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Rhythm Heaven Fever (Nintendo Wii) discussion [game]
8.92/10 from 20 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Rhythm Heaven Fever on the Wii!

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Rhythm Heaven Fever (Nintendo Wii) Review (9.2)  by  

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Amidst all the excitement about a certain Capcom 3DS title, a peculiar gem has snuck right up on us. That's right, it's a new game for the Wii, priced at a very attractive $29.99!

Fans of the DS title Rhythm Fever probably have a good idea of what to expect, and should also already be in the know of how fun this series is. To those who haven't experienced it, it's basically a madcap collection of songs, each presented in their own unique minigame. Created by the team that brought you the manic WarioWare series, each of these minigames are highly amusing and come packed with funny and/or cool surprises. You essentially use just two buttons, tapping or holding to the beat, in amusing, inventive ways. In addition, after every four songs or so, you'll encounter a remix stage where you gameplay styles shift rapidly between stages you've done as an original song plays.

The DS game was packed with quite a bit of content for a title like this, and the Wii version promises to be no different. It also supports a 2-player mode! So don't forget about this one, it's sure to be a fun time~

EDIT: Argh, I can never link videos right! Why can't it just be "video tag" (youtube URL) "/video tag"?

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Posted: 01/27/12, 03:51:59  - Edited by 
 on: 09/19/12, 23:29:44
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Why aren't the credits playable?! Seems like a missed opportunity. I love interactive credits. The first two Monkey Ball games were good about that.
Posted: 03/21/12, 21:45:19
...oh. They are.

Posted: 03/21/12, 21:48:07
Zero said:
...oh. They are.


I think it's because if you fall off the platform (by not pressing A), the credits end abruptly, which would've been weird the first time. But yeah, I was wondering the same thing.

Posted: 03/22/12, 01:12:52
Woot, Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise hitting Europe July 6th and will feature the songs from both the American Version and Japanese Version.
Posted: 04/21/12, 15:55:46
Alcohol + Rhythm Heaven = funniest game ever. Friends and I cried tears of laugher playing this last night. Ringside in particular. SO GOOD!

Mario Party 9 was a good time, too!
Posted: 05/08/12, 21:45:36
Man, we haven't played this in a while. Bah.
Posted: 05/08/12, 21:52:03
I need to finish up XenoBlade so I can get to this game.

...This could be a while.
Posted: 05/08/12, 23:17:27
@Mop it up

Xenoblade makes you play for hours on end without you knowing it,
You can pick up and play Rhythm Heaven Fever for a few minutes, and put it back down. Solid game.
Posted: 05/08/12, 23:38:14
I finally got the game. The first couple of days I was grinning like an idiot while playing, I was enjoying myself so much.

I'm thinking though, the music doesn't seem as memorable as the DS version, or maybe I just haven't played this Wii one enough yet.

My thumb gets really tired from the seals though!
Posted: 05/17/12, 08:13:38
I would agree that the music isn't as memorable. That's one area where the DS game trumps the Wii iteration. I like the scenarios in the RH Fever better, though, and the multiplayer is a blast.
Posted: 05/17/12, 16:33:59
some of the songs just sounded "familiar", and I couldn't decide whether he was intentionally using the same type of melody/rhythm as the older games, or if he just composes in that style. specifically I was thinking the dazzles song.

yeah, the scenarios are better in Fever, there's more stuff going on in the background, but whether that's supposed to be distraction or just for spectators I don't know. I haven't played much multiplayer yet, I unlocked it all with right hand vs left hand, lol. can't wait to try bossa nova with someone.
Posted: 05/18/12, 07:00:27
I just earned my 50th Medal yesterday. Feels pretty good. It's funny how far I've come from screwing up royally when I tried an in-store demo, only to really get the hang of it and love it.
Posted: 05/18/12, 13:26:01
This game's pretty fun but it's a big misstep that there's no way to quickly restart a level (as far as I can tell). Having to go out to the menu every time you make a mistake going for a perfect is a big turn off. So is having to press a button to skip practice every time (why not, after the first practice, make it so you can press a button to see practice if you want). These little things really matter in a game like this.
Posted: 03/12/13, 03:31:28
Out of nowhere I played some of this game today. Nathalie and I played a little two player and had fun but it's a bummer that we could only play two stages without me unlocking more stuff.

I've been trying to get a medal on every stage and tonight I did up until Remix 3. God, this game really combines addictiveness and frustration. Even though I have work tomorrow I was up way too late trying to medal Remix 3 (after getting really frustrated with the stupid badminton cat and the robot boxer). Finally I did do it though, thank heavens. Luckily Remix 3 has a great J-pop song that I didn't mind hearing over and over so much.
Posted: 02/18/14, 05:34:21  - Edited by 
 on: 02/18/14, 05:37:00
@Jargon Yeah, it's unfortunate that the 2-player setup isn't better. I think more of the games could have been turned into a 2-player version without much trouble.
Posted: 02/18/14, 05:39:35
Holy crap what timing. Out of nowhere I thought of this game tonight and youtube'd all the Remixes and some of my favorite games.

This game is a confection of pure sugary sweetness, glazed with flop sweat.
Posted: 02/18/14, 06:42:55  - Edited by 
 on: 02/18/14, 06:43:48
I kind of like that there's a little bit of a break when restarting and going for Perfects. It gives me a chance to collect myself a bit. I never felt like I was awaiting TOO long though. And you can only go for a Perfect 3 times so it's not a huge deal.

I kind of like how they only let you do certain Perfects at certain times. While it kind of discourages me from getting all the Perfects, it's a fun little event that's exciting when it pops up.

Agreed about the two player stuff. I wish it was implemented better. It would've been great to have some online functionality too. Maybe you could do a game and then send it to a buddy, and then he has to beat your score, and you go back and forth until someone flops or something.
Posted: 02/18/14, 17:11:22
@PogueSquadron Once you get a Superb medal on every game, then there will always be one Perfect Chance appearing, so then you won't have to keep playing games and wait for it to appear. The game you unlock for getting all the Perfects is pretty crazy, so it's worth it.
Posted: 02/21/14, 00:08:28
@Mop it up

Whoa, you unlock something?? I got all perfects except one (the very final remix) a couple years back; maybe I should shoot for that again...
Posted: 02/21/14, 06:21:18
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