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Zen Pinball 3D (Nintendo 3DS eShop) discussion [game]
8.5/10 from 10 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Zen Pinball 3D on the 3DS!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

This game has finally hit the North American eShop and it's pretty fantastic... four fun, quality tables in 3D for $6.99.

I've already put a couple hours into it and I'd have to say that Excalibur is my favorite of the tables so far. There's a lot of fun toys and modes that aren't too difficult to unlock. The physics are well done and the graphics are pretty nice, though perhaps not quite up to Farsight's efforts with The Williams Collection.

I was hoping to get my hands on Pinball Arcade soon, but it looks like that's going to be a little delayed on the platforms that I have access to, so it's nice to have a quality pinball game like this to tide me over. I guess it is also going to support DLC tables in the future. Good stuff.

If you like pinball, you should probably buy this.

Negative World ZEN Pinball Friends List


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Posted: 01/13/12, 10:11:00  - Edited by 
 on: 02/21/12, 17:15:59
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I have a dude from the Wii Lobby on my Friends list who's score 55 million on that table, by the way.
Posted: 01/17/12, 21:58:20
I got the high score on Excalibur, bitches! Come at me!

Friends list in the OP.
Posted: 01/19/12, 16:09:05
Uhh, I need to regroup and pounce. My top scores are poop compared to some of you guys.

I'm going to add everyone above to my 3DS friend list tonight. If you haven't already, add me too!
Posted: 01/19/12, 18:54:47  - Edited by 
 on: 01/19/12, 18:56:51
Yeah, I should really get around to reading the rules of these tables if I want to beat some of these highscores.

But I sort of prefer just playing a pinball table until I figure out how to make it sing all by myself... like body of lover.
Posted: 01/19/12, 19:14:25
How I feel when I'm in the zone and score chasing at 1:17 & 2:12...

Posted: 01/19/12, 19:47:51  - Edited by 
 on: 01/19/12, 19:50:20
I don't want to come across as a sourpuss but WTF is up with the online leaderboards? I broke my top score and went to see my rankings and it only shows my previous score. What's the point of rankings if it doesn't push your top score to the server?

I'll still play the game but if it doesn't update in 24 hours I'm declaring this game broken. If in turn its not patched I will definitely fall out of love with it and probably not bother with future tables.
Posted: 01/20/12, 14:27:42
Sometimes you have to play the table again or connect to the server again for the score to upload. This happened to me too.
Posted: 01/20/12, 17:09:37
Guillaume said:
I've always disliked the analog buttons introduced by the DualShock 2. I always felt that they were a little less responsive for digital applications, and I sometimes felt like I had to press them harder to make them register the input. Or for racing games, all of a sudden I'd realize I wasn't going as fast as I could because I wasn't holding the button down hard enough. Very annoying.

The one use I liked for them, though, is for the plunger in the PSN version of Zen Pinball: the pressure determines how far back you pull it. It works and feels great.

And I miss it.

You can use the circle pad to do a similar thing, but it's not the same. It doesn't feel right, and not just because it's on the left when the plunger is on the right. There's also a delay between when you let it go and when the plunger shoots the ball. Heh.

Pretty sure you can do the same with the A button on the 3DS. The longer you hold it, the more you pull back the plunger. It works on Excalibur but not Earth Defense, I forget for the other two.
Posted: 01/20/12, 22:56:30
Pressure felt better than holding the button down for a certain length of time, is what I'm saying.
Posted: 01/20/12, 23:50:03
This worked thanks. This had me anything but Zen this morning. I was so pissed I thought my score somehow didn't count I said FTS and refused to play anything 3DS for the day (except for streetpass... I cooled off before evening).

Did I mention I love this game.
Posted: 01/21/12, 01:37:10
That's some nitpick, lol.

I really like the Pro score thing. So we can see who is the Master of the tables. I suppose though when DLC is released the people who get extra tables will have better Pro scores.
Posted: 01/21/12, 18:19:06
Ok I picked up the game and added everyone in th OPs friend list
Posted: 01/23/12, 00:48:27
Just got a score of over 45 million on Excalibur, its great to get a score like that but also soul crushing when you lose your last ball.
Posted: 01/23/12, 14:49:05  - Edited by 
 on: 01/23/12, 22:05:06
Yeah. I lost Ball 3 on my high scoring Excalibur game in the stupidest way possible - it switched to the "Load the catapult" view and I was looking at the catapult, waiting for something to happen, as my ball just drained down the middle. Booooooo! I'd have had you all beat, I tells ya!

Also, when I go fishing, I always catch a fish THIS BIG!
Posted: 01/23/12, 14:54:21
only 46,000? Pathetic really. I mean, I got 28,000,000 on my second play... that's like six hundred times your score!

AHA! I just figured out where to go to add my 3DS friends code to my profile here at Negative World. I will have to do so in the near future (I don't have my 3DS on me).
Posted: 01/23/12, 20:50:08  - Edited by 
 on: 01/23/12, 21:09:07

whoops, my bad.
Posted: 01/23/12, 22:05:23
You haven't added me yet.

Will add you later then!
Posted: 01/23/12, 22:06:53

added you about an hour ago.
Posted: 01/23/12, 22:30:10

I was about to ask if we were friends...just let me know when you have your code up and I'll add you!
Posted: 01/23/12, 22:33:14
If I add someone, do they not get a notification and the ability to accept? Do they actually have to enter my friend code too?
Posted: 01/23/12, 22:40:05
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