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Retro Game Club Discussion Thread - 10 Donkey Kong Country 3 [community]

Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble (800 Points): Revisit Donkey Kong Island and join the Kong family for their latest adventure. The Kremlings have a mysterious new leader named KAOS and are up to their usual mischief, even capturing Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong. Now it's up to Dixie Kong and the newest Kong, a giant infant named Kiddy, to rescue the two missing apes. They'll travel across previously unseen parts of the island in their search, and even take to the skies in a rocket at one point. Lucky for them, Dixie and Kiddy's powers complement each other (including Kiddy's talent for rolling like a barrel), so they form a powerful team capable of major Kremling damage. They're not completely on their own, either, since returning favorites like Funky Kong and Enguarde the swordfish provide help along the way. And in a series known for its abundance of secrets and high replay value, this entry doesn't disappoint, with enough hours of game play to satisfy Donkey Kong himself. Anyone else have a sudden urge for some bananas?

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Posted: 06/01/12, 07:03:15  - Edited by 
 on: 06/27/12, 10:41:33
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Playing through DKC3 is affirming an opinion that I had before I began...that part of the reason this game isn't as fun for me is because the world just isn't very fun at all. There isn't really anything inviting regarding the characters, enemies, and environments.

I'm on the snow world right now. I may be taking a hiatus from it though because I'm going to the beach tomorrow.
Posted: 06/10/12, 20:09:41
If you guys finish the game let me know that you did and with what percentage so I can put you on the list. So far we have V_s. As for myself, I'm playing the Slime Climb level on DKC2.
Posted: 06/10/12, 22:52:45
Shooting yourself out of barrels SUCKS in this game. Why is it so delayed? Something I've always wondered since I played it on the SNES.
Posted: 06/11/12, 00:01:00
I just finished the "Mine Cart" level Bamble Scramble. It was really awesome. It feels like you're in a Disney ride. They even have the sounds right.
Posted: 06/11/12, 00:28:33
@sirmastersephiroth Isn't Bramble Scramble the one the the thorns?
Posted: 06/11/12, 00:32:44
PogueSquadron said:
@sirmastersephiroth Isn't Bramble Scramble the one the the thorns?

I have no idea. If it is then it is the biggest pain in the ass yet. The hit detection with the thorns in this level is horrendous. And the enemies in between the vines coupled with the floaty parrot controls make this the most awful level in the fist two games yet.
Posted: 06/11/12, 00:56:21

I love this song It sort of reminds me a little of the Mass Effect galaxy map music.
Posted: 06/11/12, 02:50:55
Ugh. If you accidentally go back in a World (not a Stage) on Donkey Kong Country 2, how do you get back out to the island map? We started with a Saved file today, have no coins (so we can't go Funky), beat the boss, and went back in by accident.

Out of luck? (system is off now, so no worries..but zero progress made)
Posted: 06/11/12, 02:55:51
Just get some more coins in a level, exit via start/select, and buy a flight from Funky. After the first purchase of a flight in a world, every subsequent flight from that particular location is free.
Posted: 06/11/12, 03:02:19
@X-pert74 I really hope DKC3 doesn't have that same coin system.
Posted: 06/11/12, 03:11:20
@sirmastersephiroth It doesn't. You can leave worlds at any time, and Wrinkly Kong does not charge you. It was a pretty dumb move in DKC2 (which is admittedly kind of lessened if you turn the game off by backing out to the Wii menu).
Posted: 06/11/12, 03:17:10
@PogueSquadron You were right. The Amusement Mine Cart Level is Target Terror and the thorny one is Bramble Scramble. Damn that last level was difficult and then at the end I found out that the damn parrot shoots coconuts. That would have made the whole rest of the level a cake walk if I knew!
Posted: 06/11/12, 07:40:04
@sirmastersephiroth Hahahaha, that sucks dude. You should go back to Squawk's Shaft as well, as I'm pretty sure that shooting ability is integral to getting the bonus levels.
Posted: 06/11/12, 08:16:35
I passed Kremlin Land and will now head in to Gloomy Gulch. By the way, what's the purpose of that hulking Kremling who wants me to pay him money to go somewhere?
Posted: 06/11/12, 08:46:05
@sirmastersephiroth @X-pert74

A non-spoilerish answer: you pay him to unlock bonus levels.
Posted: 06/11/12, 09:01:21
X-pert74 said:
@sirmastersephiroth @X-pert74

A non-spoilerish answer: you pay him to unlock bonus levels.

Just found out. Thanks!
Posted: 06/11/12, 09:08:37
I like that DKC2 started giving you incentive to get those bonus levels. That Lost World was as "epic" as it got on the SNES! So awesome.
Posted: 06/11/12, 09:31:10
@PogueSquadron - Agreed. And the fact that they're very specifically marked really helped out as well. You always knew when you were entering a Bonus Stage, and you always knew if you had completed all of the Bonus Stages in a particular level.

Then DKC3 improved on that even further (IMO) by making it so that every level had exactly 2 Bonus Stages, as opposed to the first two games random 1-3 (or so) Bonus Stages per level.

So I just beat DKC2 with 102% for the first time ever. No cheats and no outside help. (I still remember the cheat that lets you automatically get all 75 Kremcoins, but I kept myself from using it.) The final time was 7:01. I don't remember how many play sessions it consisted of.

DKC2 is easily the hardest of the three games (unless you're going for 101% on the original, and then I suppose that particular goal could be harder, though I never had as much trouble with any of the individual levels in the original as I did with DKC2). I don't remember ever getting particularly frustrated with any of the DKC3 levels, but there were some of the DKC2 levels that were just awful... So many Bonus Stages where you have to have both Dixie and Diddy alive at the same time, and then there's almost no DK Barrels around, but there are a ton of enemies in the way... It got to me occasionally. But despite its sometimes frustrating difficulty, it is still the most fun of the three to me.

I definitely still rank the games 2 > 3 > 1. I think when I first played Returns, I estimated my ranking as 2 > R > 3 > 1, and I'd probably still adhere to that, but I'd have to play Returns again to be sure. (And if I were to include 64, I'd probably stick it in-between 3 and 1... maybe after 1. I liked 64 more than most people.)

After the final scene of the 102% completion of DKC2, I wonder if there was any thought put into DKC3's setting being what it was because Crocodile Isle sank. Did they decide to set the game in a completely new country because K. Rool's island was no more? But then I think it probably didn't matter either way since DK64 also features Crocodile Isle, but it has to take place after DKC3 because of Wrinkly (unless there's more than one Wrinkly just like there's more than one Donkey Kong).

So now I'm on another list with no one else... Hurry up, guys, it's getting lonely up there!
Posted: 06/11/12, 10:47:51
@V_s That's DKC3 and DKC2 down for you by my count. Did you finish the original DKC for this Game Club? By the way, I'm thinking of adding one last award. The Super Insanely Awesome Award for people who also finish Donkey Kong Country Returns for this Retro Game Club, since these games are so short. And just like the others, you have to finish it for this Game Club (June 2012-forward).
Posted: 06/11/12, 11:13:05
@V_s Actually in DK64, the island that K. Rool is using is completely artificial; it's made of steel, so it's basically a giant ship. So there's no issue with it taking place after DKC3.
Posted: 06/11/12, 14:17:20
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