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Let's Have Some Fun: Potential New Characters for Smash Bros Wii U / 3DO [roundtable]
Lots of heady topics on the board lately, so I thought maybe we could use a bit of fun, idle speculation. After all, that's what video game forums do best.

Smash Bros.
Wii U.
What do you think?
Who do you like?
Who do you hate?
Who do you think is likely to get a shot, even if you couldn't care less about them?

This thread is to answer questions like that. (I'm sure there've been others like this, but do you really want me to search them up and necrobump 'em? Unless someone fiercely objects, let's just roll with it). Feel free to discuss stages, assist trophies or anything else relating to characters in the game. Have a moveset all written up for that dude from Geist? Let's hear it.

One rule: NO MEGAMAN. We get it. We'd all like to see the Blue Bomber in the next game. We get that the Capcom/Inafune split might keep it from happening. Let's take that conversation as understood and move beyond it.

Oh, I lied. Second rule: NO BELMONTS. Same deal. We can agree Simon or Trevor would be great. Take it as already spoken.

Feel free to venture further into 3rd parties if you must, but I'd prefer if we stick to Nintendo as much as possible. It's harder and more fun that way.


What character do I think is a shoe in?

Little Mac.

Punch-Out is a popular, iconic series that every old school gamer knows well. It also had a recent entry, so it's possibly more fresh on gamers' minds than some other NES era properties. Mac's a fighter, so he makes sense within the context of the game. And his boxing style would be fairly unique.

Yeah, he doesn't have a ton of special moves. But he could borrow some moves from some of the colorful boxers he goes up against. I could imagine him with some kind of Great Tiger spin move or Bald Bull charge. I'd have to see it in action to make sure it worked, but it's one possibility. But even if you just stuck to standard boxing moves, he'd still be pretty unique for Smash Bros.

There are tons of other choices off the top of my head, but I don't want to flood the first post with all the fun answers. What do you guys think?

Oh, and another question: Do you think the appearance of a character as an Assist Trophy in Brawl makes them more likely to appear as a playable character? Is someone like Samurai Goroh more likely because we saw him in some capacity last time, or does that not matter at all?

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Posted: 06/17/12, 08:56:31  - Edited by 
 on: 06/17/12, 21:18:36
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I would love, LOVE, for an 8 bit version of Simon Belmont to be in the next Smash, a la Game and Watch. His moveset and sub weapons are practically perfect for the game, and he could be a heavy character with a shit vertical game.
Posted: 06/19/12, 20:13:43

What if the 3DS version was ALL 8-bit characters?
Posted: 06/19/12, 22:56:23
Just curious, is "3DO" an honest typo?
Posted: 06/20/12, 00:01:44
@Mop it up

Lord knows if Stephen made it he'd have been ROASTED. :p
Posted: 06/20/12, 00:03:44
@Mop it up

No, it was a not-particularly-funny joke. I originally had DS up there and Grant corrected me, rather pointedly, that it should read 3DS. So, just to be ornery, I changed it to 3DO.

The next SSB will feature super compressed full motion video.

EDIT: Sorry, it was rebonack who corrected me about the spelling of 3DS. Grant was the one who corrected me about how to spell shoo-in.

In other news, Negative World posters are the most critical people on Earth
Posted: 06/20/12, 00:08:06  - Edited by 
 on: 06/20/12, 00:15:41
Though stated on the first page already, Toad. He seems like such an odd omission.
Posted: 06/20/12, 06:07:40

Isn't Toad part of one of Peach's things? What will she use for Defense now?


I won't believe it until Nikki Newsreader tells me.
Posted: 06/20/12, 11:45:03
Vyse from Skies of Arcadia, and Beat from Jet Set Radio.
Posted: 06/20/12, 13:49:16
kriswright said:
In other news, Negative World posters are the most critical people on Earth

You're supposed to end sentences with a period.


Oh good call! Definitely would love to play as Vyse! And his Final Smash could be Pirate's Wrath! Awesome!
Posted: 06/20/12, 18:12:35  - Edited by 
 on: 06/20/12, 18:13:04
In light of Namco's involvement....There can be but one obvious answer:

Posted: 06/22/12, 07:49:05
Posted: 06/22/12, 07:52:41

As long as they don't put Yoda in the game or something like they did with SC4, then I'm down for whatever....as long as it includes Mega Man.
Posted: 06/22/12, 07:56:16  - Edited by 
 on: 06/22/12, 07:57:03
I don't want though. It has to be
Posted: 06/22/12, 08:05:23
I'm also hoping that more cooperation between Namco and Nintendo could lead to both Pac-Man Championship games reaching the WiiU.

So I can finally play those fucking games with a decent d-pad.
Posted: 06/22/12, 08:07:25
Mr_Mustache said:

Isn't Toad part of one of Peach's things? What will she use for Defense now?
Switch Toad out for Toadsworth for Peach's B move, and that frees up Toad to be a character of his own.
Posted: 06/22/12, 08:12:50


By the way, do you think there will ever be a chance that Donkey Kong Jr. could show up as a playable character? I'd be down for that, no doubt.
Posted: 06/22/12, 09:00:18
What moves does Pacman have though?

Lloyd at least has a pile of sword techniques to use.
Posted: 06/22/12, 11:14:24

Pac-Man was already in a fighting game, dude. He's got the chops.

A preview of what could be coming our way:
Posted: 06/22/12, 12:56:37
I would love to have Wart as a playable character. Perhaps a generic Monster Hunter character? Or one of the monsters themselves? Maybe Monster assist trophies? Deviljho could ruin everyone.

In the same vien, I would also like to see a Super Mario Bros. 2 specific stage, complete with POW! blocks, Trouters jumping out of the water, and vegetables that can be pulled up and tossed at opponents. I would even like to see a 'key' that can be picked up and thrown as a weapon, but of course when you pick it up, Phanto wakes up and chases you down. He should be able to deal massive damage to whoever holds the key. The possibilities are endless for a Super Mario 2 themed level!
Posted: 06/22/12, 13:56:24  - Edited by 
 on: 06/22/12, 13:58:00

Wait this cannot possibly be real. The American box art Mega Man?

Someone tell me that this is just a cruel joke.

And why is Pacman piloting a goddamn Killer Kan?

.....Man I just had the best idea EVER. Games Workshop need to commission a developer to make a 40K fighting game with the roster made exclusively of walkers. It'd be awesome.
Posted: 06/22/12, 14:41:13  - Edited by 
 on: 06/22/12, 14:48:03
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