovery TD, Sack, pile of tackles. Had another Pick 6 with someone else, a bunch of sacks. Weeden was ELECTRIC. He was controlling the Defense so efficiently, had an 81 yard TD pass to Evans which was GREAT, along with two other TDs, 250+ yards, NO INTERCEPTIONS...and halftime message "you've been disconnected from the server, this game and stats will not count." Wait, what? It didn't boot me out and the game still went as it does..so I figured maybe it would reconnect? Nope. I wont that game 45-20 or something, though Newton ran for almost 150, and threw all over me, too. But I beat them by a lot, right? Surely I can recreate that.

Wrong. Wrong. I had 6 or 0 points at halftime, I can't remember, and I was losing until the final minute of the game. UGH. What happened?! Weeden was MISERABLE. Gone was his 69% completion percentage, but I did have my Power HB injured -- TWICE. What the H, man? Just a pile of S, this second game, though Lynch did get back on track running for 180 and change. What the heck, brah?


I won and stayed 0. C'est la vie.

@MasterSandman II

Check "Goals".....


Wow dude. You wasted no time establishing your dominance! Fumbulitis is..pretty good. No offense (OF COURSE), but I wasn't suer how you guys would fit in other there. Nice to see that you're handing it to them, and Bigs has company in me at the bottom of the barrel, haha!! (Lou is doing awesome, too, nice! And Travis; the consumate professional.)
Posted: 01/12/13, 07:30:33
No offense taken. I had no idea how I'd do either. I played in elite level leagues in NFL 2K5 and APF 2K8 and did quite well, but I've never been nearly as good at Madden games and haven't played them seriously in years. I think it may be helping me though that what I have played in the last few years has been the 360/PS3 version that this game is like rather than the Wii version that most of you guys are coming from.

So I had no idea what to expect either. My only goals were to not completely embarrass myself, hopefully never go 0-16, continue to get better, and at some point have at least one playoff season. If I can do that I'll be very happy with myself.
Posted: 01/12/13, 19:23:21
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