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Dillon's Rolling Western Discussion (Nintendo 3DS eShop) [game]
7.47/10 from 9 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Dillon's Rolling Western on the 3DS!

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Dillon's Rolling Western Review (Nintendo 3DS eShop) (8.0)  by  

Nintendo pulled a Saturn today and revealed that it was IN STORES (read: eShop) NOW!

Who's going to be the first NWer to bite the bullet? Game is 10 bucks, but supposedly has up to 20 hours of content.

IGN Review - 8.0

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Posted: 02/23/12, 00:03:50
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Wow it was released in Japan, man NA is always getting shafted!
Posted: 03/02/12, 21:41:31
Yeah, that's actually a lot more prevalent on the handhelds than home consoles, Rainfall notwithstanding.
Posted: 03/02/12, 22:14:57
Posted: 03/02/12, 23:26:54
I know! I think it got good reviews, too. And Intelligent Systems' Card Hero got a Platinum in Famitsu. Chousoujuu Mecha MG is yet ANOTHER Sandlot game that the big N didn't localize. And, of course, Kururin Paradise rules! I'm not sure that Jump Superstars would ever be feasible, though.

Well, at least some of the Bit.Generations games found purchase in American soil.
Posted: 03/03/12, 05:58:26  - Edited by 
 on: 03/03/12, 05:59:38

I highly doubt that a game like this gets added into those that Nintendo adds to club Nintendo. And if they do, I would say its going to be over a year. Or, you never know the what hand of cards like will deal out to you, meaning you could be dead before every trying the game. So, if this is a game you want to try, do it now, as there may not be a later.

Just sayin...
Posted: 03/03/12, 16:45:25
Well, that's one piece of the puzzle. The other is that I have probably hundreds of totally unplayed games, and I'm trying to focus on playing (or at least selling), rather than buying. I can wait.
Posted: 03/03/12, 22:17:53
I imported all of the GBA Bit Generations games, none of them required any translation, the games are so simple, and the boxes are shiny metallic and the carts are black. :)

But Jet Impulse looks like it has a story complete with anime cut-scenes, damn I'm annoyed that it was never released here, I'm thinking about importing but I feel it will be like Ni No Kuni where I always feel like I'm stumbling through the game and missing tons of important stuff. Well, probably not as bad as a full on RPG but still...

Concerning Dillion's, I love it, still playing it, finally got a game over screen on the 3rd town, once you die they allow you to restart using more cash from your savings. Why the hell not just let you use that cash from the beginning? They start you out with $2000 which isn't enough money to build even one decent tower, how they hell do they expect you to win? That's my number one gripe with this game, how stingy it is with the cash. It would be like playing Plants Vs. Zombies but only one sunshine thingy fell per day, and it wasn't even enough to plant a pea-shooter, and that was it, have fun defending with NOTHING!!!! Sheesh.

EDIT: One more gripe, why won't they let you rotate your guns to aim in an intelligent direction? How annoying is it when you equip a tower with a cannon or something and then you realize it's pointing way off in the wrong direction... grrr....
Posted: 03/06/12, 08:13:30  - Edited by 
 on: 03/06/12, 08:21:55
I've also gotten pissed that towers were almost useless, or not doing what I had envisioned, because their line of sight is out of whack. It helps to know the patterns of the enemies before laying down expensive towers. On the first day I usually just place one tower close to the base and put up watch towers to observe their patterns. Also you can get a preview of the line of sight for different weapons when you're about to equip. It can vary greatly between weapons.

To help with funds, you should sell everything that can't be used to build gates (unless they are required for a side quest). That means all the gems, and some of the ores. They don't carry over to the next town, so sell them and use the cash to build or upgrade towers. Also, items such as dynamite don't carry over so use them while you can.

I also got a game over but I think it was on the 5th town... I don't recall getting the option to restart with more cash though, I just chose to restart from the beginning of the day.
Posted: 03/06/12, 17:54:12  - Edited by 
 on: 03/06/12, 17:55:29
Yeah I know you can preview the line of fire before building, but it still irks me it's not customizable and you have a tower that wants to lob cannonballs off into some field while a buncha Grocks are walking right by in middle of the road... I feel like they gimped some of the strategy elements in the games in order to force you to do most of the combat yourself and keep it feeling "action-packed". It's balanced in a way but it's frustrating because what if you decide your play-style is more strategic and less just kick everyone's ass single handedly? The tower are almost like a tease.
Posted: 03/07/12, 05:49:58  - Edited by 
 on: 03/07/12, 05:50:34
Yeah, I don't really like playing through games with a stack of paper in my hand. I don't think I'd import a game that was very story-heavy. Unless the gameplay was good enough that I didn't mind not knowing what was going on.

I have one of the Bit.Generations games, too. It's sweet.
Posted: 03/09/12, 22:07:31
At the fifth town, I've realized that level 1 towers just aren't going to cut it anymore.
Posted: 03/09/12, 22:10:18

I totally understand about having too many games already that need to be played. I am very guilty of that as well. And of course I am always wanting more games and now that Ive just come into a truckload of money, Im thinking about buying another system, which I know is foolish, esp. with the Wii U releasing this year. Though, at the same time, I love buying videogames and all this money is burning holes in my pockets...ha,ha..

Seriously though, it would be stupid for me to buy any more games or systems, but when I get these thoughts in my head of wanting something, well, usually the only way to quit thinking about them, is to buy whatever it is Im wanting.
Posted: 03/10/12, 07:26:34  - Edited by 
 on: 03/10/12, 07:26:59
I'm on the 5th town too, even on the 4th town level 1 towers are pretty much useless, it's all about steel towers with level 2 guns, too bad they'll run you about $7,000 each and the game starts you out with like $2,000. This is gonna be a bear...
Posted: 03/11/12, 23:59:38
Okay onto the 6th town, this game goes on forevvvvver. How pissed am I that I have like 50 grand that I can't roll-over into the next town, they really make you scrape for it!

One thing I learned is to always upgrade your gear at the end of the 3rd day, it's usually close to wearing out and if you go into day 1 on a harder town with level 1 stuff... well you're screwed, it takes way too long to kill enemies, I lost all my scrogs but 5 on the first day because of that reason last time around. That's probably been obvious to most people but for some reason I just now figured it out...
Posted: 03/12/12, 02:42:20
Yeah that's a good plan. I just beat the 6th town and it gets pretty tough. Wooden towers die quickly. What's a good strategy is to place towers whose line of sight are on the same path, so the first can start the job and the next can finish it. Those speed grocks are really gonna piss you off lol. I really enjoy comboing grocks, it feels so good to grind them to a pulp.
Posted: 03/12/12, 05:05:58
Yeah screw those motorcycle dudes, sure they look hilarious peddling around (even though their bikes make engine sounds) and it's awfully nice they conveniently park their bikes and get off to fight you, but I still hate em'.

I just replayed the 5th town because I didn't complete one of the quest, the one where you need to destroy 5 grocks with nothing but a dash attack. I still didn't complete it, so hard, I got 3/5 which is better than my first attempt of 0/5, though I did realize you can tell when they are weak enough by the little red arrows above them. Were you able to complete that quest? So annoying. And yeah I guess I'm a freak if I can't just move on and not worry about it, but so far I've been getting at least 4 stars and on the 5th town I can only get 2.
Posted: 03/12/12, 05:14:21  - Edited by 
 on: 03/12/12, 05:21:26
No, I don't think I completed that quest. Isn't the only way to do it if the grocks are weakened from passing by a tower? I only got 5 stars on one town, the third I think. It was on my first replay after I didn't have enough stars to unlock the 6th village.
Posted: 03/12/12, 06:08:37
Yeah you have to time it just right so they've been weakened enough by the tower and then hit them with a dash attack, if it works they'll just crumble and die and you won't even need to go to the battle screen. It's neat when it happens but doing it 5 times in one town is practically impossible, it's such a specific scenario...

I'm on town 7 now and I'm getting kind of bored, it's too repetitive and as the maps get larger and larger it takes long and longer to grind through all the waves of enemies. The final wave of town 6 had 39 grocks.... it took over 10 minutes to complete. I feel like they stretched the concept a little too thin, 5 or 6 towns would have been plenty.
Posted: 03/13/12, 07:49:35
I'm pretty happy with the amount of content. It is repetitive, but it's the map variety that keeps it fresh as you move forward. Also, I really enjoy the action. Stringing long combos on the large grocks is always fun. I wonder if there will be a final boss. Something/someone was mentioned briefly, I think it was in town 6. Hmm.
Posted: 03/13/12, 16:30:30
Yeah Starwolf was talking about how there is some kind of bandit on the loose, wanted dead or alive... he's not a grock but it seems like he'll play some kind of role.
Posted: 03/13/12, 16:54:37
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