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Rayman Legends Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
8.99/10 from 8 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Rayman Legends on the Wii U!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

I didn't see a dedicated thread for Rayman Legends, so I thought I'd make one! I've also added it to the Database for anyone who's interested. I was having difficulty adding a video though, so if anyone could help with that, I'd appreciate it!

I'm really struck by how beautiful the game looks. Apparently Rayman isn't even a 3D model. They said in an IGN video that it's just how they've used lighting in the game to give Rayman and his buddies more color. It looks like a freaking painting in motion to me.

So far, it looks like Legends uses the Gamepad in some really cool ways. I'm curious to see how it will work as a single player game. Ubisoft has not announced whether or not the game will retain any online functionality.

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Posted: 06/09/12, 23:16:20  - Edited by 
 on: 06/09/12, 23:17:41
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Is it cause it says "Data Installed?" I think it says that for as long as you actually use whatever that was updated. Kinda annoying when you DON'T want to check it out right away but constantly get the notification when bringing up the menu.
Posted: 09/24/13, 15:13:20
I changed this to the official thread for the game, locked the other one created. Here are the posts from the locked thread:

ludist210: So who else is really enjoying this game? I just cleared all of the paintings in 20,000 Lums Under The Sea, and I think it's utterly brilliant. The platforming is tight, the art is charming...the game is just excellent.

anon_mastermind: I want to play it, but too many other games right now. Will wait for a price drop.

DeputyVanHalen: I bought the PC version because it was $20 cheaper on Steam, with a free copy of Origins included, but I'm really enjoying it.

VickiL: If I don't get it for Christmas, I'm buying it for myself by the end of the year. On Wii U, because my sister has that version, and it's a blast to compete with her, though it's more a race to the bottom.

Jargon: Maybe this should be consolidated with this thread?
Posted: 09/25/13, 04:53:39

That's fine, I thought I'd seen a thread for it before.
Posted: 09/25/13, 06:28:03
I beat the game but I still have a bunch of Origins levels to go through and finish up the last world. Some of the invasion levels are really fun, some are frustrating though.

I wish there was more variety with the challenges, I feel like the challenges on the actual game aren't really expanded from the free app. What we go there is what we're getting now on the full game. There seems to be only 5 challenges there are being rotated with small differences.

I'm glad I got all the collectibles on most of the Murfy levels so I don't have to suffer going through them again. I think they should've included at the most one Murfy level per world.

By the way if anyone wants some leaderboard competition my Nintendo ID is Layth1 (not that I'm great I usually get bronze/silver with the occasional gold) feel free to add me.
Posted: 09/25/13, 11:47:02
Layth said:
I beat the game but I still have a bunch of Origins levels to go through and finish up the last world.
I'm confused...you beat the game, but there are more levels for you to finish? Then you didn't beat the game since they're all ripe for the pickin' from the beginning (as long as you have enough Teensies to unlock them, Origins levels aside).

I'm with you about the Challenges though. I noticed that, and while I do them whenever I play, they're all basically the same as the Challenges App. I wish they would expand on the stages that are in the game, because there could be some really interesting ones up there.

And yes, the Murfy levels are terrible. It wouldn't be so bad if there were, say, one per world. But sometimes there are two (or more) per world. While I appreciate them for the change of pace, the AI of my partner isn't always what I'd like it to be.

Speaking of, how to I change who my partner is in the Murfy levels?
Posted: 09/25/13, 16:02:58

I meant that I beat the game in the sense that I completed every level in the initial 5 worlds including the final boss and the last music level. I did a decent amount of the Origins levels so like I said, I still have a fair amount of content to go through still.

I'm not sure how to change who your partner is but I think it's possible cause I've seen players being other people aside from Murfy as ghosts during challenges.
Posted: 09/26/13, 05:21:53
I love this game but man I took a hard quick break the moment Zelda and GTA released...

Same goes for Pikmin 3 and W101. Damnit. I hate those sort of backlogs.
Posted: 09/26/13, 09:18:14

Gotcha. I just beat the final boss myself and the last music level (and all subsequent music levels) as well as all of the Origin paintings...just 36 Teensies to go, and they're all in what appear to be Invasion levels. So I'll do that tonight.

But hooray, no more Murfy levels!
Posted: 09/26/13, 21:15:49
Forgive me for not reading through the previous pages, has anyone seen sales numbers on this game? How's it doing? How did the Wii U version do?
Posted: 09/27/13, 01:07:21
Just completed the game (all teensies). Just missing three characters to unlock. 1,000,000 lums!?

534 deaths! Woo!
Posted: 09/27/13, 03:13:11
I caved and bought this for $40 so that I'd have something to play with my nieces. Played through the first world and had fun, although I didn't really enjoy playing Murph too much. My niece liked it but she wasn't great at it, so I had to take over for the harder parts, where I would rather be playing as Rayman. Still, the game looks really great and I'm excited to see how the game differentiates itself from Origins as I get deeper in.
Posted: 10/15/13, 03:53:02
I am loving playing this game with my nieces. It's pretty clear that they put a lot of effort into this game. Just really polished and tons of little things they did to add content. I wonder how much of it is due to the long delay. It would have been nice to have the game when it was originally scheduled, but if that helped add to the finished product than it may have been worth it.
Posted: 10/27/13, 03:30:15
Nieces and I beat the game last week. Kind of abrupt ending because of the way the game is laid out, would have been nice for them to set things up for a final painting or something rather than just ending it. But no complaints about the game itself, lots of fun.

Then we beat the bonus 8 bit music levels this weekend with my brother who's in town for Christmas and was part of the team for Rayman Origins so that was nice. He got thrown into the fire with some really tricky levels but handled it well.

Only question now is how much to revisit the game. Looks like there's an unlockable character for collecting all the Teensies, but I doubt that's really worth the effort. And we've already played through all those Origins levels so not sure I want to do those anyway. There's certain ones I'd be happy to play again with added collectables but you have to beat some less memorable ones to get them. Then there's the question of going back to levels we've beaten but failed to collect everything. Hmm... Maybe in a year or something when they'll be fresher.

Anyway, definitely got my money's worth out here. Definitely looking forward to the next entry in the series.
Posted: 12/29/13, 16:55:02
Actually beat Rayman Legends last night. Some crazy levels towards the end, especially an awesome final music stage. I'm left a little split on the Murfy stages. I enjoyed them for the most part and don't really agree with a lot of the complaints they got, but I also feel that there were too many of them. Having a whopping 3(!) Murfy levels in the last world was unfortunate, and one of those was the only one in the game that I can agree was almost unplayable.

Globox's AI is pretty fucking terrible throughout the entire game -- I am convinced the story of Rayman Legends is that Rayman & friends are trying to prevent him from committing suicide -- but most of these stages give you a decent amount of time to manipulate the environments to his benefit and to also be able to maximize your score. But one of the last ones requires everything to be done very quickly, and the touch screen just isn't responsive or accurate enough to overcome Globox's suicidal tendencies while also getting through the level unscathed and with a high score. I would have preferred maybe 1 Murfy stage per world (same as the music stages) as they are a fun, challenging and different type of level from your normal platforming stage. 2 per world was a bit much, and 3 was overkill. Really the only thing that bothered me in an otherwise great game.

The high points of the game for me were some of the chase sequence levels. Stages like "There's Always a Bigger Fish" and "Lucha Libre Get Away" are super fun, as were all of the music stages. I find the new Rayman games to be at their best when things move at a super-fast pace, it feels so good to control. If I were to compare this to Origins, I think Origins is the better, more challenging game from a pure platforming standpoint. But Legends is the more varied, more fun game overall. And since Legends contains a bunch of the Origins levels, I'd recommend this one to someone who hasn't played either yet. There's so much content and so much replayability, it's staggering. Normally, I don't replay a level if I've completed it 100%, but I did that several times in Legends just because of how much fun it is to go through some of them again in one pass.

Going to try and complete what's left of the Legends stages today (no intention of doing the Origins stages again).
Posted: 01/01/14, 19:51:53  - Edited by 
 on: 01/01/14, 19:53:50

I wouldn't mind if they had the same number of Murfy stages but that they were optional. At least I was able to play them with real people (my nieces), but sometimes it was frustrating because there'd be a part that was hard for Murfy to do and hard for the platforming characters to do and I could only use my elite skills on one part. Then again, my older niece is really good too so I think some parts would have been a struggle no matter what.
Posted: 01/01/14, 20:09:28
I recieved RL for a birthday present.... apparently it was only $20 - the max I would pay because of the delay... We knew this would happen though....RL hitting the bargin bin sooner rather then later. Ubi idiots/M$/$ony BS.

At least the game rocks... Ubi could have had my money (@ full pop too) back in Feb.
Posted: 02/03/14, 03:38:02
Well folks, I've been moanin' about this one for over a year now, but time cools all heads, and it turns out that my wife nabbed this for me as a birthday present. In fact, it's kind of scary how well the above post fits for my situation:

Smerd said:
I recieved RL for a birthday present.... apparently it was only $20 - the max I would pay because of the delay... We knew this would happen though....RL hitting the bargin bin sooner rather then later. Ubi idiots/M$/$ony BS.

At least the game rocks... Ubi could have had my money (@ full pop too) back in Feb.

I kind of always figured since they made me wait 7 months, I'd wait at least 7 months more to get it; lo and behold, it's much cheaper nowadays.

Anyway, politics aside, the game has been great as expected thus far. I put about an hour into it and was surprised by how fast and relentless the unlockables were. I can already access the fourth world if I want! And do quite a few other things as well. It was also cool to see that my Lums and Awesomeness from the Challenge App carried over, although it's somewhat disappointing that the Challenges themselves are still the same environments and designs in general (starts to feel pretty repetitive after awhile). But the new features like Kung Foot, tons of characters, the scratch cards, monster pets, Origins stages, etc are all really welcome and make for a beefy package. I'm gonna have fun 100%ing this bad boy.

Regarding the Murfy levels, I actually really like the use of the GamePad, and these stages work especially well for the "Temple Run" type levels (where Globox just books it through the stage and you have to react quickly). Unfortunately, I think the AI mars a great concept, with Globox refusing to jump to grab some floating Lums, or not going to one of the side areas to save a Teensy, or just generally plodding along absentmindedly. (this mode is great in multiplayer though) So while I like creative GamePad use and think this definitely qualifies, the AI is clunky and there are probably a few too many of the stages.
Posted: 05/18/14, 08:16:11
I played some 3 player Legends last night with my roommate and another friend. Pretty fun even with my roommate being untrained in the way of the platformer but he picked it up pretty quick.
Posted: 05/18/14, 09:19:01
I never had an issue with the Murfy levels aside from not liking them in general. He collected just about everything I wanted him to without having to prompt him too much, from what I recall.


Forgive the delayed response...I blame Ubisoft. As for sales numbers, I'm having to go by VGChartz.com since I have no clue otherwise. 1.19 million sales across six platforms (Wii U, PS3, 360, Vita, One, PS4). It sold best on the PS3 thanks to Europe. Wii U was a close second.
Posted: 05/19/14, 16:58:25
Okay, so I got this game back on valentines day when it was on sale for $10 on PSN store on ps4. I played a couple levels but did not really dig into it. My girlfriend wanted to play a game with me lastnight, so we played this game together and had a blast. So now, I am sitting here while she sleeps and playing it by myself and I scratched the lottery tickets that came with the game and I unlocked some rayman origins levels. Is the entirety of rayman origins in this game? I played that game on Vita, but never beat it.

If origins is in this game as well as all the new levels, how did this game NOT win game of the year awards?!?
Posted: 05/03/15, 15:04:11
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