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OT: Merry Christmas Negative World!!!
Merry Christmas Everyone from your pal DrFinkelstein!

Just wanted to wish you all a great day today (and a wonderful holiday in general). Use this thread to post any funny/embarrassing family stories if you'd like, or share what stash/haul you made out with this Christmas whether gaming related or not. Just talk about the holiday in general if you'd like!

If you're a Pushmo gamer, please enjoy this new level I made!

And feel free to visit the Secret Santa thread to see how it all turned out! Again, Merry Christmas everyone!

-- DrFinkelstein

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Posted: 12/25/11, 15:38:14  - Edited by 
 on: 12/25/11, 20:15:16
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It just happens. We buy huge crap for each other every year...while living with my parents. (We're looking very hard in January)

She got me a Gamecube (after my other GC broke) for Valentine's Day one year. VALENTINE'S DAY!!

I'll have her get on here tomorrow and drop her list of stuff she has now, at least the game related things.
Soooo many new handheld things for her to play..
Posted: 12/27/11, 02:00:53

My son bought that Assassins Creed game a few weeks ago with his birthday money. Apparantly the game is really, really good...or at least he thought so.
Posted: 12/27/11, 05:51:14

I finished that puzzle this evening. It was fun and surprisingly challenging. I didn't look at the box and the fact that it's one of those pictures that changes when you move your head so it threw me off on a few parts. Plus some pieces fit where they shouldn't, so that was tricky once or twice.

Still neat.
Posted: 12/27/11, 08:10:40
DrFinkelstein said:
I finished that puzzle this evening. It was fun and surprisingly challenging. I didn't look at the box and the fact that it's one of those pictures that changes when you move your head so it threw me off on a few parts. Plus some pieces fit where they shouldn't, so that was tricky once or twice.

Still neat.

Dang, puzzle technology has advanced a lot since I've last put one together! I want to do a puzzle now.
Posted: 12/27/11, 08:22:48
@gamewizard65 I haven't even finished Brotherhood. I need to get on that.
Posted: 12/27/11, 08:59:50
I'm really not playing sour grapes here, but holy cow some of you guys and your Christmas hauls make me jealous. I pretty much get next to nothing from my family on Christmas.
Posted: 12/27/11, 09:00:47

Up the intensity a little bit next year. Starting talking about stuff in October or November. Make it a big deal, show that its important to you. Don't say "I want this, this, this, and this," but rather "what do you want?" (What did you get them this year?) The more stuff you give, generally the more stuff you get. If getting a lot of things is important to you, you're probably going to have to give a lot of things, too.

Every time I've talked to you about anything though, you say how you don't have any money. So yeah..not sure how thats going to work out for ya.

Could be worse though; some lady my mom knows has been dating this guy for 20 years. He has NEVER bought her A Christmas Gift. I don't want this to turn into a "what a jerk!" kinda thing, but man. Can you imagine?
Posted: 12/27/11, 12:43:30

Yeah, pretty much the same for me.

My dad asked me to send him some Amazon links for anything I might want and I struggled to come up with more than just a couple things. I got a couple books and a discounted game (Bad Company 2 @ $12 FTW). It was so bad that I just asked for an item or two that I could regift (a couple dvd seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm for a friend).

That's about it. The in-laws got me this year's Stephen King book in hardback, as I have his full catalogue in hardback and am sadly locked in to all future releases to keep the collection whole. Some socks (!) that is actually a good gift because they were running socks. I did get a hefty check, though.

My wife and I didn't exchange gifts this year because we're traveling so much.

Had a great Christmas, but received next to nothing...which is fine by me 'cause at any other time of the year if I want something I just buy it myself.
Posted: 12/27/11, 16:46:41
We haven't done the gift thing yet over here, but I'm pretty sure I'm getting an exercise ball and a hat, haha.

TVs!? lol.
Posted: 12/27/11, 17:01:01
Merry (belated) Christmas!

I got more than I deserved and needed this year, which is a good thing (probably the last Christmas that I'll get so much). In terms of gaming, I got several things. My wife snagged me the Rock Band 3 Keyboard with a stand and still stayed in budget ($50) for our gifts. My wife's family gave me the Pro Guitar for Rock Band 3. My parents got me Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny on PS3, Kirby's Return to Dreamland and Kirby Mass Attack. I got some other things...a book, a new Bible, some pants, and some running pants.
Posted: 12/28/11, 17:58:54
@Mr_Mustache You don't understand my family, that just wouldn't work. This is systematic and based off of the fact that aside from a few doctor uncles no one in my family has much money. Whatever the case I don't really mind, it's just sometimes weird watching people talk about getting TVs and stuff. Best single present I ever got was Super Mario Bros. 3, which ultimately ended up being priceless, but actually only cost my gramps $50 at the time. And that was an exception, I usually didn't get presents that big.
Posted: 12/28/11, 19:53:45

I know we've talked about it before; if your family doesn't work, why don't you start exchanging with real-life friends? We never used to do anything friendwise, and one year I actually forced it upon people. I went around with a giant sack, and handed out gifts to people. $10-$15 a pop, and the next year we had an official thing. We exchange up to $20 now, too. A simple "whats the limit?" works. But remember: you gotta be able to buy all that stuff, too.

If its not going to work, its not going to work. I guess thats all I can suggest (and I know we've talked about this, too).
Posted: 12/28/11, 23:19:01
I hope everyone is having a great holiday.

I got a pretty good haul this year, I got :-

Skyward Sword
Super Mario 3D Land
Infamous 2
Dead Space 2
Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Shadows of the Damned

I also got a Bop It XT and the Star Wars The Old Republic: Revan novel

I would have had the Star Wars Bluray Boxset but the Mrs accidently threw it in the trash while cleaning ouch.
Posted: 12/28/11, 23:27:00  - Edited by 
 on: 12/28/11, 23:28:50
Mr_Mustache said:
if your family doesn't work, why don't you start exchanging with real-life friends?

Real... life... friends? Does not compute.

Anyway, as I said, I don't really care. I'm not going to force gift exchanges upon the few real-life friends that I do have because we're not super close so it wouldn't make much sense. I haven't actually seen any of my real life friends in months.
Posted: 12/28/11, 23:51:27
I got Trish a Bop It XT too. The dang thing didn't stop all Christmas day!
Posted: 12/29/11, 01:18:25

I don't have many real-life friends either. Who do you go out with on Friday nights when you're too busy to play Mario Kart Wii with us? I mean, thats what YOU told us... Surely you don't go out alone.

Just because you haven't seen them in months doesn't mean you can't get together at Christmas and give each other little piddly things. Wouldn't that make you feel good to make someone else happy? You won't believe how much gold there is in a five dollar DVD bin.
Posted: 12/29/11, 01:26:13

Its amazingly addictive for something so simple. I had only heard of it about a month ago and it seems like the type of thing that will keep me hooked for ages.
Posted: 12/29/11, 01:38:01

I give it 3 days.
Posted: 12/29/11, 04:27:32
I nice to see so many got great gifts for Christmas. For me the wife and I don't really exchange gifts, maybe little things like socks and makeup when needed. We usually spend a ton of money hosting a Christmas Eve party at our house that we have catered for family and friends. This year was a doozy, but everyone had a good time, and in the end thats asll that matters. For me I treated myself:) My bonus was good this year. It allowed me purchased a new family room TV(old one died 2 months ago and Sharp had incredible deals on thier 70") for me and the wife. My extra special gift was a new 3D projector for my theater room. I should be here... tomorrow:) I am pumped.
Posted: 12/29/11, 05:43:29

Did you say 70 inches?? What the S, dude!

And socks are an awesome gift. Mrs_Mustache received roughly 10 pairs of sweet kneehighs from me.
Posted: 12/29/11, 13:12:55
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