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Retro Game Club Discussion Thread - 07 - Metroid II: Return of Samus [community]

By popular demand!

Metroid II is often overlooked in this classic series. With its younger prodigy of a brother Metroid "Super" 3 hogging all the attention, Metroid II has at least turned up a bit better in many ways than the first in the line thanks to more detailed sprites and the ability to kneel and shoot diminutive enemies. However, the lack of a map and of any color at all seems to be a bit too much to swallow for the same crowd who find the corridors of the first game a little too samey to be fun.

Yet despite the game being overlooked, its story is incredibly important in the Metroid mythos. The ending directly set up Super Metroid, after all. And Metroid Fusion. And Metroid: Other M. Not bad, for a portable title. Especially since it remains rare to this day to see a portable entry in an established series be treated as a full-blown chapter of it instead of a side game.

So let's all play Metroid II, now available on the eShop, and discover a classic.

Why not add Metroid II to your collection, and indicate you are currently playing it? And don't forget to rate it when you're done!

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Posted: 01/02/12, 20:51:01  - Edited by 
 on: 05/26/13, 23:07:47
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All righty, so I have 35 Metroids left to take care of and I can't find the next area. I've been back and forth a few times and I just don't know where to go next. I refuse to look up a map... Yet.
Posted: 01/03/12, 16:32:27
Another half dozen or so Metroids blasted into pixels. Ran into my first Gamma Metroid whilst on low health and paid the price. Decided to hightail it in another direction for the time being, found the Wave beam and Hi-jump, plus another energy tank and a bunch of missiles.

That Gamma 'troid is going down.
Posted: 01/04/12, 07:38:04
Question to the veterans: How do the beams work in this game?

I snagged the Spazer and the Plasma beams, but got the Plasma beam first, so the Spaser replaced my plasma. But the Manual says the Plasma is the strongest weapon. Also beams replace each other as you pick them up. So did I just nerf myself?
Posted: 01/04/12, 09:20:14
You did just nerf yourself!
Posted: 01/04/12, 15:24:49

That seems like silly design, no?
Posted: 01/04/12, 15:33:18
I'm in. I'll fire it up tonight.
Posted: 01/04/12, 16:33:25




I just finished Fusion (again) the other day. I miss stacking beam effects
Posted: 01/04/12, 20:56:44  - Edited by 
 on: 01/04/12, 20:58:02
I was thinking maybe January 10 will see this game go up for purchase via Club Nintendo.
Posted: 01/04/12, 21:21:38

I beat that over the holidays for the first time ever and I really enjoyed Fusion. I loved how things built on themselves.
Posted: 01/04/12, 21:42:43
Shadowlink said:
Question to the veterans: How do the beams work in this game?

I snagged the Spazer and the Plasma beams, but got the Plasma beam first, so the Spaser replaced my plasma. But the Manual says the Plasma is the strongest weapon. Also beams replace each other as you pick them up. So did I just nerf myself?

You'll be able to get another Plasma beam in a little bit. So it's not that big of a deal.
Posted: 01/05/12, 07:31:11
The way Metroid 1 and Metroid 2 handle beams just kinda ticks me off. Although Metroid 2 generally does it a little better because (endgame) it lets you get the Ice Beam again right before the end instead of making you backtrack.

I'm not really in the mood for running through this game again (beat it too recently) but I'll gladly flit around this thread like an irritating mosquito and throw comments around!
Posted: 01/05/12, 07:41:47

Yeah found the tower of beams. What a crappy system.


Does Metroid 1 do the same kind of thing? How craptacular. I'll just stick with Zero Mission. I feel no need or desire to to play Metroid 1.

Anyway current status: Screw Attack obtained, max energy and 220 missiles. 6 Metroids to go.
Posted: 01/05/12, 11:03:59
I wish I could join but I haven't even finished the first one. I'm still in the first area.
Posted: 01/05/12, 19:17:42

WTF are you on about?

If I wanted modern-day hand holding I'd expect:

- A full map, given to me from the beginning.
- Checkpoints laid out like a trail of popcorn every 10 meters.
- A radar to detect Metroids (maybe it can be a giant floaty arrow above my head!)
- And (just because), a health system that regenerates my energy simply because I cowered into a ball.

Expecting decent game design like beams that upgrade in a logical order instead of needlessly reverting, hardly marks me as "A modern gamer who likes hand-holding".

And considering (as stated), I'm only 6 Metroids away from completing Metroid II, your entire post is even more nonsensical.
Posted: 01/05/12, 21:12:57  - Edited by 
 on: 01/05/12, 21:14:23
Booted it up last night. I'm playing like a fool, apparently, since my health is almost always low. :p

I've blasted about 5 Metroids, maybe? I'm near where you get the Spring Ball IIRC. I forgot how big some of the rooms you need to Spider Ball are!

Music is better than I remembered, too, and the game isn't linear per se but it's much more direct than I remember it being as well. Oh nostalgia.
Posted: 01/05/12, 21:57:21

Me too. Just made it to the area with the Omega metroids on my way to work. Took two down. Knocked my health to nearly zip in the process. Explored the area in vain search of a health orb and ran into two more Omegas instead (which according to my Metroid count must be the last two left before I face the Queen). Seeing as I cannot for the life of me find a life orb in this area anywhere I either need to:

- Farm health from tiny enemies.
- Backtrack all the way to a previous area.

How annoying.
Posted: 01/05/12, 23:28:07

Cower into a ball and recover your health!

Posted: 01/05/12, 23:33:44

That would be useful right about now .

But I'd be happy for a recharger somwhere in the area. Surely that wouldn't be too hand-holdy. Not in an area infested with goddamn Omega 'troids.
Posted: 01/05/12, 23:45:00
I seem to recall a fake wall with a power orb in that area. *IF* it's the same area I'm thinking of. (probably isn't)

I should give this game another run-through this weekend. See if I can get a better time score.
Posted: 01/06/12, 05:30:38
The Metroid Queen is a whore.

That is all.

EDIT: Done! Time 4:58

There's no percentage for item completion though. How are we supposed to know if we got everything?
Posted: 01/06/12, 09:41:45  - Edited by 
 on: 01/06/12, 11:03:56
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