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Kid Icarus: Uprising (Nintendo 3DS) discussion [game]
8.81/10 from 32 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Kid Icarus: Uprising on the 3DS!

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Kid Icarus: Uprising is finally here! If you're playing, indicate as such in the game database.

Masahiro Sakurai's shooter-action-adventure finally hits the 3DS. The game is packed with tons of content, different control options, beautiful 3D graphics, and a robust multiplayer mode. This is a game that will be really fun to dig into because there is so much beneath the surface. Let's share our discoveries and discuss the latest great 3DS game! As well as celebrate that Sakurai is finally now working on the next Smash Bros

Please, though remember to spoiler tag any story elements until most people have finished the game.

Online multiplayer call to arms
Here's a list of all the folks who are interested in Uprising's online multiplayer mode. Post your friend code if you're interested and it'll get added here.

anon_mastermind - 0473-7920-6148 (Mikey)
VofEscaflowne - 2277-6633-7837 (Fabien)
warerare - 0989-1716-9376
roykoopa64 - 5370-0417-1205

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Posted: 03/22/12, 17:16:27  - Edited by 
 on: 04/19/12, 02:46:01
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I'm not sure if it really needs a tutorial (despite me questioning certain bits above ). I mean you select two items, fuse them, get one item as a result. Just go for higher quality items if you want a better result.
Posted: 03/24/12, 19:49:14
I think the star system is a little misleading too. I assumed that the higher the star rating for range, the further you can hit with the weapon but I don't think that's true, distance it seems is governed purely by the type of weapon you have. The stars appear to just signify damage. There may be more to it but that's what I've taken from it so far.
Posted: 03/24/12, 20:50:52
I don't totally understand multiplayer. I was doing the light versus dark mode, sucking terribly, died twice and my team's bar was down low while the other team's bar was higher... then Light Pit appeared and somehow like 30 seconds later my team had won?! Confusing.
Posted: 03/24/12, 21:14:34
Everytime a member of your team dies the teams lifebar depletes. The last person to die on the team when the bar hits zero then turns into either Light or Dark Pit and becomes super strong and powerful. When they die its game over so its best to protect them while they try and take out the opposing forces to help turn the tide.
Posted: 03/24/12, 21:28:24  - Edited by 
 on: 03/24/12, 21:29:39
Played through Chapter 3 and hopped online for a few matches. I wish I knew how melee worked online (sometimes it seems like my attacks are whiffing and/or canceling out with the opponent?) and my fingers are feeling a little strange as I type this, but otherwise it's pretty cool. I also wish activating powers was more intuitive...seriously, a sliding menu tucked into the bottom left corner? Just line them all along the bottom of the screen or something.

This game gets really hectic for such a tiny screen. Honestly, I wish I was playing it on my TV, this would have been an awesome Wii game to get during the great drought of 2011...really, everything about the game seems like it wants to burst out from the 3DS (mostly a good thing, but also feels like it could have been better suited to Wii so far).
Posted: 03/24/12, 21:38:23  - Edited by 
 on: 03/24/12, 21:39:59
So does the free for all mode have any penalty for using a really strong weapon? In light vs dark it's risk reward but not sure about ffa.
Posted: 03/24/12, 22:00:27
I'm stunned at how well Sakurai brought back all the bosses in this game. What a ringing success! Hewdraw went from a generic Hydra to one of the great Nintendo creations. I never thought I'd see Pandora again, and yet her level is incredible. The battle with her feels like a 2012 version of the original (except not totally broken). Well done, Sora.

When I wrote my story ideas down for The Fall of Kid Icarus, the only boss I'd intended to bring back was Twinbellows. They just didn't seem that important to me. Now it feels like it'd be a mistake to leave any of these guys out of a Kid Icarus game. I gotta tip my hat to that.

Not to mention the well done 3D realization of so many minor enemies. I've seen everything from Micks to McGoos. These guys didn't just put Pit in a Space Harrier clone, they did their homework and made a Space Harrier version of Kid Icarus. I'm so happy about that.
Posted: 03/24/12, 22:58:46
@warerare So essentially once someone on my team is uber Pit there is no harm in me dying anymore? Like I should go all out and not worry about death? Or will I stop respawning if I die at this point?
Posted: 03/24/12, 23:37:03
I'm not sure, haven't tried it myself yet. Basically just protect your angel any way you can though, if he dies you lose.
Posted: 03/24/12, 23:42:59  - Edited by 
 on: 03/24/12, 23:43:25
Just received my first spot pass, its an insight staff gem. I was about to convert it to a weapon when I realised it was going to cost me 27,000 hearts. What a hip, I could convert it to hearts and get a measly 200. I feel ripped off lol.
Posted: 03/25/12, 00:13:01
I've been sticking with the recommended Intensity level, and have crept just past five on the meter. I don't think my loot is particularly strong, though. Do you get higher value weapons on higher intensity or is it just hearts or what?

Going online is...well, it's hectic. Some matches I go 6:0, others I die four times and barely hit anyone. I do like that you can set up a 2 player free-for-all with friends. I think duels would be pretty interesting in a mobile shooter like this.

Also, how come the prices in the weapon shop keep increasing? Every time I've gone in there, I'm like 500 hearts short of the cheapest item. Then when I get a few thousand more and go back in, I'm once again 500 below the minimum stuff available! All I've spent hearts on so far is getting closer to Palutena...hope there's a reward for that.

And as one of those who thought the chatter would get annoying...color me pleasantly surprised. Yes, it can get Saturday Morning Anime inane now and then, but the good outweighs the bad, and the bad is quickly forgotten thanks to the nonstop action.

The best thing I can say about the game is that it is surprising in a way that games just aren't anymore. Chapter 5 was really something. And I liked Chapter 6 a lot, too. So yeah...this is easily the best game on 3DS right now, and it seems to get better in every stage.
Posted: 03/25/12, 07:00:11
Ok, I made the plunge and went to best buy to take advantage of the $29.99 deal.

I played through the first level and then I upped the difficulty for the 2nd level just for shits and giggles and I died before I got to the ground area.

I actually want to read up about the game a little more. I don't want to miss anything. By that I mean, like does playing at a higher level actually give a player a different ending, ect. I know about the door with a 5 on it, I guess I need to play that level at level 5 difficulty.

One thing I personnally do not like about games is when they give the player too many options. I just want to see everything the game has to offer, but I don't want to play through the game multiple times either. I can be happy playing at a challenging level, but I don't need to be a the highest difficulty level to make me feel like I truly beat the game, unless there would be alot of stuff I end up missing.

Basically, lets say I can see and play through everything the game has to offer at say level 5, that is what I would like to do. Not changing subjects, it seems there is alot of menu options. I don't like having too many options, it overwhelms me.

As far as the game goes, it does look really beautiful and it sounds great as well, and I wasn't even listening through my ear buds. As far as the controls, I would say they seemed a little wonky, but not nearly as bad as the reviews made them out to be. And I know I will only get better as I play the game more.

I know the game offers online play. So, I would like to play the online mode with/against you guys who owns the game down the road, once I become a little better controlling the game.
Posted: 03/25/12, 07:32:48
So far, I'm pretty damn pleased with the game... as far as the controls being bad? Naaa... I just lay on my stomach on my bed and it's comfortable enough.

I will say that I sort of wish that the characters would shut the hell up... I am interested in playing through the levels multiple times at different difficulties and using different stuff, but I don't want to hear their chatter over again.
Posted: 03/25/12, 08:14:23
@Hinph I think I saw somewhere that you can mute the chatter on subsequent playthroughs.
Posted: 03/25/12, 08:16:37
Ah, very good. I will have to explore the options more.
Posted: 03/25/12, 08:20:04

Yeah. Just pause the game at any time, go to Options and Volume. You can mute all voices there.
Posted: 03/25/12, 08:40:16

I don't think there's anything that really requires you to beat it at higher difficulties, unless if you want better items. The only thing I've noticed that seems to keep track of your skill is that there's either a green or gold laurel on the level select screen. I should probably check the manual to see what that means

As for options, there's really not that many. If you take the time to look through the menu, you'll realize that it's fairly simple. But do take the time to adjust the control sensitivity as it really does make a difference for the on-foot sections. Oh and turn on SpotPass in the options! You'll get free weapon gems daily (?).
Posted: 03/25/12, 14:50:00

I think the gold Laurel means you have found every secret in a level.
Posted: 03/25/12, 15:29:12
I am now rocking an awesome Laser Staff with the following stats.

Ranged 4 stars
Melee 3 Stars

Staus Resisance +1
Shot Homing +1
Speed +1
Melee Dash Attack +2
Heart Bonus +1
Posted: 03/25/12, 16:27:17

Could be. It's definitely not based on performance as I died two times on chapter 9 and still got a gold laurel. But wow, that chapter was huge
Posted: 03/25/12, 16:45:06
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