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Kid Icarus: Uprising (Nintendo 3DS) discussion [game]
8.81/10 from 32 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Kid Icarus: Uprising on the 3DS!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

Kid Icarus: Uprising is finally here! If you're playing, indicate as such in the game database.

Masahiro Sakurai's shooter-action-adventure finally hits the 3DS. The game is packed with tons of content, different control options, beautiful 3D graphics, and a robust multiplayer mode. This is a game that will be really fun to dig into because there is so much beneath the surface. Let's share our discoveries and discuss the latest great 3DS game! As well as celebrate that Sakurai is finally now working on the next Smash Bros

Please, though remember to spoiler tag any story elements until most people have finished the game.

Online multiplayer call to arms
Here's a list of all the folks who are interested in Uprising's online multiplayer mode. Post your friend code if you're interested and it'll get added here.

anon_mastermind - 0473-7920-6148 (Mikey)
VofEscaflowne - 2277-6633-7837 (Fabien)
warerare - 0989-1716-9376
roykoopa64 - 5370-0417-1205

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Posted: 03/22/12, 17:16:27  - Edited by 
 on: 04/19/12, 02:46:01
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Okay, playing online a bit with Griptor and you joined in Mikey... that was a ton of fun It's the most time I spent online but I got the hang of things a bit more, plus I found a weapon I gotta upgrade some more!
Posted: 03/28/12, 07:08:40
For the posters here that picked up their game through amazon, did you get e-mailed your 3D Classics: Kid Icarus code yet? I haven't received anything from them so far.
Posted: 03/28/12, 08:24:24
@dlbman22 I think it was for preorders from Gamestop, EBGames & other outlets. Check the product description on Amazon. If it ain't specified, that's not what you paid for. I bought from Amazon.ca. I didn't get any code.
Posted: 03/28/12, 08:43:57

I got mine the night it shipped.

I know one friend of mine who had it e-mailed to his Spam folder, so if you haven't, try checking there
Posted: 03/28/12, 09:30:22
i made it past chapter 9 and the fake credits!! apparently this game is much much bigger than i expected....
Posted: 03/28/12, 15:24:50  - Edited by 
 on: 03/28/12, 16:36:33

Isn't that kind of spoilerish even if only reading the non blacked out parts? I mean it still basically says there's more beyond chapter 9 and it's a very nice surprise not expecting it. I know I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it coming. So awesome
Posted: 03/28/12, 16:14:16
Oh interesting, I'm on chapter 9 now...
Posted: 03/28/12, 16:40:35
Good games yesterday Fabien! And Farid is Griptor, eh? Dont have him on my friends list.

I thought we were doing Light vs Dark at first so I chose the modest Fairy Orbitars but I got decimated in the Free For All! Once I switched to my Skyscraper Club I had more success. I saw you putting that reflective barrier to good use so I decided to do the same
Posted: 03/28/12, 20:06:07
Yeah that Skyscraper Club is pretty insane haha. I haven't tried Light vs Dark yet and we were only doing it with CPUs at first but I was surprised to see someone else join! I had only played 2 online matches prior to this but holy crap does online ever get intense.

EDIT: In other news, Kid Icarus appeared at the top spot on Japan's weekly sales data after only 4 days, selling a total of 132,526 copies. That's a great start I must say!
Posted: 03/28/12, 20:11:11  - Edited by 
 on: 03/28/12, 20:20:42
@VofEscaflowne i saw those sales, im pretty impressed.

on the topic of clubs... i dont like them. i had a 4 star range 4 star melee club and i HATED it. It did not fit my playing style at all so i made it into a 4 star range and 3 star melee flintlock rifle rod!!!
Posted: 03/28/12, 20:24:32
What intensity do you guys set for new chapters by default? I'm going with 5.5 at the moment, I can make it through without dying about 70% of the time.
Posted: 03/28/12, 21:46:00
I've been going with 6, doing ok up to and including chapter 6. I've died a handful of times but not too many.
Posted: 03/28/12, 21:51:22

7.0 to try and get better equipment. Sometimes I make it through but chances are I'll die Still, I'm able to pick up a few weapons before then! But I'm assuming that weapon stats are only set once the level is complete and determines what they'll be based on the difficulty of the level once it's finished so it's probably not working in my favor.
Posted: 03/28/12, 22:06:34
Done the first chapter at 8.5.

I usually try the chapters at 4 then crank up the difficulty accordingly. @anon_mastermind

Yeah @anon_mastermind, Orbitars are no good in multiplayer. Got my ass handed to me pretty bad with my 3.5/3.5 Fairy Orbitars. Oh well.
Posted: 03/28/12, 22:38:42
Just listened to the Giant Bombcast and they spent a good 15 minutes discussing this game, most of it very positive, though there was some discussion about the ground controls being less than ideal.

PS: Skyscraper Club FTW!!!!!
Posted: 03/28/12, 22:54:39  - Edited by 
 on: 03/28/12, 22:55:41
I use the cursed palms. Has no one else discovered their awesomeness?

I really don't care for clubs. Heh.

@CPA Wei @Davoid

Thanks guys. I hadn't noticed that creating a gem doesn't make you lose your weapon. I had several "copies" of the weapon I used to create the gem so I didn't notice that I retained it.

Now, is there a way to "undo" a gem? Because the first one I created was pretty poor and I don't want to be a dick and streetpass that.
Posted: 03/28/12, 23:14:44

Psh I said pages ago that Palms were my favorite weapon. ;p

Alas I did away with my best palm in the hopes of getting a stronger weapon, and I'm now stuck currently using a cannon
Posted: 03/29/12, 00:01:12
@Guillaume just do a new Gem. The previous gem won't be given out.
Posted: 03/29/12, 00:03:31

Sorry, I don't listen to you about these things: I just assume that you confuse "this weapon is really good!" with "I'm naturally talented at every Nintendo multiplayer game and can't tell the difference between my awesomeness and a weapon's usefulness!" and ignore you.


Ah, cool.
Posted: 03/29/12, 02:05:03
Oh yes. Picked this up at lunchtime today. I went with JB Hi-Fi over EB as they were charging $59 instead of the standard $70....only to find out that they were also having a 20% off games sale.

$70 RRP game for $47.20 at launch. Sweet.

I'll post my code when I get home tonight.
Posted: 03/29/12, 06:22:54
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