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Let's Have Some Fun: Potential New Characters for Smash Bros Wii U / 3DO [roundtable]
Lots of heady topics on the board lately, so I thought maybe we could use a bit of fun, idle speculation. After all, that's what video game forums do best.

Smash Bros.
Wii U.
What do you think?
Who do you like?
Who do you hate?
Who do you think is likely to get a shot, even if you couldn't care less about them?

This thread is to answer questions like that. (I'm sure there've been others like this, but do you really want me to search them up and necrobump 'em? Unless someone fiercely objects, let's just roll with it). Feel free to discuss stages, assist trophies or anything else relating to characters in the game. Have a moveset all written up for that dude from Geist? Let's hear it.

One rule: NO MEGAMAN. We get it. We'd all like to see the Blue Bomber in the next game. We get that the Capcom/Inafune split might keep it from happening. Let's take that conversation as understood and move beyond it.

Oh, I lied. Second rule: NO BELMONTS. Same deal. We can agree Simon or Trevor would be great. Take it as already spoken.

Feel free to venture further into 3rd parties if you must, but I'd prefer if we stick to Nintendo as much as possible. It's harder and more fun that way.


What character do I think is a shoe in?

Little Mac.

Punch-Out is a popular, iconic series that every old school gamer knows well. It also had a recent entry, so it's possibly more fresh on gamers' minds than some other NES era properties. Mac's a fighter, so he makes sense within the context of the game. And his boxing style would be fairly unique.

Yeah, he doesn't have a ton of special moves. But he could borrow some moves from some of the colorful boxers he goes up against. I could imagine him with some kind of Great Tiger spin move or Bald Bull charge. I'd have to see it in action to make sure it worked, but it's one possibility. But even if you just stuck to standard boxing moves, he'd still be pretty unique for Smash Bros.

There are tons of other choices off the top of my head, but I don't want to flood the first post with all the fun answers. What do you guys think?

Oh, and another question: Do you think the appearance of a character as an Assist Trophy in Brawl makes them more likely to appear as a playable character? Is someone like Samurai Goroh more likely because we saw him in some capacity last time, or does that not matter at all?

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Posted: 06/17/12, 08:56:31  - Edited by 
 on: 06/17/12, 21:18:36
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I demand that Toad become playable.

Professor Layton would be fun. "A Gentleman always tries to steal kills in time matches."

I would love a moratorium on Pokemon characters (I don't dislike Pokemon, but there are so many of them and I'd love more non-Pokemon Nintendo characters).

Of course, anything related to Golden Sun should be banned outright! :p

A Balloon Fighter should be a playable character!


It's shoo-in. It's a reference to a horse in a race so fast, they'd just need to be "shooed" as opposed to worked hard to win a race.
Posted: 06/18/12, 17:07:55
I've been thinking for a while about how Smash Bros. games are kind of dated by when they release. Since the original came out at the end of the N64's cycle it seemed to capture that generation pretty well. Since Melee came out near Gamecube launch, it didn't and the same can pretty much be said for Brawl, what with Luigi's Mansion and the FLUDD being represented.

Smash Wii U is guaranteed to have some Galaxy stuff (Galaxy level is going to be awesome, no doubt). Hopefully it comes out late enough in the game that it might have some stuff from Wii U's Mario, Zelda or Metroid games.
Posted: 06/18/12, 17:29:01
The question for me is...Why didn't development on a new Smash Bros. begin shortly after Brawl came out? Did Kid Icarus take them 3 years to develop or something?

I think Nintendo majorly dropped the ball on Smash. I'm sure KI Uprising was a fun game, but I think it's pretty lame that they only started working on a new Smash within the last 6 months or so. Smash is one of those games that reminds people just why Nintendo is saw awesome in the first place. It's a celebration of all things Nintendo. Surely development on the game should've began sooner?
Posted: 06/18/12, 17:43:40
Nintendo characters:

Elite Beat Agents

Third party characters:

Travis Touchdown
Raving Rabbids
Mega Man
Posted: 06/18/12, 17:52:53

There's something to be said for distancing yourself from a past project to an extent. If they started on the next Smash right after Brawl, what are the odds they'd come up with new and interesting ideas? Personally, I think Brawl and even Melee are strong enough to not really require another "Brawl but bigger" version. I want to see a new direction (although with classic multiplayer as well of course).
Posted: 06/18/12, 17:53:39

I think Smash would work perfectly well as a relatively iterative franchise. The core is multiplayer and should stick, and then they can add whatever side dishes they want. I've liked the progression between each game to date (for the most part) but it's weird that we haven't seen more from the series.

Or maybe it's just bizarre to me that Nintendo is cranking out a Mario title a year, more or less, since 2006, while Nintendo's in-house fighter pops once a generation. Who knows.
Posted: 06/18/12, 18:02:16
I wouldn't be opposed to Nintendo 'rushing' this game a bit, maybe for a holiday 2013 release, and support it via DLC after launch. If the DLC is a mix of free stuff and reasonably priced stuff, the game could have endless appeal and keep people coming back for more. The online play also needs to be way more deep and robust than in Brawl.

I'm so looking forward to this game. Day one for 3DS and Wii U versions.
Posted: 06/18/12, 18:05:34

To me it works out pretty well. A game like Galaxy I 100% over the course of a few months and then I'm pretty much done with it for a while and I'm happy to get more like we did with Galaxy 2.

A game like Brawl, I've been playing non-stop since it came out and still finding new ways to play, discovering new tricks, learning new characters, etc. If they released a new Brawl just with new characters or levels it probably wouldn't justify the price and would also remove the joy of really learning every nuance like I did with Melee and Brawl.

Actually Smash Bros. does seem like a natural fit for DLC. I'd be happy to play a new level every couple of months and be introduced to a new character every half year or so. In that case, it would make more sense to release it early.

But still, I would like to see something new. They tried it with Subspace Emissary and failed miserably, but at no real cost to me else than the annoyance of playing through it. As long as they don't introduce something that is mandatory and breaks the game, I'd like to see them try something new again. I do think there exists some new form of gameplay within the series that the developers could discover.
Posted: 06/18/12, 18:09:30
I think Subspace Emissary was a great idea, just poorly executed. It could be a game on its own with better design, because the production values were great. I fully expect the 3DS version to have a fleshed out SSE, with unique unlocks that can be transferred to your Wii U game for multiplayer.
Of course, the 3DS version will have multiplayer as well, but it will not be a fleshed out as the console version. In terms of single player, the Wii U version should go back to having a classic mode, events, etc, similar to the Melee setup.
Posted: 06/18/12, 18:14:10
I agree that I think some distance can be a good thing...but it's not exactly as though Nintendo is cranking out one of these titles every two years. By the time the next Smash Bros. comes out, it'll probably be 2014, which could be around 6 years after Brawl came out.

That's a LOT of distance.

I'm just worried that they're going to do something dramatically different like make it a 3D fighter or something. Maybe the series just needs some fresh blood, because I feel like every time I hear Sakurai say something, Smash Bros. is the last thing he wants to be doing.
Posted: 06/18/12, 18:18:56

I would love to have more Pokemon (Pokemen? Pokey-mons?) Ever since I watched the series when I was a kid, I always wanted to play a Pokemon game where I could actually control the Pokemon and have them dodge, attack, etc all in real time. One solution would be to give the trainer more Pokemon but that might unbalance the game. I supposed this is a case where "cloning" is necessary. Hopefully the Pokemon will be different enough and not just started Pokemon from a different generation.

However many characters Sakuraoi or whomever the lead designer is decides to put in. It is clear that developers need to spend time with online. Sometimes when some friends come over I play Smash Bros, but didn't happen nearly as often as I would have liked. It wouldn't have been so bad if online battles with strangers weren't so restrictive. I don't think you even had the option of adding strangers to your friend's list. Then we wouldn't have to go on message boards soliciting. As such, I ended up playing the game significantly less than I would have otherwise. I don't think I even invested 30 hours into the game.
Posted: 06/18/12, 18:44:18  - Edited by 
 on: 06/18/12, 18:45:47
Tranquilo said:
Ever since I watched the series when I was a kid, I always wanted to play a Pokemon game where I could actually control the Pokemon and have them dodge, attack, etc all in real time.

The player uses one of four Pokémon available, Pikachu, Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott, and can switch them out; each Pokémon has their own special abilities. In chase mode, participants capture or tag the other participant. In battle mode, the player can control their Pokémon's every move from dodging, to striking.
Posted: 06/18/12, 19:01:56

Ah! Thanks for the clarification!


Nintendo saw awesome!


Pokémon is both the singular and plural version of the word. Example:

Singular: "Look at this Pokémon!"

Plural: "Look at all those Pokémon!"

Now you know!
Posted: 06/18/12, 19:03:58

I know little about the game; is it like a real time version of the portable titles?
Posted: 06/18/12, 19:07:50
kriswright said:
What's the big problem with clones, though? I mean, I hear Smash fans poo poo the idea up and down, but wouldn't it be better to have the option to play as someone like, say, Daisy, even if she was a clone of Peach, than to not have the option at all?

Yeah, but some of the clones are dumb. Ganondorf doesn't fight in any of the games like he does in Melee or Brawl. He's a warlock, can't he have some projectile magic attacks? How about using a sword? Teleportation? C'mon!

Some clones make sense though, like Fox, Falco and Wolf. Though I do wish Wolf had a different Final Smash. The StarWolf team doesn't have Landmaster Tanks, right? Only the Wolfens? In any case, some more variety would be welcome.
Posted: 06/18/12, 19:12:03  - Edited by 
 on: 06/18/12, 19:12:59
Well, no. I don't think Nintendo will ever bring a legitimate Pokémon game to home consoles, although the thought of an MMO makes perfect sense. Poképark is about Pokémon adventures on their own, without trainers. But his description matches what the game is about, so he might like it.
Posted: 06/18/12, 20:42:11
At this point, I'd rather have franchise-specific versions of Smash Brothers. After three games, the novelty of mashing together different universes has grown stale, it's time for a different approach. I'd love to see a Mario version of Smash Brothers, because there are tonnes of fun characters who are never going to make the cut. Someone earlier in this thread mentioned Toad, who may be my favourite character; there's absolutely no way he'll be in the next game. Pokémon is another prime example, we're talking literally hundreds that have zero chance.

I'll probably get the next game at some point but it's certainly not something I'm anticipating, especially since Sakurai is still involved and seems creatively burned out on the series.
Posted: 06/19/12, 02:56:40
@Mop it up

I'd be down for a Pokemon Brawl game. It'll be like Pokemon Stadium... only good. My dream come true. Hell, if Nintendo can copy Kinect and do voice command, even better.
Posted: 06/19/12, 03:14:31  - Edited by 
 on: 06/19/12, 03:17:07
I'd like to have the characters from Melee brought back (even though I didn't mind their absence one bit) and to have the existing roster of Brawl kept in tact. No omissions, only additions. Ever.

I think for just about every series represented, there should be as many characters featured as there are number of players. So, if four people are playing together, then those four could be a different character from each series. It worked with Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon, but I'd like to see more made available.

My top picks for playable characters I'd like to see make the cut:

Paula (EarthBound)
Jeff (EarthBound)
Wart (SMB2)
Amaterasu (Okami)
Krystal (StarFox Adventures)
Toad (SMB)
Robo (Chrono Trigger)
Skull Kid (Majora's Mask)
Cel Zelda (Wind Waker)
Tails (Sonic)
Banjo & Kazooie (Banjo Kazooie)
ToeJam & Earl (ToeJam & Earl)
Geno (Super Mario RPG)

There are oodles more I'd like to see, but these are the one's that came to mind first. The more characters, the better.

As for Assist Trophies, maybe:

Dr. Willy (Mega Man) - hovering about on his spaceship doing something dastardly
Mallow (Super Mario RPG) - using his rain movie
Crono, Marla, and Lucca (Chrono Trigger) - using their Delta Force triple tech move
Bubble Monkey (EarthBound) - blowing a huge bubble gum bubble that pops, sticking put everyone in their tracks
Fuzzies (Yoshi's Island) - the entire playing field is covered with them, affecting all that touch
Kamek (Yoshi's Island) - flies across the screen dropping magic dust, transforming the players into random things for a set time
Giygas - It hurts, Ness...

I could keep on going with this list, too.

As for Pokéball characters:

Jynx - runs around trying to use Lovely Kiss on players
Mr. Mime - fills the entire screen (as with Nintendogs) and does a typical mime move

And some adjustment to current Final Smash moves should they carry over:

Yoshi - whistle or something to call a heard of colorful Yoshi's to stamped across the screen causing damage to all (as in the original Melee trailer)
Bowser - hops in his Koopa Clown Car and control him to drop bombs and mecha-koopas on players
Ness - uses PK Rockin' in place of Starstorm
Lucas - uses PK Love in place of Starstorm
Donkey Kong - the screen fills with water, the DKC aquatic theme kicks in, and you hop on Enguarde to attack (anything, really, to get rid of the ridiculous bongo move)

That's enough of that.

The next Smash Bros. has so much potential for awesomeness that it's utterly mind boggling to think about. And now that Nintendo is hinting at DLC for its games, who knows what could be in store for the next Smash Bros. years after its launch. A very promising thought, to be sure.
Posted: 06/19/12, 03:19:56
haha, 3DO

I think the following characters should be in the Smash Bros. game:

Doomguy (this is my absolute first choice )
Bill Rizer
Mega Man/Mega Man X
Marina Liteyears
Paula (from EarthBound)
Travis Touchdown
Celes (from Final Fantasy VI)
Wrex (from Mass Effect 3)
Dixie Kong
a Space Invader
Raymond Bryce (from Disaster: Day of Crisis)
Umihara Kawase
Posted: 06/19/12, 03:38:25
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