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So there HAS to be some significant connectivity between NSMBU and NSMB2, right? [roundtable]
I mean, there's no way Nintendo would release two 2D Mario platformers so close to each other, otherwise. What form do you guys think the connectivity will take?

I think we'll be able to design levels on the tablet and transfer them wherever. And maybe that we will be able to use a 3DS as a controller for NSMBU. And even perhaps that we'll be able to play NSMB2 on the TV? Plus, all kinds of crazy multiplayer variants are possible. You'd think that any group that can scrounge together 2-8 3DSeses can probably gather somewhere in the vicinity of a WiiU, right?

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Posted: 06/04/12, 03:36:37  - Edited by 
 on: 06/04/12, 03:37:38
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I just hope that both games are distinct enough from one another. I have commended Nintendo in the past for not pulling an Activision and releasing NSMB games more regularly, solely because they know that they sell. That path leads to stagnation.

I was really hoping for a much more distinct and higher-budget 2D Mario for Wii U (Super Mario Bros 5 rumors), but the important thing is that the games are fun and unique... fun is almost guaranteed and there is a lot of room for uniqueness.

I wonder about user created levels. I would say that additional DLC content packs is a given.
Posted: 06/04/12, 03:44:35
I can't imagine any type of connectivity between the two games that would be of any interest to me as a gamer. I play the 3DS game come this august and then the Wii U game come this November. If there is any connectivity between those two games, I just don't see me going, OMFG, Nintendo is the shitz!
Posted: 06/04/12, 03:53:45
Yeah, I would assume so. My main concern is what Hinph said, the games need to be disctinct.
Posted: 06/04/12, 04:13:13
There should be. I expect Nintendo to focus on this on Tuesday.
Posted: 06/04/12, 05:57:21
Nah, there doesn't HAVE to be significant connectivity between these games.
Posted: 06/04/12, 06:00:45
I wonder if interaction between the two games would allow you to access powerups that aren't normally available. Like, access to the Super Leaf on the WiiU version. That could be cool.

But it could also piss people off if they know that the Super Leaf is basically IN the game and they have no access to it without the 3DS game.
Posted: 06/04/12, 07:17:28
There will not be a level creator because Nintendo have expressed interest in selling DLC levels, which they couldn't do if you could just make any level they wanted to sell. I think the feature will be for something like StreetPass or replay videos.
Posted: 06/04/12, 08:46:55
@Mop it up

Agreed. I could imagine them doing something like Nintendo Video, where there's a featured level of the week or something, but I highly doubt we'll see any user-created content that could get in the way of Mario DLC.
Posted: 06/04/12, 08:51:26
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