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What are your party game standbys? [roundtable]
R-r-r-roundtable!! I've actually been saving some up, but let's just go with this one, since it's timely. I'm going to a... certain location with... certain people, and I was wondering which system/games to bring. What do you guys usually do in these kinds of scenarios? What are your surefire party starters? Dreaded party enders? Boozy party middles?

I'm thinking I'll bring the Wii, rather than the 360. Along with Wii Party and Wii Sports. And maybe Rhythm Heaven Fever, although it'll be a hard sell. Smash is always so fucking hard to teach people. Boom Blox can also be a tough sell. Ooo, maybe NSMB.

I also briefly considered bringing FOUR (or more) DSeseseses and an accompanying suite of games, but I kind of don't want to reveal what a huge nerd I am. I mean, the secret's probably out, but still...

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Posted: 05/25/12, 04:55:30
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Wario Ware Smooth Moves. It supports up to 12 players, and after a few rounds, everyone pretty much knows what to do. By far the "go to" game when we have friends over.
Posted: 05/25/12, 18:42:31
REALLY? Even though it isn't simultaneous?

I don't have Smooth Moves, somehow. I have played it a few times, though.
Posted: 05/25/12, 18:45:59
well i have 40 nights at my house, everyone who walks through the door recieves 2 40's. Usually there are people drinking and playing video games. this is usually the video game setlist that is happening the whole time. pick like one or two from each catagory.
THE STARTERS (sober-ish required)
>Rock Band {usually the beatles} >Dance Dance Revolution {not often but it has happened}
>Wii Play/ Resort/ Sports {pretty much required to have one}
THE MIDPARTY (The buzz has started kicking in)
>Michael Jackson experience {my favorite dance game} >just dance /2 {It's funny to watch the early drunks do this}
>Mario Kart Wii {required at some point in the night} >MotoHeroz {its all over the place so keep it early}
TOWARDS THE END {this is about when the stoners reappear from wherever the hell they went}
>New super Mario bros. {people pick up on this quickly} >GunSlingers {fun}
>Boom Blox {this is chill enough with the turn system} >Super Smash Bros Brawl {duh}
>Gnomz {if you haven't played it with three other people, I highly recomend you do so}
THE END {half of everyone is passed out, and the mood seriously starts to chill}
>Tetris party {whip it out. you know you want to} >Sonic the hedgehog {pull out a classic}
>Zombies ate my neighbors {good choice if you have 2 classic controllers}
>BIT. TRIP {this is a end the night game. only 4 of the games are multiplayer}

Thats my list anyway.
Posted: 05/25/12, 19:43:50
@Anand The games are so fast, you never have to wait very long until it's your turn again, but there's still plenty of time to drink

Also, my wife and most of my friends are much more casual gamers. After Wario, we usually go to Mario Kart Wii.
Posted: 05/25/12, 19:47:45  - Edited by 
 on: 05/25/12, 19:48:51
You Don't Know Jack is a smash hit with both gamers and non-gamers at my place.
Posted: 05/25/12, 19:50:54
Anand said:
Or XBLA/PSN. WTF!! How many times are they going to port Bass Fishing before they get around to Power Stone?

Now that I think about it rationally, Bass Fishing was Sega and Power Stone was Capcom. And when I think about it even more, there are a LOT of Capcom games that never left the Dreamcast (excluding arcades from the discussion).

Did Cannon Spike ever get ported to any other system? I used to love that game. A buddy of mine and I would play that fairly often, tearing through waves of enemies, stage after stage. So much fun. Of course, we always chose to play as either Cammy or Mega Man. Never really bothered with the other characters (not even Charlie). I'm not sure why, but it was more fun that way.

Speaking of which, I think if Capcom had more recognizable, franchise characters in Power Stone, it would have been a bigger hit. Of course, that would take away from what the product actually is. Not sure which would be the better situation. Have it be a more unique fighting game, or a (theoretical) more successful game?
Posted: 05/25/12, 20:45:29
NOPE. No Cannon Spike, no Mars Matrix, no Jojo's, no Project Justice, no X-Men: COTA? Lots of (home) exclusive Capcom goodness there.

No Tech Romancer!!

I don't know if Ryu and Ken would've sold Power Stone. They definitely wouldn't have sold Tech Romancer...
Posted: 05/26/12, 00:05:00  - Edited by 
 on: 05/26/12, 00:05:43
Honestly when it comes to "party" games I usually Mario Party, Wii Sports, Karaoke, Just dance but usually I turn to board games: Tsuro, Family Business, Ca$h N Gun$, Zombie Dice, Yahtzee, Last Night on Earth, Tales of the Arabian Nights, Resident Evil: Card Game, King of Tokyo, Pandemic, Defenders of the Realm, and D&D: Castle Ravenloft.
Posted: 05/26/12, 01:28:10
In the Gamecube/Xbox days it was Mario Party and Outlaw Golf.

Nowadays, a casual gathering at my place could involve Band Hero/Lego Rock Band (PS3) or Scene It! (360). Maybe some Kinect Sports (360). Maybe some Carcasonne (XBLA).

The games you would think of being party games on the Wii tend to fall more to my family game-time with my kids. Mario Kart, Kirby, NSMBW, etc.
Posted: 05/26/12, 02:02:57
Back in the day it was Goldeneye, Super Smash Brothers, and Perfect Dark on the Nintendo 64. For the GameCube, it was only Super Smash Brothers Melee. Currently, Mario Kart Wii is always a hit, and Wii Sports usually goes over well. Various Mario Party games have entered the rotation as well, starting with Mario Party 3, and now it's 8 and 9.
Posted: 05/26/12, 22:26:49
Mario Party 9 is a lot of fun, and I second/third/whatever You Don't Know Jack (as long as you haven't played the whole thing already). YDKJ is brilliant.

Hmm, NSMBWii is a LOT of frustrating fun. For some reason Rayman Origins makes me feel sleepy. I have no idea why!

I am with Zero when it comes to Smash though. Although it is my favourite game, I hardly ever play it with non-gamer friends. I wish I coooouuuld.
Posted: 05/26/12, 23:09:07
Rock Band always comes out when tons of people are out.
Fortune Street has gotten a lot of play lately though, too.
Posted: 05/27/12, 00:27:53
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