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Rhythm Heaven Fever (Nintendo Wii) discussion [game]
8.92/10 from 20 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Rhythm Heaven Fever on the Wii!

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Rhythm Heaven Fever (Nintendo Wii) Review (9.2)  by  

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Amidst all the excitement about a certain Capcom 3DS title, a peculiar gem has snuck right up on us. That's right, it's a new game for the Wii, priced at a very attractive $29.99!

Fans of the DS title Rhythm Fever probably have a good idea of what to expect, and should also already be in the know of how fun this series is. To those who haven't experienced it, it's basically a madcap collection of songs, each presented in their own unique minigame. Created by the team that brought you the manic WarioWare series, each of these minigames are highly amusing and come packed with funny and/or cool surprises. You essentially use just two buttons, tapping or holding to the beat, in amusing, inventive ways. In addition, after every four songs or so, you'll encounter a remix stage where you gameplay styles shift rapidly between stages you've done as an original song plays.

The DS game was packed with quite a bit of content for a title like this, and the Wii version promises to be no different. It also supports a 2-player mode! So don't forget about this one, it's sure to be a fun time~

EDIT: Argh, I can never link videos right! Why can't it just be "video tag" (youtube URL) "/video tag"?

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Posted: 01/27/12, 03:51:59  - Edited by 
 on: 09/19/12, 23:29:44
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@Marsh It IS shallow, but it gets in your head and you love it despite yourself. It's like pop music!
Posted: 01/28/12, 01:56:01  - Edited by 
 on: 01/28/12, 01:56:17
Rhythm Heaven has way more heart than most modern pop music!
Posted: 01/28/12, 02:01:07
So you'd rather it were more expensive?
Posted: 01/28/12, 18:18:18
The controls are basic but they really do a lot with them to make you work hard. I remember the upbeats one in the last game, man that one took awhile to click with me. And getting medals in everything is tough, if this game is similar it will definitely have a lot to it if you want to master it.
Posted: 01/29/12, 04:48:36

I'm wondering if they can do as much with buttons as they did with the stylus. Maybe they can, but will it feel as good?
Posted: 01/29/12, 04:59:29
I dunno. I kind of wished they had used some basic motion controls but I understand the arguments against them for this kind of game. Still, I think it will be pretty sweet. The videos I've seen look awesome.
Posted: 01/29/12, 05:12:16
The GBA game was fantastic with just one button. Most people prefer it, I think.
Posted: 01/29/12, 06:20:20
I'm kinda bummed the GBA game never got localized outside of Japan. I guess I could import it, but... eh. *shrugs*
Posted: 01/29/12, 16:39:17
I got it for, like, $30. At that point, why not, right? It's just like buying a game here. But cooler.
Posted: 01/29/12, 16:47:50
Simbabbad said:

Or you could emulate it in 10mn.

If Mother 3's timed battle system is anything to go by, emulation is balls for getting exact rhythms right. And for other reasons. But for a game like Rhythm Tengouku, is cart or nothin', I'd say.
Posted: 01/29/12, 18:33:01
Hmm... $30 and 2 player around V-Day. I might have to look into this. I was looking into Mario Party 9 but I feel that's always been better for 3 or more.

EDIT: Ohhh March is MP9 right in time for my wife's bday. NM I'm good. MAYBE but I already got us each a copy of RE:Revelations for V-Day. Ahh romance.
Posted: 01/29/12, 18:54:18  - Edited by 
 on: 01/29/12, 19:07:15

Maybe GBA emulation is better these days or something? All I know is that Mother 3, which requires hitting the button to the beat during the music-based battles, is near-impossible to hit on-beat on an emulator. It's a pretty well-documented problem for the game while emulated.

I've played through on the GBA cart itself as well as the emulator, and it worked much better on the cart.

But the other thing is that I'm not a fan of emulators in general if they're for games that are readily available and buyable.
Posted: 01/30/12, 03:43:28
Must Mother 3 pop its head in everywhere? The mere mention of it makes me sad. You are mean. MEAN.

I did emulate it and didn't seem to have many problems, though maybe I would have been better at the battles!
My GBA version is shrinkwrapped. It lives next to my giant Earthbound box.
Posted: 01/30/12, 04:01:15
Posted: 02/09/12, 05:29:16
It's funny...as we get closer to launch, I'm actually less excited about the game for some reason. I'm sure I'll buy it anyway and have a great time once I start playing, though.
Posted: 02/09/12, 05:46:57
Simbabbad said:

Or you could emulate it in 10mn.

Eh. *shrugs*
Posted: 02/09/12, 06:00:46
The day is here, gentlemen! Give your schweethearts the gift that keeps on giving--a silly music game for the Wii!
Posted: 02/14/12, 17:33:49
I ordered mine online through Best Buy... hasn't shipped yet.
Posted: 02/14/12, 17:35:35
Can't wait to get my hands on this one.

I wonder how extensively the multiplayer is? From the Iwata Asks it seemed like they focused more on the single player. This seems like a good one for Shirley and I to play together though, we're both all musically inclined and all. She said she never really liked Guitar Hero ("would rather play the real thing") but she might get into something more offbeat and weird and rhythm oriented.
Posted: 02/14/12, 17:48:44
The way I see it, the games are fast paced enough that alternating single player can be just as fun as simultaneous multiplayer.
Posted: 02/14/12, 17:53:48
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