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Kid Icarus: Uprising (Nintendo 3DS) discussion [game]
8.81/10 from 32 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Kid Icarus: Uprising on the 3DS!

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Kid Icarus: Uprising is finally here! If you're playing, indicate as such in the game database.

Masahiro Sakurai's shooter-action-adventure finally hits the 3DS. The game is packed with tons of content, different control options, beautiful 3D graphics, and a robust multiplayer mode. This is a game that will be really fun to dig into because there is so much beneath the surface. Let's share our discoveries and discuss the latest great 3DS game! As well as celebrate that Sakurai is finally now working on the next Smash Bros

Please, though remember to spoiler tag any story elements until most people have finished the game.

Online multiplayer call to arms
Here's a list of all the folks who are interested in Uprising's online multiplayer mode. Post your friend code if you're interested and it'll get added here.

anon_mastermind - 0473-7920-6148 (Mikey)
VofEscaflowne - 2277-6633-7837 (Fabien)
warerare - 0989-1716-9376
roykoopa64 - 5370-0417-1205

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Posted: 03/22/12, 17:16:27  - Edited by 
 on: 04/19/12, 02:46:01
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Okay. Wow. I took advantage of the 30 dollar price point at Best Buy and went ahead and picked Uprising up, despite knowing I won't really be able to dig into it for a few weeks.

Only played the first two chapters, so far, but my immediate first impression: Totally pleased. Yes, there are some niggling disappointments - the genre being the most obvious, though I've had over a year to get over that. But it doesn't really matter. Uprising, so far, feels like a worthwhile, fun, exciting, new Kid Icarus game that's just chock full of options. As far as I'm concerned, the series is back.

So far, I like the patter between Palutena and Pit, too. (Though I'm not as crazy about the "Pow-lu-Tayna" pronunciation, though I suppose I'll get used to it.) That was the thing I was really concerned about, that Pit would be as annoying as recent Sonic. No problem so far.

Really really relieved and pleased. I hope my excitement just grows.
Posted: 03/24/12, 06:58:32  - Edited by 
 on: 03/24/12, 07:01:44
This game rules. The music is so good! I just played multiplayer for an hour, getting used to the ground controls. I like how Sakurai added smash attacks to the game lol. The banter is endlessly entertaining. I'm on low battery I guess I'll call it a night even though I could stay up all night playing.
Posted: 03/24/12, 07:21:51  - Edited by 
 on: 03/24/12, 07:22:38
Really fun, really weird, really awesome. I played the first chapter twice (once on the default, then at 5.0) and the second chapter at 4.0. The game really clicked with me somewhere along the way and now I don't have much of a problem at all with the controls that I did at E3. Surprisingly, the stand works quite well, even when I'm in my default 3DS playing position (lying on my tummy in bed). It takes the weight off the hands and lets the player just focus on the stylus and controls. Great idea for a pack-in!

I also dig all the really unusual design decisions such as the slightly randomized pack-in cards, the totally arbitrary "give hearts to the Goddess" feature, the funky art style throughout all the menus (hey, it's SSBB/Kirby Air Ride again, but with angels)...oh, and the banter. Not to be that guy, but I TOLD YOU BRO, I TOLD YOU THE DIALOGUE IN THIS GAME WAS GREAT. Nobody believes the Bun! But really, this has gotta be my favorite voice acting in a Nintendo-developed title ever (yeah yeah, big accomplishment). Pit's cheekiness, mild respect and youthful energy really create a fun and compelling protagonist that could've easily been annoying with worse localization, and he and Palutena's characters play off each other ridiculously well. Even the new character introduced in the second stage (that many were fearing would mess with the game's feel) ends up fitting in perfectly fine, with plenty of his own amusing lines and a good personality to bounce off the main duo. I'm actually a little worried about doing Kid Icarus comics because the characters are already so amusing themselves!

So yeah, very pleased so far with all the content packed in the game and the roller coaster ride that is the levels themselves. I think I agree with Zero on the air portions being the most enjoyable, but I think the on-foot stuff complements it really well and gives it a little bit of exploration to boot. It may not be the Kid Icarus sequel we were expecting, but it's a very fine game in its own right and may even surpass the original in quality when all is said and done.
Posted: 03/24/12, 07:23:10
Hah the nes Kid Icarus is good and all, but Uprising already destroyed it. No question.
Posted: 03/24/12, 07:27:49
TriforceBun said:



Though, in fairness, if you'd handed me Uprising when I was a kid, between heart attacks my face would have spontaneously grown a third-eye just so I could take it all in.
Posted: 03/24/12, 08:06:42  - Edited by 
 on: 03/24/12, 08:07:41
@TriforceBun I wouldn't say the banter is great. I find it distracting in some really crucial moments of fighting and I don't always catch what they're saying w/o reading the text. It's definitely over the top though and can be funny at times.
Posted: 03/24/12, 08:06:48
Just realised you can drag the menu buttons around. Spent the last 5 minutes doing it and I don't know why.
Posted: 03/24/12, 09:18:23
Alright, so I fused a 5 star palm weapon, and that is officially my weapon of choice for online.

I just decimated 5 rounds in a row with it, lol.
Posted: 03/24/12, 09:50:17
I currently have a Ball Cannon with the following stats

Ranged 2.5 Stars
Melee 2.5 Stars

Status Resistance+1
Poison +4
Shot Homing+1
Melee Dash Attack +2
Heart Bonus+1

I am considering Fusing it with a Cruser Arm to produce the following

Rose Staff

Ranged 3 Stars
Melee 2.5 Stars

Shot Defense +1
Shot Homing+1
Speed +1
Heart Bonus +1
Posted: 03/24/12, 13:38:06
Oh man this game just gets better and more suprising with each chapter. Chapter 8 was awesome and a really funny tribute to the Metroid series. The line in Chapter 9 "We are going to rack up some serious Nintendogs trainer points together" when fighting Twinbellows gave me the giggles for ages.

Controls are now a complete non issue (not that they bothered me before), Jim Sterling really went to town on them and I am now of the opinion that he is just wrong. The game is gorgeous from a visual and audio standpoint, its really funny, presentation is superb, its a blast to play and I have barely scratched the surface. This is the best game on the system in my opinion and its going to be very hard to top, one of my favourite games of the past few years.
Posted: 03/24/12, 17:12:23  - Edited by 
 on: 03/24/12, 17:16:08

How do you see what stats the item will have from a fuse result before actually fusing it? I'll see its ranged and melee stats but as for actual + to specific stats, there doesn't seem to be a way to see it.
Posted: 03/24/12, 17:27:50
@warerare I do think that people are wrong on controls, but I only play with the stand. Even when I lay in bed, I have my iPad on my lap with the cover down and the stand and 3ds sitting on top. I love the feeling of playing this game with the 3ds automatically suspended in the air. Menus are fun because I don't even have to touch the system at all to navigate.

I did try to play it without the stand and it's a little hard. I was constantly trying to reposition my hand and it just made the slider control less accurate for me.
Posted: 03/24/12, 17:29:28

The stats of the original weapons are on the left, I assumed the ones highlighted in yellow on each of the weapons will carry over to the Fused weapon.
Posted: 03/24/12, 17:38:31

I thought that was just the stats of the second weapon.
Posted: 03/24/12, 17:45:37
Man, I bought it last night and still haven't gotten a chance to play it. After work!
Posted: 03/24/12, 17:58:26
I only played the game for about 45 minutes last night. At first I was playing sitting down and I didn't experience too much discomfort. But laying on my stomach on the bed? OUCH. Didn't take long before my left hand couldn't take it anymore. Thankfully the stand DID solve the problem, color me surprised.

I don't have much to say about the game itself just yet, except that I really love the flying sections and wish the game was just that...

The on-foot parts are cool too, but the flying sections are just so much more manageable.
Posted: 03/24/12, 18:28:51

I think the game would wear out its welcome quickly if it was just the flying sections. I personally enjoy the on foot sections and welcome the freedom being able to stroll around brings.
Posted: 03/24/12, 18:49:49

It shows the stats of both weapons in their respective sections, the yellow highlighted ones I think are the stats that carry over once the fusion has taken place. Both weapons have stats that are highlighted.
Posted: 03/24/12, 18:51:05
Oh, strange. I didn't even notice that any were highlighted yellow. I'll check that out next time! (and the manual )
Posted: 03/24/12, 19:34:57
It's a little overwhelming all they throw at you with the menu selections and weapons screens. Tutorials explaining all the features would have been nice.
Posted: 03/24/12, 19:47:49  - Edited by 
 on: 03/24/12, 21:10:49
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