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Favorite NES multiplayer games/memories? [roundtable]
This thread is for old people! (But feel free to chime in if you've played the old classics through Animal Crossing or... other means.)

Grant and I were discussing fond NES multiplayer memories in another thread. Perhaps partially because of nostalgia, I am full of affection for the early (primarily Nintendo-published) multiplayer games on the NES. I feel that even the lesser-known games that other people might now deride, like Mario Bros., Balloon Fight, Ice Climbers, and Clu Clu Land, offered a wide variety of multiplayer fun. I even enjoyed the simple, effective sports games of the day, like Ice Hockey and Ten Yard Fight. Urban Champion still sucks, though. (Sorry, Charles.)

If you think about it, multiplayer in the NES/SNES days often meant co-op. Or taking turns. Not as much adversarial stuff. Maybe that has more to do with the popular genres of the day, but co-op has seen somewhat of a resurgence, of late, if primarily in stripped-down arcade modes. What was this topic about again? Oh, yeah. NES multiplayer memories. What are your fondest? Let us all reminisce of happier times...

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Posted: 01/12/12, 22:58:41  - Edited by 
 on: 01/12/12, 22:58:57
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I own it! --Wait, am I mixing that up with Twin Cobra (another attack helicopter game). I went on a lesser known "2 player Simultaneous" binge one day.

See also:
Legendary Wings
Rush N Attack
Little Ninja Bros.
Posted: 01/14/12, 06:04:38
Shame on anyone who said Battletoads. In multiplayer it's one and a half levels of fun and then ends in a bloody-knuckled fistfight with your sister.

To me, the top 5 is pretty obvious:

Contra, Ye Holiest of Holy NES Multiplayer games
Bubble Bobble, the strong lieutenant
Super Spike V-Ball, possibly the best, but requires some extra kit/hassle to do right
Chip N' Dale's Rescue Ranger, for introducing me to passive aggression
TMNT 2: The Arcade Game, because holy cowabunga
Posted: 01/15/12, 00:07:24
Oooo! I just remembered another gem: Cobra Triangle! My buddy and I spent months trying to beat that one before we finally did.
Posted: 01/15/12, 03:28:37

Is that multiplayer though, or was that alternating (or did you guys just alternate)?

That WAS a very tough game though.. I liked the variety!
Posted: 01/15/12, 03:34:47
I have 3.

1. Super Mario Bros. 3 with my mom. She would practice while I was at shool, I'd come home, and we'd play the multiplayer mode against eachother for hours. It was tons of fun!

2. Bubble Bobble with my dad. This game was more his style and it was so much fun working together to try to beat some of those levels (and get to the second, REAL ending/boss!) Game was hard as heck, but we beat it many a time.

3. Snake Rattle & Roll with my sister. We'd play the crap out of that game... It was so much fun and so inventive with its levels! Those stinking toilet seats and stomping feet were killer!
Posted: 01/15/12, 08:54:10

Wasn't it two-player alternating? If not, we alternated. I don't remember, that was so long ago. Still, excellent game!
Posted: 01/15/12, 22:31:38

It might be 2PA. I can't recall. Its fine, you still get credit!
Posted: 01/17/12, 01:11:25
Mr_Mustache said:
-Contra is a given.
-I remember getting the NES Satellite with Kool-Aid points and being able to -- and being the only kid on the block with one -- play a 4 Player game on NES; Ivan "Ironman" Stewart's Super Off-Road, baby! So much fun, and you could do it (working with your friends) to alternate who won and who finished last so you never had to eliminate someone.
-Turtles 2 was a great game.
-Tecmo Bowl / Tecmo Super Bowl.
-Blades of Steel.
-Chip N Dale Rescue Raners was solid, too.

How could you leave Bubble Bobble off this list? We've beaten that together numerous times! GET THE TURKEY!
Posted: 01/17/12, 15:07:31  - Edited by 
 on: 01/17/12, 20:40:43
Cobra Triangle is TOTALLY 2-player simultaneous. Don't you guys remember how you could LAND on each other's boats? As far as I'm concerned, that was the only goal in the game. I've gotta check out Snake Rattle'n'Roll.

Those last three are all Technos! You should check out Superspike. A worthy competitor.

Little Ninja Bros.? You've stumped me. I thought I'd played EVERY NES Ninja game!

kriswright said:
Shame on anyone who said Battletoads. In multiplayer it's one and a half levels of fun and then ends in a bloody-knuckled fistfight with your sister.
Ooo, that sounds like one of the rare fights that I could win.

Well, maybe not...
Posted: 01/17/12, 18:48:53  - Edited by 
 on: 01/17/12, 18:53:57
I can't write out a whole essay right now, but offhand...

Ice Hockey
Dusty Diamond's All-Star Softball
Iron Tank
Life Force
Double Dragon II
Battletoads (all the way up to the 3rd stage, anyway)
Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers

Um... will add more later.
Posted: 01/17/12, 18:57:23

Welcome to Negative World, friend of the Stache!
Posted: 01/17/12, 20:46:24


HAHAHA!!! YES!!!!!!

What took you so freakin' long!?!?



EDIT- Haha, I love watching both my avatar GIF and this turkey GIF at the same time. Strange..feelings.
Posted: 01/17/12, 23:28:21  - Edited by 
 on: 01/17/12, 23:29:14
Oh, it's Loouuuuuu.

Hey, Lou! I didn't recognize you without the lance in your hand.
Posted: 01/17/12, 23:33:03

He needs more XP before he can get his custom lance avatar. Louuu, restart MH! (or start a 2nd characterrrrr)!


Oh, and this, too:

Little Ninja Brothers!
Posted: 01/17/12, 23:44:18  - Edited by 
 on: 01/17/12, 23:45:29
@GameDadGrant is that the game where you could hold down A+B and could continue over and over again?

What i miss is the codes...konami one oh course, but also ones like typing in Zelda for the second quest in LOZ nes.
They just don't do that much any more. I think that is why Metal Gear Solid psx was so good, because they messed with you using the controllers and other things.

Iron Tank
Bubble Bobble
Tengen Tetris
Tecmo Bowl
Posted: 01/18/12, 02:25:09  - Edited by 
 on: 01/18/12, 02:28:14

Little Ninja Brothers looks.... Terrible.

They must've been using Brand XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

New and improved Joker Products!
Posted: 01/18/12, 13:28:02
@Mr_Mustache, @Whiffleboy

Tiger Heli:

I'm not sure about the A+B continue trick. I'll have to try it and see if it works.
Posted: 01/18/12, 14:48:40

If i remember right you have to use the player 2 control to make it work.
I love that game!

Another game that is awesome - Freedom Force -
Posted: 01/19/12, 00:57:09

..Its a Delaney-fave. Those wild kids.

--Ooh! Other games I HORRIBLY omitted:



But thats only single playerrrr. If you pick 2P, are both choppers out there together?
Posted: 01/20/12, 01:31:30
Ah damn yeah! The Turtles games were the bomb... The still are. :D I still have my copy of TMNT 2 on the NEs, but my girlfriend won't play with me... :( She hates "ugly" games. Oh well... BUT... I realize no one mentionned Trog! That's a great competitive game that's a mix between Pacman & Bomberman. It's really worth a play, so get the beers! It's time for some Troggin!

(Yeah... I still have my cartridge. ;) )

Video review
Posted: 02/04/12, 08:31:14
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