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Tales of the Abyss (Nintendo 3DS) discussion [game]
8.97/10 from 10 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Tales of the Abyss on the 3DS!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

This morning I picke ethe last copy of this game up at GameStop. I knew I was gonna start playing it the moment I beat xenoblade, and that time is now!

I'm hoping more people are playing this game. I didn't bother to read any reviews of this game because there has yet to be a tales game I did not love, that I played of course!!

I will update this thread with impressions shortly.

If you have the game, please, let us discuss it here!

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Posted: 02/19/12, 02:41:24
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damn you Mr. Scrawnton.... I will get this game.... soon.... sooon...

I adored Symphonia... how's it rank up?
Posted: 03/01/12, 05:00:51  - Edited by 
 on: 03/01/12, 05:01:20
@Smerd this game isn't as polished as symphonia but the characterse are a bit more mature. Mechanically this game has more depth, much more, but it's a tiny it linear.mit has great "oh crap" moments in the story that actually hold up to the oh crap moments of symphonia. Overall I'd say they are both amazing JRPGS and they both deserve to be played.
Posted: 03/01/12, 05:03:55
Hit the 20 hour mark and i still think the game is blissful... I wish I had discussion buddies...
Posted: 03/02/12, 03:33:45
Oh I'm still plowing through this game too.

Just hit the 20 hour mark myself today, though since this is my 2nd time through the game I have a hunch I'm probably a bit further than you, heh.
Posted: 03/03/12, 08:54:59
@kgtennispro I had just entered the snow continent and i want to grind a bit because there is a big boost to xp and gald in this area as compared to the previous areas. I wanna save up that 168,000 gald to buy the strong sword for Luke that's for sale!
Posted: 03/03/12, 16:49:30
Bought it, too. Damn me and my impulse decisions! Oh, well, at least I love me a good Tales RPG, and this one feels like they put a little extra 'oomph' into it (being on the PS2 originally, and all). Seriously, more 3DS GameCube and PS2 ports, please! That's my favorite generation of systems, and I never owned a PS2. Anything that can come back from that gaming Golden Age and grace itself on my little portable system, in 3D no less, is a good bit of all right in my book.
Posted: 03/04/12, 02:59:43
I tried Best buy..

I tried WalMart

Toys doesn't carry it... and gamestop is too pricey (not sure if they had it in stock today)
Posted: 03/04/12, 03:27:14
@Smerd I know you don't want to pay full price, but i really do think it will be really hard for you to find this game in stores. You may just have to take the plunge and buy it here at amazon.com

I was at GameStop yesterday looking for a circle pad pro and I just happened to ask them if they had any copies of this game and they said no, they never got anything after the first shipment and I got the last copy of that shipment. This game will be hard to find... Take the punge and buy it on amazon, it is worth it if you are a fan of Tales games.

I just crossed 25 hours in to the game and it is getting deeper and deep. I predict I'm halfway through the story.
Posted: 03/04/12, 17:27:39
7h30m in and I'm at Choral Castle. This game is addictive and VERY fitting for the system (though the meh 3D could have been better). The more I play the more Namco Tales, Tri Ace & Tri crescendo approach, music & style to JRPGs the more they gain my preference over Square Enix & Atlus.
Posted: 03/05/12, 03:40:01
@vids I'm a firm believer in jrpgs not having to change. Just keep the, the same and give me a new world and story. My two favorite rpg series don't change that much and haven't in a long time. tales and dragon quest are great because they stick with what works.
Posted: 03/05/12, 04:23:11
I started it up last night and beat the first boss, though with a little help It's fun so far but it's given me a feature I don't enjoy much in RPGs which is having control over my character stats as they level up. I don't know how important this ends up being for the game but it makes me feel that I'll miss out on some of the harder, optional quests, if I don't level up my stats correctly right from the beginning.

Also another question, does the game use the touch screen controls during battle? I know it's a touch screen but I've always hated using my fingers on the DS/3DS. The thing is not optimal for wiping due to the borders where all the dust gathers and it getting dirty from all the touching would just be even worse. I really hope the 3DS revision gets rid of that screen's border somehow.
Posted: 03/05/12, 14:54:11  - Edited by 
 on: 03/05/12, 14:54:38
@VofEscaflowne yes you can use the touch screen in battle. You can assign any skill from ANY character to one of four slots on the touch screen. My usual battle set up is the following: I use luke as my controllable player and i set the four skills on the bottom as healing spells (two of them) and then strong magic attacks from another character you have yet to get.

It is a waste of time to set your player controlled characters skills on the touch screen because you could just use buttons for that. Set healing skills to the screen so when in combat you can easily just tap the screen (takes .1242 of a second) and your computer controlled character will start casting healing spells. Just keep tapping to keep healing. Its the easiest way to heal in the game because i find the computer AI to be somewhat lacking in the "i should probably heal the palyer" department.
Posted: 03/05/12, 14:57:59
Boo, I guess I'll have to use the touch screen then Though I don't seem to have the option to set skills to it yet.
Posted: 03/05/12, 14:59:52
@VofEscaflowne you do, its just hard to find. (i dont have the ability to look at my 3ds right now, at work so ima try to explain the best i can from memory). In the Artes menu, there are the icon for button skils and below that are the four slots for touch screen, it is thumbnailed by a square with a smaller square to symbollize what panel it uses on the screen. Click on the blank space and it will return you to Lukes skills (if he is you controlled character, if nto it takes you to whom ever you use as your player) and you can select a skill; just hit the shoulder button and you will switch to Tear and you can click on her First Aid spell and it will be slotted on the touch screen from there on.
Posted: 03/05/12, 15:03:17
Oh okay, I'll check that out next time I play. The game really doesn't seem to explain much and the manual is just as bad. It instead lists the website if you want more info. Though I haven't checked if the "in-game" one is useful or not.
Posted: 03/05/12, 15:05:03
@VofEscaflowne the game explains things in a very vague way. i still dont have a complete grasp of a lot of the games functions and I am 29 hours in. I had the same feelings with Symphonia, i was confused about everything (like unlocking secret artes and such) until my second play through. It will be the same thing here; luckily, in all tales games (and im assuming its the same for this) you unlocked bonuses for your second playthrough of the game so i will be replaying it right away.
Posted: 03/05/12, 15:07:04  - Edited by 
 on: 03/05/12, 16:21:32
I crossed the 30 hour mark today. I do plan on doing an official review at some point for the game, with my actual typing grammar, not forum grammar; however, I am not sure when that will be. I want to have the game beaten and be well into my second playthrough before i make a final verdict.
Posted: 03/05/12, 17:13:42
Just passed the 30 hour mark myself, heh.

Approaching the final leg, and I completely forgot how awesome the battle theme for this leg is
Posted: 03/06/12, 00:11:52
@kgtennispro I can't wait to beat it. I always love tales games more and more after the first play through because of the GRADE system.
Posted: 03/06/12, 01:15:18
I plan on buying this game for the PlayStation 2 because it's cheaper; does that make me a traitor?
Posted: 03/06/12, 01:17:42
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