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Madden NFL 13 (Wii U) discussion [game]
7.33/10 from 3 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Madden NFL 13 on the Wii U!

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I believe I've owned every Madden on a Nintendo console since 2001 (with the best being 2005, I might add) and this is the version I've looked most forward to in a long time with the launch of the Wii U. I even owned it twice in 2006 when the Wii was released! It's unfortunate "we" won't be able to play with the new "Infinity Engine" they are using with the 360 and PS3 versions but it seems like it's going to be a massive upgrade to the Maddens we have played on the Wii.


"EA is bringing many of the key Madden 13 features to Wii U, which is being developed by a dedicated team. Ideas like Total Control Passing, Girdiron Club and the new commentators are on the way. Plus the integration with Wii U's GamePad will allow players to make faster play calls, substitute players and create custom hot routes on the fly, changing the way sports fans will interact with a Madden game. Another key feature being brought to Wii U is Connected Careers, which allows up to 32 players to form a league. Bialoskursky noted that online is a big emphasis for Nintendo this time around, aligning with EA's own interests for its sports titles. On the downside, however, the Madden Ultimate Team feature will not be present this time around."

I can't wait to use this game with the GamePad!


The Madden NFL 13 Wii U version will utilize the tablet controller in various ways. During a match, players can quickly swift through the interactive playbook to call plays on the fly. They cal also use the Wii U stylus to trace the route for a player to run on the field. The Madden NFL 13 Wii U version will also include most of the regular game modes, including career, manage a team, Connected Career mode, and online multiplayer as well. However, the game will not support the new Infinity physics engine, as developer EA did not have enough time to implement this feature.

The idea of being able to choose your play without your friend in the room being able to see or draw pass routes on the GamePad is awesome. I can't wait. See you online with the RAIDERS!

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 on: 11/17/12, 09:14:01
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Posted: 01/30/13, 00:42:09
Yay! Grinded out an ugly 16-13 win over the Redskins, complete with a game-winning FG as time ran out. Thanks Chris Johnson for carrying my team; if he gets hurt, I'm done. I think he's gotta be averaging 10+ yards per carry over the last 3 games. Gotta establish the run because I can't throw worth a shit. 2 ugly picks almost gave the game away, another one where I hit "X" when I meant "Y". I'm going to need to get a shock collar that zaps me every time I screw that up!!
Posted: 01/30/13, 05:38:14

Hey, congratulations! Gotta start somewhere! Who do you have for QB? Some of the guys keep trying to trade people away. I'm sticking with Weeden at least until the draft, but float an offer out there; the other league guys seem trade happy (maybe you can wrangle Aaron Rodgers from the Cardinals, HAHA!!).
Posted: 01/30/13, 12:10:00

I have Roethlisberger.

(I don't think the QB is the issue, it's the person holding the controller!)
Posted: 01/30/13, 14:09:23

That explains it. He's too busy thinking about rape. And crashing motorcycles. While raping.
Posted: 01/30/13, 18:00:15

Yeah! You even called him Rapistburger! You knew about his rap-sheet before he got there!

You should've drafted Ray Lewis, T.O., Randy Moss, Josh Hamilton, and Dany Heatley, too.
Posted: 01/31/13, 00:14:28
Are you guys (besides Lou and I) doing any special Madden stuff for the Super Bowl?

Lou has a tourney at his house every year, and I know NinSage does Tecmo Super Bowl.
What about you other dudes?
Posted: 02/01/13, 01:22:52
Wow, the Giants are terrible. I'm just pissed that I gave up a hail mary TD on the last play in garbage time, which made the score more respectable. What a big difference playing a turnover-free game does, and also, they are terrible.
Posted: 02/01/13, 05:52:56
Mr_Mustache said:
Are you guys (besides Lou and I) doing any special Madden stuff for the Super Bowl?

Lou has a tourney at his house every year, and I know NinSage does Tecmo Super Bowl.
What about you other dudes?

Whoa! That's a great idea. However...it seems my friends and I are too split up between Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony for anyone to really get along, haha
Posted: 02/01/13, 07:50:47
@MasterSandman II

We have a solution for that. In the past, all 3 systems were represented. When disagreements arose, we had a coin flip to decide the system. In all honesty, until the Wii came out, there was no real difference between the 3 versions besides the controller layouts.

But then the Wii came along and ruined everything. I had to ban it for a couple years, because Madden was so tremendously different from the PS3 and Xbox versions. It wasn't a fun few years.

But now, all 3 are back on par with each other (minus the physics engine on WiiU). We usually have 2-3 TVs running. This year it's looking like we'll have only 2 TVs running for the tournament, unless someone brings a small flatscreen.
Posted: 02/01/13, 13:22:53
Back in my younger days a few friends and I spent the whole weekend playing a full season together on Tecmo Super Bowl a couple years in a row. We'd start on Friday night and games only lasted about 20 minutes, so we'd finish up a couple hours before the game on Sunday. Nothing since then though.
Posted: 02/01/13, 14:29:09
Here's our awesome trophy, with me sipping out of the cup after winning last year's tournament.

Here's my buddy Jason, vacuuming the shards of the second place trophy that was broken over the 2nd place winner's knee.

Posted: 02/01/13, 15:02:57
That is awesome. Is the breaking a second place trophy a tradition or was someone mad about losing?
Posted: 02/01/13, 15:23:13

Former WWE Star Colin Delaney finished in second. He was half mad/half jokingly upset. It would've been funny if the plate didn't explode everywhere.

This year I made sure both take home trophies are made of metal.

The winner doesn't get to keep the Cup, much like the Stanley Cup. But their name is "engraved" forever.
Posted: 02/01/13, 15:27:20
Haha! Smart move going with metal after that. Also, how can you have a wrestler in your tournament and not have some kind of championship belt for the winner?
Posted: 02/01/13, 16:01:23

I always feel there's more satisfaction drinking out of a cup than holding a belt.

The take home trophy is always a plate, akin to Wimbledon.
Posted: 02/01/13, 16:12:35
That makes sense too.
Posted: 02/01/13, 16:24:38

Fantasy Giants? Haha, YES, they are HORRIBLE. I also gave up a BOMB. Was it Stevie Johnson, too?!

@MasterSandman II

That was total BS! I still think it is! I've FLOUNDERED on other systems for YEARS, and the one year that I win (NOT COINCIDENTALLY, the same time that I started WiiMFL/HMFL, and was playing MORE HUMAN OPPONENTS than ANYONE THERE -- and I met LOU in the finals, who was ALSO in WiiMFL at the time!!! COME ON PEOPLE), everyone is pissed. Total trash!


2010, BABY.

--That was awesome; thats when I cut a hole in the back of Nikki's pants, and the front of mine. You can see my legs in there!


...And the plates always end up in Basement Hell.
Posted: 02/02/13, 11:17:41

No way! Mine is prominently displayed in my classroom!!
Posted: 02/03/13, 03:42:38
History will be made today.

(I wish I could afford to make those awesome NHL commercials about the Stanley Cup)

Posted: 02/03/13, 17:44:35
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