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Which element do you usually choose for your Pokemon Starter? [poll]
Fire (6/27 votes)
Water (7/27 votes)
Grass (2/27 votes)
I don't choose by element (12/27 votes)

Which element do you usually choose for your Pokemon Starter? Fire? Water? Grass? Do you even choose by element?

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Posted: 05/10/12, 10:21:34
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I choose soley based off of how much i like the appearance.
Posted: 05/11/12, 05:02:42
I choose based on final evolution.
Posted: 05/11/12, 06:36:59
Crap, I voted that I never vote based on element, but I wish I could retract it. I actually think I tend to go with a Fire starter, usually because there are so many grass and water Pokemon available throughout the course of the game. I always have a hard time finding a fire type in the wild that I like unless it's Arcanine or something.

Edit: And in the case of HG/SS, it lets me choose Bulbasaur or Squirtle when I pick my Gen 1 starter, which is a nice bonus.
Posted: 05/11/12, 08:44:17  - Edited by 
 on: 05/11/12, 08:45:12
I always start with Fire. But I always get the other three starters from trades and make them part of my primary team.
Posted: 05/11/12, 09:40:50
I always choose water because I like water. That said, picking a fire Pokemon is usually the best move, cause there's usually not an opportunity to get another one until much later on, whereas a grass Pokemon can be obtained almost immediately, and a water Pokemon is only one old rod away.
Posted: 05/11/12, 17:45:16
Let me try to recall all the starteers I've used...

Blue - I think I used Squirtle first. Yeah I think I chose him cause Blastoise looked badass. However I also remember starting with Bulbasaur.
Sapphire - Mudkip. Yeah, I have no idea why. Water pokemon trend?
Diamond - Piplup. Wow. Ok, this is a real trend.
SoulSilver - Cyndaquil. C-c-c-combo breaker!!
Posted: 05/11/12, 18:05:17
Whatever's cutest.

First gen I had Yellow so there was no choosing.
Second gen I went with Cyndaquil.
Third gen I went with Torchic (dumb final form, should have went Treecko).
4th gen I went with Piplup (dumb final form, should have went Turtwig).
Didn't play 5th gen but I probably would have went Tepig even though none are very cute imo.

Oh wait, I just remembered I played FireRed but I don't remember who I chose. Probably Charmander.
Posted: 05/12/12, 00:36:09  - Edited by 
 on: 05/12/12, 00:36:29
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