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New Super Mario Bros 2 impressions

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Posted: 06/07/12, 21:18:43  - Edited by 
 on: 06/08/12, 01:16:41
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Posted: 06/09/12, 01:54:29

NSMB2 looks really samey. The Wii U version seems to have some cool stuff going on with its environments and music.
Posted: 06/09/12, 02:22:51
As a whole the NSMB games have pretty run of the mill music, and that's always a shame. I wasn't pleased to hear more generica when NSMBU was "revealed", but I did see one level with really nice music. I'll link it later. It seems like its the sky level from the show though.

Edit: And though NSMB usually has very average to sub-average music, there were some standout tracks from NSMBW. Oh and ironically, I rather like the NSMB theme, but it's overstayed it's welcome at this point.
Posted: 06/09/12, 03:14:51  - Edited by 
 on: 06/09/12, 03:16:21
I was very happy with Mario 3D Land's main theme. It reminded me a lot of both Super Mario 3 (which it took some parts from) and Super Mario 64.
Posted: 06/09/12, 03:31:23

Koopalings and Co-op confirmed? Did we know about co-op?
Posted: 06/09/12, 05:18:55  - Edited by 
 on: 06/09/12, 05:19:13
Kool. Co-op was confirmed in the wednesday conference.
Posted: 06/09/12, 05:26:06
anon_mastermind said:
Kool. Co-op was confirmed in the wednesday conference.

Is it local and wi-fi, or local only?
Posted: 06/09/12, 05:41:51
That they haven't said yet.

I'm almost certain that the music is new. It's quite similar but not exactly the same.
Posted: 06/09/12, 06:10:16

If that beachy music isn't EXACTLY the same, it's very close. I distinctly remember it because it sounded more appropriate for a Mario Kart game. That's the same song. I'll pull it up if I get a chance.
Posted: 06/09/12, 06:27:05
The beach music of NSMB2 is the same composition as the beach music in NSMBWii, if it isn't the exact same tune.


Same deal with NSMB2's desert:


And underground theme. And the tower theme. If they aren't using the same exact MIDI files here, they are so very similar that only side-by-side comparisons would reveal the differences.
Posted: 06/09/12, 06:36:41
@PogueSquadron@Mop it up
Yeah, you'e right actually. The sound effects fooled me into thinking it was a different arrangement. BTW Mop that desert music is with the Yoshi drums.
Posted: 06/09/12, 07:07:42
That's a shame. I know it's a new game and everything, but it's things like this that just make it seem like an expansion pack for another game.
Posted: 06/09/12, 07:13:21
Let's wait and see. Last E3, I remember being pissed that Mario Kart 7 used samples from Mario Kart Wii, but thankfully it turned out otherwise in the end.
Posted: 06/09/12, 07:15:42
My sister and I rolled our eyes when we saw the coin gimmick. Seems like it would get old very fast.
Posted: 06/09/12, 07:19:43  - Edited by 
 on: 06/09/12, 07:19:58
Posted: 06/09/12, 08:47:21
roykoopa64 said:

I approve!

I'd be surprised if you didn't!
Posted: 06/09/12, 09:38:45
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